2/11/2017 Hannah Notes

Warforged has a giant eye for a heart, chest of a dragon. The giant eye has something through it. Implement in his chest connected to it. Pair of eyes in each of the arms. Beholder eyeball.

Portal hoola hoop with runes on it. Copper bits here and there.

Box: mucus covered river-looking rocks.

Box: runes of rejuvenation, runes of repose. Latch opens in a rune. Head of a giant creature? Chitin with spiny bits and crustacean tentacle bits. Kinda like a crustacean lil miss. Evil things made by fiends ‘earth bound fiends’/ kaithons. Eating and propagating spawn.

Piecemeal means it can be automated and requires not much oversight.

1 roller door, 2 smaller.

Asuka transformed into a kaithon-dragon, and started to attack people. Lil Miss says ‘NO!’ and Asuka is under her control/they are hive for 24 hours.

Orianna technically gets hit but sword noms it.

Orianna finds this guy is familiar but no matter what she can’t figure out his name/remember him properly.

Whole door is forged out of adamantium. Huh.
He is making bullets
targeting with your name on it for people of Bahamut in Winterhaven.

Looking out at war forged room.
Each mass of a squad is one point→war forged.
Over time those will become a full soul?

500 a day (one batch)

Old Story:
A (rich) king sent his army south, killed off of the population (the entire population). He was eventually fought off. No one’s actually found signs of it happened other than weirddd swords and some armor.

crude but amazing enchantment that’s complicated.
back when the people was one. The lack of ancestry stands out in this vampire set he’s using as training material.

room is cold? Ambient energy is low- the xp in here is low/ambient (potential for) magic is low in here.



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