alex pattern +3 now at 15?

find a tree that seems to be a brazzilian redwood, of ironwood class. A ridge of these fancy trees.

find a clearing of small plants near the old ent grove, living ginseng. Mobile form of mandrake. Notice on the far side a skeleton in robes, lying with hand stretched to the plant. The skeleton twitched. Its very old and weathered. Hucuva evil monk thing

find some sort of soft spicy scented wood, brings back a sample

do remove affliction on david

alex: get a little seed. Take damage equal to max surges. Range 5, wall 8. Enemies take Int+ half level damage adjacent to wall, enemies cant move through it, provides cover to adjacent allies. Can break wall. Wall of roses in cherry tree form. Has 23 hitpoints per square

the church can train henchmen level acolytes of alora, 4e templar cleric. Blane has to train personally, likely a month. 2 at atime.

dragon falls into a cavern and impales on a spike, the cave starts shifting and moving. Something gigantic rolls over in itsw sleep. The cave is exposed this is a problem.

rorona gets whatever she can, about a 4th of what we were hoping.

mitch closes the cave roof(<500), and then hannah does bloom

kill some lizards that lil miss eats, loot the hoard. most of the hostages happy except for the ice witch who goes to the hoard takes some sort of implement and wanders off. She seems to be a fake frost witch.


level 16 rare


adventures of lil miss
the puni area nothing was moving inside, near the bottom near the pointy bit the stone was not magic. Went inside and did see anything in there.
went to the other place was still a bit off, was feeling thirsty and ate some water.
ate her way around the other pyramid, felt a bit off. Another spot, noticed something inside, went to have a taste it was disgusting
did not get all the way to the top of the second pyramid. Got really hungry and ate her way out of the lake area.

lil miss is more streamlined, was sort of starved by this.

make lightning resist potions for the combatants, 6

after 28th tree is done growing would not mind something to eat once in a while. It sees things with minds.
Can sense 6 hexes out from the orchard. Can notice drastic chanes in short time spans. Sattelite trees cover smaller areas

other david comes back give him gloves. 1400g



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