staff meeting part 3 now with teleconference.

Adventurer Inn
-Roc Eggs
-Mushrooms from myconids soufle.

Art objects from nameless
-Progress being made.
-24.7% done

Doom Wagon
-in progress

Bagpipe unit upgrade
-in progress

Alchemist things
Promote growths, etc for druid and lumber mill
will have them by end of feb. Ask ayesha to move things and check in gredients for next atelier.

Growing the wall
seven gems of seven colors some harder to find than others. Need to go to a major city and talk to people to find a source. Probably need to go to water deep for this.

Archeologists of the old city
Idea of a ritual chamber. Safeguards for testing rituals.
Movable type ritual chamber.
Addon for mages academy dedicated for specific rituals.

Loremaster Orin trains 3 teachers.

Also from missionaries. Winterhaven, moonstair, hammerfast.
4 pop 1 untrained worker.

Idea: shiva ice truck. There are actually missionaries of shiva. 1 copper.

Sending to mount merchant about training hippogryph mounts.
He will send a tainer. Price is tbd upon arrival.
Training time is almost a year. Nephew of mount merchant.
He shows up on Jan 21st. He is here for cat.
He will do both travel and combat training, more advanced mounts.
428*15 per month 7 to 11 months.

End of Jan the crazy gripphon is affected by CAT
The griphon is speaking in sentences. This is kinda disturbing.
Meanwhile the hippogryphs think they are ducks.

Gnoll situation to the east.
Keroyn has learned nothing. Sendings work fine, no reply.She has no information.She suspect sendings are being blocked. She has not tried anything other than sending.
We will need to have Chant scry them. Either taveren or 3e

Militarising kingdom
Earthquake made coming back harder. They are not doing sending with info due to runes wards and taboos. Will give us info in person. Should be back early mid Feburary.

Muleback harness Lv2 Common: DONE
Belt of nourishment Lv 7 Uncommon: Done pay 2600gp

Eyes of the Eagle Lv 11 Uncommon: Day trip for David.
Belt of Sonnlinor Righteousness, Level 26, Uncommon: David will need to put power into belt.
Cascading Strikes Ki-Focus, Level 18, Uncommon: Have precise location and what to do for quest. Likely send Ontar with party

Eladrin Armor Lvl 13 3 Uncommon: Need to find one or with similar enchantments, or eladrin person to help.
(Added End of Jan)Ring of Retreat: Need teleport items. Buy for tailor?
(Added End of Jan)Ring of Tenacious will: Problematic.
Incisive Dagger +4 Uncommon: Can buy ones for favors. 3 Favors. Wants a large make whole on a wizards.
Mesmerizing Harp Level 9 Uncommon: Need to go buy.
Belt of Vim Level 8
Common: Need a quest, he knows what and where.

Philosopher’s Crown Lv 7 Uncommon: Needs to experiment on Chant’s bardic knowledge figure out how it works.
Delver’s Light Lv 2 Common: Done
Gauntlet’s of Remote action Lv 9 Uncommon: Still has not found any.

Party and Town Items
Ritual Candle Level 11 Uncommon: Can make, has not had time.
Nice to have:
Immovable Shaft Level 12 Common: Gathering is done, not made.
Diplomat’s Table Level 12 Uncommon: Design not done at all. Low priority.
Exodus Knife Level 12 Uncommon: DONE
Ritualist’s Lectern Level 12 Uncommon: Low priority not done.
Portal Rod Level 10 Uncommon: Knows how to make, has not done.
Enshrouding Candle Level 7 Uncommon: Untouched.
Monocle of Comprehension Level 5 Common: Have one willing to lend. Bit ask him to make.
Pouch of Platinum Level 5 Common: Need to large city and find one. Street wise checks.
Portrait of Holding Level 5 Uncommon: Bottom of list.

