12/9/17 David's Notes

Mitchant OTP

It occurs to me that Hannah won’t have notes for this adventure since she’s running it. Alex hasn’t posted anything yet, and even if he did, I wouldn’t trust his notes to be complete. Since this is nearly 2 weeks later, it may be a bit inaccurate.

We go to investigate a building which we are told doesn’t have proper permits, and 2 un-named NPCs have disappeared while investigating. The building itself looks unremarkable, but as we look in the windows, we see a smile (I vaguely remember it sounding sort of like the Cheshire cat), and we get teleported somewhere.

We end up stepping out of full-sized paintings in a room somewhere. Verinal‘s painting is a cross between him, Kerowyn, and some others, and is labelled “Wielder”. Oriana’s is a cross between her and Sumash, and is labelled “Champion”. Henrietta’s painting also includes Susan and some other, and is titled “Elementalist”. Chant‘s has him mixed with Mitch and the senechal, and is titled “Managerium”. There’s also a book in the room that seems like a history of Shadyvale, but inaccurate in the way that something written long after the fact would be.

There are a couple of creatures that appear to be made out of something like obsidian. They communicate via sub-sonic vibrations, but Oriana is able to translate. They think we are the “great ones”, hopefully un-related to the “Great One”, and want us to help them save their people. 3 others shortly enter, looking sort of like beings of energy wearing armor (to me they sound vaguely similar in appearance to the Exalted from GW2). They also think we might be the “great ones”. A fight breaks out, leaving only one of each of the factions alive.

From what we are able to gather, the two races have been in a perpetual state of mild antagonism/war for an indeterminate amount of time. Until recently, losses on both sides have not been too severe. However, the armor people recently started using some sort of weapon which is able to destroy the obsidian creatures en masse, which is why the obsidian people wanted to summon us to help. The armor people had previously believed the obsidian people to simply be monsters, but with the subtitle glasses we are able to prove that they are sentient. They are trying to re-build/power some devices, which will take them home? One of these devices is possessed by the obsidian people, and they can be powered by shards of the obsidian people. We decide to go with both of them to intercept the force of armor people which is about to launch a major attack on the obsidian people, hoping that we can sort this out before we go home. Oh, and we’re not sure how to get home yet. I assume the portraits are the key, but the magic PCs (i.e. everyone but Verinal) were unable to figure it out yet.

Other things we’ve observed, and educated guesses about that (I forget which parts are known vs. assumed): First of all, this is not our normal. universe. It’s more “distant” than planes like the feywild, but not too far removed past that. The obsidian people are divine in nature, a little like angels, but they have only the vaguest hints of a domain in them. Presumably, if they were ever associated with a particular god or domain, that was a very long time ago. We believe them to be native to the universe we are currently in. The armor people are not native to this universe. The life energy of the one that survived seems somewhat less than I’d expect, and the dead ones seem to have more life energy than I’d expect (if I’m remembering this bit correctly). We currently believe that their ancestors might be originally from our universe.

Oh, one more thing since Aaron wan’t there for this: Oriana wants to see if she can have her windows interface take some sort of record of the paintings, so that she can re-create them later when we get back home. Most importantly is obviously the one of Chant combined with Mitch.



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