12/10/2016 David's Notes

Don't Drink and Jump Dimensions

Verinal, Chant, and Olavien wake up in a forest clearing. Verinal is holding some sort of large egg-shaped thing with fine black and white stripes on it. Chant is under an overturned endless bottle of fire whisky, and has some sort of sentient potted plant. Olavien is cuddled up with Purple, and is next to many empty bottles. All are severely hungover, the plant is stoned. None of us remember anything concrete after the recent t-virus stuff, though we think much time has passed since then, possibly years. Above the clouds is more land, including mountains and stuff, like an Earth sandwich. A gigantic white dog flies by overhead, around cloud level, followed shortly by a swarm of demony things. We feel a strong gust of air from the direction they went, and then Verinal detects many people dying. We decide to go help. Olavien rides on Purple, Chant has a flying chariot of fire, and Verinal has a cloak of phoenix feathers (based on what it did, this is not the same as the “cloak of the phoenix” item).

We approach a large battle. The demons are assaulting a castle, which is defended on all four sides. One side has the superdog. One side has a single archer/priestess. One side has a clan of hunters. One side has three fighers, one of whom is a version of Sango. This is apparently some sort of final battle from Inuyasha. Chant starts planting trees to help the clan. Verinal helps the three fighters by shooting the larger demons on their side with the Jaffa Cannon. Olavien and Purple start tanking for the archer so she can be more offensive. We are completely turning the tide of the battle despite our excessively drunken state. We are likely high-epic or post-epic.

Some big bad guy starts forming above the castle by condensing many demons. With our help, the bad guy is losing and starts to get away. While chasing him, Chant and Olavien figure out that we came here on our own (Olavien made an interdimensional thread in the shape of a balloon dragon), and our presence here has accidentally triggered this final fight way too early and the pattern is trying to react. Chant removes the bad guy from the pattern (with baelfire) and replaces him with the potted plant, who acts as the villain for fun until it’s time for the heroes to win.

Chant takes a nap.


It pleases me to no end that your wrote this up :)

12/10/2016 David's Notes

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