Warforged monks making psychicly active crystals. They can be empowered
Hero’s armor will go to NPC
Taylor book has enchantment to teleport a party to a place you know.
Armor I ordered from Taylor arrives and Chant is aware when and where, and decide where to put it.
Need to inspect the armor. Considered masterwork, armor check penalty is one less. Fits perfectly.

Go through list of items that are ritual components.

staff meeting part 2 of many

End of Jan numbers
Now a level 4 town.
Worker rolls now at

15 1farmer 1 stone cutter 3 stone cutter 2 minter
15 1 gatherer
10 1 stone cutter, 3 stone cutter 2 miner
11 3 farmer 2 lumbermen 5 stone cutter
15 3 stone cutter 2 miner, 1 trapper, 2 trader, 2 gatherers, 2 artisans, a cloaked individual.

Very calm, charismatic person. Aundun an elf. A security specialist for many many years, but city is in ruins now.
It is a skeleton, with glowing eyes. He is a wizard lich. Specialist of the twisted tower. Mythdranor.
Introduces a companion a shade appears, a fighter level 14.
Willing to accept one guard post, research. He counts as an army troop by himself. He’s in retirement. Bound loosely to object and bloodlines. One minor job somewhere.
Goes to bob’s with Hannah. Several days later. Small box with small cubes white with powder. Undead turkish delight.
Elven form artificer. Replace elven limbs.

Staff meeting
Dwarves grumling about crappy mine.
Housing is good. Never had a shortage…yet.
Get info about new gov building. Political things to do with it.
New building addons available. Next gov is going to be very expesinve. Lots of CU and gold.
Will need to write them out.

Something something earth warrior petition. Its umm..yeah.
Political factions are starting to emerge. Siiiigh.

Keroyn comes back on Jan 30th. With 57 villagers(pop) wearing sack cloth. Have nothing. The dude made it to a village. They burned everything and then burned the remains. Descide how much to reimburse them.

staff meeting part 1

church addon
church type armsmen heavy armor with shields and weapons
cold casters

myrmidons from church are super defenders

druid enclave make next level and make addon for more people
druidic enclace lv2
4000CU(Alchemy items can do terrain prep. Hex move(800) and growth(800), and enrichment plus(2000))
1 wood
4000 residuum
If built in a circle of power CU cost drops. Town claims cicle of power. But political implications.

School of Agricultural Druids(SAD)
Addon to Druid enclave
3 slots
Trains: druidic farmers, Troop shamans(generalist troop healers, with pets and atwill heal reaciton)

Librarian candidates:
Sumash, young dragonborn. Dara. Orphan from temple of bahamut. Has a frill, and small for dragonborn. Worked as archivist apprentice, here to learn more about elora dannon. Looks like a draconian dragonborn hybrid.
Keroyn, older gentleman very pronounced limp. No longer up for fighting of keroyns bent. Retired specialist. Likes books. Spent time as logistics officer. Henry Stufaffein. Like him for adventurers board.
Verus Late 20s human, Chant seems to be dangerous, not sure why. Their reactions to people seem to not be normal, trained responces. Numbers on his tongue. Olavien notices sociopath, brief emotion when discussing books. Jeremy X. Mix of cultural backgrounds.
Senechal, Minion Gnome, a very crazy one eyed gnome, wants to do stuff. Dressed in well worn suit. Workers clothing, construction worker or something. And a big book bound by copper iron and brass on a chain attached to his waist. Book of stuff.

Henry will try herding adventurers, needs three scribes.
Combine Dara and Jeremy for librarian.

Add Minion as minion to people.

Feb 2nd town looses sovereign glue and helm of no language. Lab accident. We now have a gnome talking in minion. Can still follow directions and write.

General literacy goes up to 100% and fizzbans box of stuff opens.
Large amount of books, 5 copies of the way things work.
Ask meruru if she wants us to send her people.

