10/10/2015 Notes- Hannah's Notes

Talking with Town

Buy Rhythm Blade for Chant for 1260 gp.
Favored owed to the Silvanis family
Favor 20 with Temple of Bahamut
4250 gp to buy food from Bob’s “food”
wine flute ‘crystal’
glow green, teal and purplish colors, they don’t mix if you turn it upside down
ice cube from Shiva

Shinji rolls 77

Eldritch blast

comprehend language
healing word
longstrider (flying)

hold person
melf’s acid arrow
aura of vitality

the dragons bring ice shards that are blessed knifes of Shiva made by Henrietta

entropy and life

when little miss casts her spell, several things happen simultaneously
she is brute force casting ‘spell’
similar to vancian magic, however I think it’s more divine than arcane ‘I believe this is going to happen so it’s going to happen’- sort of like Ork magic, drawing on three sources, one is weak, one is rainbow colored, one is platinum.

Bahamut, Tiamat and Io do not have domain dragon, but it was obvious domain ‘dragon’. Everyone who has been blessed like this has shiny black scales.


Shinji and Verinal see this giant dragon (see dragon age red lyrium dragon) and then it notices it.

It notices Oriana and Chant, shoots a pustulate. Once it stops noticing them, leaves two more, making a triangle. Chant is burning two of them, Verinal does twin shot, trying to finish them (missed the Jaffa staff!)

Emerald, Sapphire, notices a few more. Usually caves with openings. Eat gems. Sleeps/hibernates for long periods of times.

Making new entry in dragon book on Amethyst Dragons based on Verinal’s knowledge.

Central pool of radiance is a 5 point/ 6 point thing

small, dusty, brown and a hut next to it

mind, soul, body leaders of the halfling.
Sees a slightly different version of goddess- more civilization-based, but a primal/Primal form of civilization.



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