Drow shaman male with heavy scars. Sort of spider spirit companion? They have pincers. Not a fully an adventurer apparently but on the other hand managed to escape from a drow city.
Hagrid is arguing with a halfing monk. Looks kinda mean. And tipsy. Squireel chucks specialist. The squirrels seem to be very solid. Spends a lot fi time drinking with the darves.
Willing to join town. Low paragon full monk.

Numbers for end of december

adress reagents in staff meeting

after jan can go to arls for repairs

from armsmen can eventually train level 1 essentials fighter(Heros)

weasely enchantment
needs dedicated person for the month who can cast magic spells.

the school can train druidic farmers in finishing school
enclave is identical to church in slots and training.
enclave can train druidic farmers
can train in church or academy at time cost

someone knows what to do with herb farm for next steps, bother earth warriors they have mysterious lotus 20k reagents every 4 month

2 “scribe rank 2”==3 equvalent rank post scribe person, or 8 scribes

whoever is filling in for the government center may have more effect.

in jan no recettear bonus for cider

recettear formula: Tier*d10+2*(tier^2)streetwise check value
merchants of doom recette: 2d10
8+half level(5)+1d20+25
merchants of doom tear: multiply income of building by level(13)

Sewage System
Grade 0 sewage increases popularity by 100 lots of CU
Grade 1 lots of stone cost

171 pop
11 untrained
1 stone cutter
3 farmers
1 builder

11 untrained
1 gather

Refugees show up on Jan 17th
127 pop misc (halves requirement for worker rolls in Jan) requires 200 pop which will bring 100 food)
7 untrained workers
2 farmers
1 beast trainer(can train non wondours beasts)
1 leather worker(specialist, weird shit materials)(requres 60 pop)
40 dwarven untrained workers
12 dwarven farmers(things for undergound farming))
40 miners
minor dwarf clan 600 pop housing needed(end of feb)

church of zoamelgustar(specializes in curses and decursing)
everyone one in the family has warforged resolve and stones endurance, and mul one
6 acolytes
17 scribes
44 untrained workers
require 400 population end of feburary
Will need a place for church.

3 weeks(in two weeks) of work from the people who show up on jan 17th.

requirement pop housing for 1100 people

3024CU in last two weeks of jan.

6 months of half the production of 4 farms subract 10% stacking each tier down
1 specialty building that’s an aqeduct mill(40 stone, 2 wood, 1 metal)(inceases all food production and storage by large amount, need high water source)
1 spot for housing
1 blacksmiths shop()
improvements of keep
one alchemist shop
spots for 2 lumber mill
1 quarry
1 mine.
possible additioanl farm spots

cost reduction using make whole for higher tier buildings(alchemy items required which they have)

You cannot save from cat.

Jan 15th

Chant is coming back to town. Standing outside of town is a pair of small tians or very big goliaths. Very tall for goliaths.
The shorter has some sort of spear on her back
The other is carrying a polearm, and sword(that’s a giant chunk of metal probably 70lb ) , other sword and shield. Probably has a reach of 4.
They seem to be staring into town. The small one is extremely emoting being suspicious while the tall one is indifferent.

The sorter one hugs me and calls me a little brother. Mentions she is an earth warrior? Asks if I know earth warrior official song. Uhuh. Has an instrument that is made of stone that remids me of a fiddle. Seems to be working strangely.
Maverith of the river and her brother he is of the earth. Says I am of the tree.
They have been wandering the earth looking for other people of father earth and mother life?
She seems to be weirdly strong. She is more powerful than Chant overall.

David notices two entities walking towards him as he is working on the weave. They seem to interact with life energy in a different way. Their actions cause ripples.
She goes to climb the dragons. Seems to have a climb speed.
The brother starts staring at what david does. They both stare blankly.

Seems confused by the orchard. Is contemplative about drudic farm. Lists out “better way” which is all her favorite foods.
Several of the plants she comments on, if we can get them to grow. it would be ridiculpus food production.
Get seeds for all the fancy plants.
3 tiny seeds from an island. They are red and have spikes. Asks if we ca grow them. I’m willing to try. Druid prepped, will hand it over to the druidic farmers. She has a nested box.

She likes how the housing is built. Like little dwarven mountains sitting on the ground according to her.

The other goliath seems to konw what david is doing. He can see what david is doing, weaving life energy. Gives david hints.

Little miss is peering at goliath. Does not see the goliath as a person, he seems to be a chunk of the eaeth walking around.

Also find the dwarf with ton of surges. Notive a very small off enchantment on this throwing hammer. The enchantment seems to have dimentional, size or mass altering properties. Hammer is very plain. Notice a name on the side of the hammer, “The Bone of the mountain.” Displacement in space enchantment with a always a part of something, with a command to turn part of it off. Artifact grade power. Remember a tale from my nurse about a dwarven clan that interacted with the empire. They were the primary sellers of adamantite. Their claim to fame was they killed a goblin god with a mortal weapon to claim the place. The dwarves were from the other side of the crater to the north of shadyvale. Parts of the diety spread all the way to the Turathi empire. They are in the book of the empire, as something to be cautious of. Can look them up. Need a 40 history check later, to get more later on the 23rd.

Orianna goes to meet the super tall golath. Learns a game from him.
Chant starts the ritual to heal himself.
Shiva will emerge on this day.
The department of mitch notifies us that egg is changing. The pixies are actively watching it all the time.
We go bother Kaz. She finds this a very intriguing puzzle. Psychic reactive materials. Crystals that are actively conductive.
Egg changed to purple scaled egg. Seems to no longer change. Super shiny and metalic. Will leave it under observation for a few days.
Chant studying the ritual from Rose
Also starts his blood ritual to heal himself. 500g to a dude. 60 surges for 3 days.

Orianna and Shinji: researching beshaba temple repair stuff.

Leave the swamp.
Chant notices pixies doing weird cultist stuff in potato skin robes sacrificing rutabega usig carrots as sacrifical knives.
Can start stargate construction. 19 days later will actually understand the schematics.
Rose is making 13 runes out of orium.
64 surges to Chant recovery fund.
Have dinner at Olaviens, Shiva goes to pet the Hippogiyps. Made a new friend the goliath woman.

Need to produce stuff out of arcane metals: adamatine, mythril, demon steel and star stone would
333*39 pieces of metal.

One bar of orium.
Demon steel is values at 3120
Need one unit of metal.

The lizard folk set up near town, bunch of trade happens. Swamp will not thaw till probably March, livable in end of Feb.

The female goliath(Maverith) is sulking. Blows a rasperry at Chant.
Did not tell her about floofy wolves.
I show her hippgrifs she is gone for the day.

The Nameless stuff ID party found some sort of armor.
+4 lamellar armor. Light armor(hide) with platemail defenses has other enchantments on it, something to do with range.
Spiked balls on a stick. 4 feet long. The balls are not attached they just hover next to it. The balls seem to phase through table.
Metal rod with a hole in the end. Hannah feels weird warms and the wall cracks. and bores a hole through it.

Buy 12k of magical metals for stargate Recettear will work on this.

Hannah starts research on the 20th.

The ent grove is begun in the walnut grove.
David trains with light saber, transport ship, shrine.

CHANT TODO: talk to alchemist about etheral sidestep item

Olavien goes with Shiva to see the mountain fort people. It goes well overall. She seems to be somewhat a cousin of their dietific entities. She recieves faith from them.


Chant will coordinate things for the elven-dwarven meal. Will take time and effort to get everything together.
At the end of the day chant is back to normal surges.
2400g for the dwarves time.


Chant finishes research on the dwarves.
And starts gathering stuff for the resatuant will be about a week to do.

Shit happens.
There is a giant surge of power. Completely wild and unkonwn with some sort of grinding and tearing feedback. A chunk of the terrain gets ripped away.
We wake up scrambled.
Connecting all of us and all the npcs, is a pool of potential. You can pull things from it. Seem to have additional nuggets of konwledge and potential.

There is a chunk of wild magic in the center of this. Things that are not created as part of town seems to be transposed.

Do a poll of town. Normal people have physical alterations that start to go back to normal.
One of the buildings is turning metallic green. Bur not spreading. It’s semi transparent. Some form of green crystal. This spread up from the ground into the bilding.

Powers get shuffled twhich are not locked.
Do things with assists, the pattern cat gets mad.

Feb 2st
Will go to restaurant with the stuff for the elven-dwarven meal.

Feb 8th
Chant finishes ritual cast study.

Current day is Feb1

Shiva Hugs!

Jan 13th
Chant find old twisted tree that radiates a dark energy.
TODO Check the sealed corruption in evil tree.
Have a weird dream about some sort of weird vampire woman jumping at me. Freaks out and spends the whole night checking corners. Very tired next day.

Jan 14th
Hannah and Henrietta to the swamp. Will visit Lizardfolk
Pokes Orianna to join them for moral support.

Meed lizard folk cant talk to them.
Hannah casts comprehend language. 20g

Meet some lizard folk patrolling, they are freaked out because everything was frozen by shiva.
Black dragon was injured.
Apparently Darastrix is here…kay.

More than a hex of the fens is now ice.
There is a giant vortex around where Shiva is, lizard folk want to evacuate for while to shadyvale.
endure elements
They keep going toward cyclone it gets so cold that the air is freezing.
They see some sort of crystal at the center of the vortex. There is some sort of crystalline flower looking thing inside the mound.
They talk to it for a while.

Meanwhile…Oriana is lost in the air at night.

Meanwhile…Chant 36,30,28
Meet a talking horse named Ed. Have one Ed-a hose that speaks common. One wagon 2g to repair. Nice wine.
Come across an Inn in the middle of the forest. Says no killig goblins. Everything is dusty.

The magic that seems to be preserving one of the cubbrds is following the 4e rules but its basically in Gaelic to our english. This if its from another world, super old and big.

Stole door with the runes that seem to preserve stuff.

Massive lighting storm some trees get electrified. Then kill the monsters. Make note of lighting tree.

Gather some “lightning tree wood” for alchemists. Night of the 14th Chant stops being super paranoid. Now just fragile emotional state.

Jan 15th
Eventually lands and sleeps. The next morning, as she flies out, there is a long line of lizard folk migrating toward shadyvale with torches. They seem to have some sort of weird crocodyle drake hybrid, they are very large.
The senechal knows there are lizard folk refugees coming.
The lizard folk lead Oriana to Hannah. They can’t approach start taking cold damage. They run away as the vortex of energy seems to be descending and the wind gets stronger. They run away.

In the morning hugs seem to help. Talking not so much. But end with giant tornado being avoided.

The lizard folk will stay with town for a while while weather goes weird for a few days.

We will steal the black dragon leg after weather is more stable.
Oriana is back in town evening of 14th.

Meanwhile…Chant finds a pair of goats near a bridge near a stream.
Dismissing the tree while touching, can transfer what is in the tree.

To heal myself need to spend bloodpoints 5*times current surges.

Chant todo Need to make some sort of blood storage tree.
Now Chant has 2 surges.
fell troll corpse with no blood
Doing research after gaining bloodpoints. Understand the first tech tree of blood magic. 3 base arcs of study: offence, defence, other.
This is a civ style tech tree, with lots of branching.

intead got utility branch.
tree specific branches with flavors of offence, defence, other
offensive tech that modify tech trees
defensive that modifies trees
utility that modifies trees

BP research bonus: 0
resets when doing a research thing. Resets the bonus when this is done. It goes up when spending BP.
take picture of tech tree for trees

Figure out that due to momentum torque granting enough actions can use Comrade’s succor for healing.

Chant will get a ferret bag when he becomes a wizard.

Ideas for making things are made.

Unguent lady is interested in making a dragon shard for david
Need Siberys shard of fire, lightning, radiance

xp for getting eaten by snakes: 1200

david starts repair on 11th. By the 16th knows what he is doing.
Will take months to fully repair.
He will try to make things as they were.
After the first five days its an ongoing process.
david gets Shard of ragnaros(massive,unstable)

aquamarine guns have one clip and one extra clip.
the pistol seems to be a sonic weapon.

idea bags of communal cloud storage possible with some caveats, like capacity reduction. will need a new storage area built for it.

Olavien makes items:
When the group goes to talk to the alchemists, they’re in the middle of making something. At it’s current stage, it’s a shiny stone. Olavien notices that it would make a good warforged component.

Ring of the Noble Sapphire, Level 24 Ring
(Quality 468. Super Quality (increases the quality only for enchanting purposes by 50%), Well Rounded Defense, Dragonscale Defense)

Flat bonus of +1 to Will, Fort, Ref (untyped)
+1 to attacks
+1 surge value
+2 to AC

Daily Power (Standard Action)
Increase these bonuses until end of encounter OR you go unconscious to +3 to Will, Fort, Ref and +7 to AC, +3 to attacks and +3 surge value

(Passive bonus= 1/3 daily bonus)

The shiny stone covers most of the cost of making the item. We then pay* 5 residuum bars* and 7k gold to cover the rest of the costs for making the item.

(Olavien learns Enchant Item during this time frame so she can do this now)

Chant gets persuaded to leave house on the 13th after a while and go murderhoboing with alchemist for stuff.

shiva is vague on letting people know when fight is.

Going over consumables plot

(U)nguent Merchant

-X : Requires reasearch or gathering rare materials
~X: Can make something related
X: The one we are going with for the given item

Ranked List Non standard

(A,Z,U,B)Ranged healing item
Healing grenades
(A,~S,U,B)Potent healing salves
(A,Z,U,B)Henrietta Action reduction(H)
Zak can do it. Henrietta has all the components. We should wait for shiva. Winterbole living wood. Look into water imbued metals.
(A,-~S,U,B)Consumable for temps at the start of turn(H,N,D,R)
Chant will be adventuring anyway.
(U,B)Extra attack consumable for encounter(D) David buys a thing from bob
(U,B)Crit Expansion +3 for a turn(D) Cost of L12NonConsum Item(13k)
(A,S,U,B)Daze save ends poison doses.
400 nature reageants, 250 gold, 400g strangle vine, 80 residuum: makes strangler venom. L12 item. 8 doses. On hit dazed, save ends. target needs to be able to breate and have appropriate anatomy, one breathing aparatus.

Existing Known Consumables Priority
(U,B)Clarity Salts(5)
(U,B)Potion of Heroism(5) (H,N,D,O,R)
(U,B)Regeneration Potion(5) (H,N,D,O,R)
(U,B)Potion of Cure Critical(10)
(U,B)Elixir of Flying L21 (2) (D,H)
(U,B)Elixir of Invisibility (N)
(S,U,B)Potion of Clarity(2) (D,O)
(U,B)caustic Whetstone®
(U,B) dread nightshade(3) (N)

Note: More expensive from both bobs are food supplements, and unguents better quality.
Message diplomat about buying above at real costs in moonstair

buy from shiva via ice cream
Fundamental Ice – shiva will make it.

Adventurers Mart:
dispelling arrow

Potion bandolier: David, Olavien, Henrietta, Nina, Rukia,
2 Resilient staff made by hannah for warforged
Borrow take a fog cloud potion for round.
Use dragon potion.

Becoming a god is not resting -Verinal

Jan 11th
Chant and Olavien go to circular room, chants paranoia notices its not perfect.

Then go talk to Nina about having a training camp guarding chant from assassination.
Shenanigans happen. Some people pass.

Then we talk to the cherry tree about restoring my surges. Can do this with battle trees.
It’s less about the surge, and the life being stolen through the surge. Death makes more effective.

Some sort of large black and white colored fuzzy creature walks toward us. It reminds me of a badger, but the size of a ST Bernard, but looks like a baby. And on the neck is a lance sticking out of the hair. There is a pixie on it, its the charger. He found himself a nice mount.
Went to the great fey place, not part of the courts. This person is actually older than the courts. Some sort of nature druidic fey. No one bothers them cause its not worth the effort.

Henrietta will talk with the moonstair diplomat. Information exchange for improved map happens. They want to discuss making a trade route through the river but need to deal with hydras and things like that.

Fly to the crag. Find some wyrms.

IDEA: Ninja academy addon to make it relocate to a different ara of town.

TODO: Call mount merchant about hiring an extotic mount stable master.

TODO Alchemists say they could use peak stone from Thunderspire Mountain.

huge vampiric, or war tree…, unique growth(undergounrd(inside monster))?

Rootthorn Tree(large)
AC-1, FORT+3, REF-2, Will+2
Init +19, Perc 19
Tremorsense, Blindsense 3
Speed 0(Run .5)

Vuln 5fire, 10radiant
Trait – Rootthorn Tree, creatures making escape attempt take 9 damange and ongoing 3
Bloodpool can contain max 6 surges
Symbiosis Chant gains 6power bonus to damage, all critical drain one surge and ongong equal to chant’s level. May store additional surges as chant additional surges equal to con, and do not have to be spent by end of combat.
Standard-Thorny slam melee 2 one ot two creatures.
+17 vs Ref,
Hit 2d12
12 dmd and target is knocked prone and grabbed.
Feeding Root-Vampiric,
Close burst 2 one or two creatures
17 vs Fort
Hit 5 dmg the target can grab the creature if it has fewer than 4 creatures grabbed.
Secondary: Target makes a save, on a fail it looses a healing surge.
Blood drain:
Root thorn tree drains 2 healing surges from each target grabbed and applies ongoing equal to chant’s level.
Thirst for blood:
One blood point equals extra standard.
Blood transser: can transfed surges within 3 squares.
Crit onging equal to chants level.

Instinctive action
Uses blood draught if grabbed creature
usues thorned feeding roots on bloodies creatures first
drains a surge from chant.
In addition chant takes ongoing equal to his level. This damage may be saved for at the start of turn.
HP equal to chant’s surge value.

More info on blood pool found: have the blood pool of chant. New traits.
Chant’s total blood pool is equal to the blood pool granted by all current trees.
The root thorn blood pool equal to con mod for 24 hours.
Grove tree currently 0
Battle tree gives half current max surges.
Blood points are points for upgrading trees and myself?

Can cange surge to blood pool as a minor.

Wild Growth percentile table.
00-double bladed thorn: increases chants bloodpool by 1 for 24 hours or increases tree types by 1 then decreases the one not chosen by 1
99 racking death: tree dies and explodes 1d20 per surge contained
98 blood poisoned: tree dies surges lost
01 rampant growth gain an additional tree with no instinctive penalties. Current tree looses instinctive penalities.
02 protective growth tree looses instinctive penalty.
42 a different life unlock knowledge of one branch from this tree one step up or one step down.
77 blood potency roll a d7 1-2 chants bloodpool increase by1, 3-4 tree pool increases by 1 permanently, cherry trees increases by 1 permanently, 7 all of the above
87 elastic growth tree reach increases by 1 grab and hold counts increase by 1, temp boost
96 choose a things: ambulatory, war veteran, gong tau, regency

Chant gets access gong tau-black magic the really high end stuff. The stuff the emperor was good at. The expendeture and use of blood pool, transfer of blood to life to soul. At the far reaches can affect the hand itself.

Chant will eventually probably want vampiric gem, and attune the blood pool to have the right wavelength.

Everyone in party notices. There is a spark that ignies in chant as an internal realisation. It is a divine sparc that has the potential to birth a new god. It will be with chant through all all his reincarnations.

The tree grows one size larger, its a huge thorn root tree. It has a minor action blood draught.
After the last worm dies there is an earthquake. The ground shifts. There is a line of trees collapsing.

There is now a 20 by 60 square worm rips out of the ground. It sighs and settles down on its side and stops moving.
Bardic knowledge says 404 to figute out what it is. “Little” worms start coming out the side of the body.
Well area is now much safer.

Do some more fighting that allows Chant to do some blood pool work.
The scales of the giant worm are probably hard but brittle.
Also we take some samples. STUFF

Chant gets 2 blood points.

We tear a scale off its 1100 lb which is super light.
Use linked portal reverse portal
Loose 10 worker for a day. NOTE

1 Whole scale. As much as we can al-chemically useful. Axe of sundering helps take stuff.
Ol-wyrm beak chunk
1 ol-wyrm scale
ol-wyrm connector sockets
fuel rods cylinders of strange material
amniotic jello.
inner blades
putting this stuff in jars they stop decaying. Surface water is really bad for them beause of solar energy in it.


Dragons are flying back from fallcrest. Purple notices a green sun in the sky. It’s not supposed to be there?
Swamp gas optical illusion?
There is antelope eating a rabbit.

Someone should check the wall of chaos scar. Like the dragons.

The green sun moves. Shinji makes an arcane check. Something is psionicallyw weird. There is some sort of sound all around me. There is some sort of auditory carrier wave for magic.
This has the same kind of sense as of a reality transposition. Something is flowing from the edges of the cuts.
This is coming from every area that was cut out. Something is trying to actively come in throgh the cracks.
As we are flying we seem to be going slower and slower and we are flying towards the ground. The antelope are watching.

The green sun is one of the places that was moved. It’s moving something is changing its location in the world. Going south west to the chaos scar. Its 100 meters in diameter. The world is being moved with respect to is or something.

The goats have spell resistance against everything. But the thinder spell is super effective.

The dragons will take a pair of goats, one of them seems to be more regular con, others are very emaciated. Faces are vaguely humanoid and they can stand on two legs, and their claws have appenages. We take the buff one and one of the skinny ones.

The dragons fly off towards the chaos scar. It is now Jan 11th
The green orb is very close to the chaos scar.

We can see the wall in the morning. The wall blocking the chaos scar is gone.

There was someting really big that was burying through the ground. Something left the scar that as probably 6×6.
There is a group guarding the scar that has taken massive casualties. Lots a lot of siege equipment animated construxts that are like lion dragons.
They are freaking out about the green thing above them. There are spectral fishies breaking away from it.
Purple is able to peer inside the orb. Get a vision into the other side where there seem to be giant creatures. Big open area, things hanging from racks. One of the things resembles the giant horned creature that olavien saw sleeping that we covered up and also saw at the end of the special arena event with goblins.
The dragons try to talk to camp of the arcosia people. They completely freak out and take the dragons in for questioning for multiple days. When they learn we are from shadyvale they are not happy with us. They seem to have manacles that muffle Purple’s connection to Olavien. Shinji being a wizard freaks them out cause they don’t understand it. They distroy the book in front of Shinji, and tell him to never come back. They are super rude. But they do give us the antelope.

Apparently they send scouts into the scar and the far realm star is gone. They will clear the whole place out.
We will want to keep an eye on them probably.

Olavien is a bit concenred when she cant talk to Purple, but purple is not worried. Sending and Homing pigeon rituals fail to get a lock.
Can figure out they are with Arcosians if we try. But they come back save with far realm antelope on 22nd. Ruuuuuude.
Arcoian reaction mainly because they have not really interacted with us before and to them the dragons all come across weird. Especially Shinji who is detecting as a Monk but can cast…


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