Arls hunting party did not find the merchant.
Met a displacer beast and a flesh eating evil unicorn other odds and ends.

Grove restoration
Hagrid is done with his work.
Hannah still needs to make ritual
Rorona still needs to work on her part

Mitch helps with construction of base camps and assiasin thingy
3000g and 700res

23(-15)stone and 19wood via rituals and the base camp is done

Assassin training facility.
250cu put into this, mitch is done with his part.
90W, 20S, 8M, 1150CU
Can focus on a type of ninja
Saboteur ninjas, assasins, spy type super sneaky, general ninja.

Resource survey
Add foresters and jared to survey, david when he has time.
Ask farther places, keep searching for people

Trade Caravans
Arls(Grade 2,150+2d100(favored+75%)): 220g,417g
Moonstair(Grade 3, 75*3+3d100): 87g, 414g

Mahogany(+20% boost additive to the trade route)

Herb farm
Must do 200cu in October

672 arc component from moonstair.

Rorona is meant for making high level items and zak can mass produce lots of lower level stuff.

Chant Tree Stuff
Done completely on the 2ND of Oct

Item prep for the blue dragon
Hagrid and rorona made stuff:
2 A magic sword single target high damage
2 A witches brew
4 A healing salves
B Migration syrup
1 piece of equipment(stone tablet for David) (+1 def to elemental, resist 5 to elemental, -2to others and vuln5, stacks)

Red crystal of a dragon: dragon soul
Daily power: close blast 5 4d8 cold, and knocks prone, +6 damage bonus to favored enemy until end of encounter. While bloodied damage +10, -2 all defences against favored foe, vuln5 all.

Tell wizard school and archeologists to work on learning, 7 weeks of research. Enhancements to the school and stuff.

Frost witches: isolated group that’s isolationists, seem to do reasarch amoral. Deal with larger groups, that are powerful.
Tigerclaw barbarians: Claim to be direct descentants of a primal saberclaw. Brutal, and hold fast to old ways. Hunter of winter, made them his kin. They are razorclaw shifters. 1/3 if the tribe is shifters. They also ride saber tooth tigers, regular and primal. The rest are called the tamed, artisans, crafters etc. Political: refise any authority. Highly distrustful of outsiders, have expanded since the fall Nerath. Creatures outside are competitors for territory, willing to trade but not trust. The riven are exiles and left the tribe, tend to be evil. Took steps to make peace with bitterstrike, and winterbole treants. Enjoying a season of peace. They will be a concern in the future. Scargash is the current chief, he is being unusual in making peace. There may be factions that are unhappy with this.
Huge sabertooth: Chargning pounce, threatening reach, ongoing damage which can get worse, go for the kill power, savage demise which heals, bite does ongoing and it can drag you around. The barbarians uses scimitars, extra bloody damage, rage close burst attack with push and prone.

Bonaparte and kerowyn miliarty development
Want more light troops and skirmishers. Make most things mounted. Higher trained individual troops. More general purpose units.
Will build outrider first.
Need troop unit info from aaron

Visit the fey leader says nothing about my tree thing, waiting for something. Nothing new from him.

Lets not do the whole consultants thing it gets complicated.

There is a semi overarching guild of guilds. Not a union more a confederacy that loosely works together. There is an official overall thing. Get someone from one of the guilds to expand.

Send some people to kill that skeleton in the mandrake grove. Strong NPC party.

Look into Zak making items for recette to sell.

40 untrained
1 lumberman
2 artisans(lapidary gemcutter,painter)
1 carpenter
2 builder
3 lumbermen
3 stone cutters
7 gatherer(go around picking things) can help herbalist
3 traders

+202 pop

Loremaster Orin(+5 to skill check) arcane, history, dungeoneering, nature, religion.
Can train lorekeepers(people trained in a specific knowledge school)- teachers, librarians.
Improvement school and wizards academy, beurocratic positions.

+103 pop
3 farmers
1 lumberman

50/50 res

Hammerfast can train in October, but not after till march

move cabinet maker to making cabinets with cedar
start hammerfast, winterhaven and thunderspire trade routes.
Winterhaven/Hammerfast(Grade 2

general rep+40
mages rep+8
seven pillar hall rep = 20

map of unseen lands: there is a house labeled B.O.B. in the mercantile quarter.

10 lv14 potions of resistance

Fly towards where the dragon is carrying some sort of black stone, and a carriage.
Blue dragon has some sort of runes on it and is huge.
Rune scribed blue dragon-
Action recovery
Uncontained lightning aura-when bloodies everyone takes damage
Insinctive lightning a rampage attack
Lightning burst at will area 2 within 20
Breath close blast 20-1-3 creatures
Thunderclap-area 3 within 20
Wingbuffet reaction to melee, can shift

It is covered in draconic runes of power, common on dragons studying magic, runes tend to be used to improve its innate abilities
He has 3 sets of runes, but one is a preset for dracolich transformation. Ritual scarring for the lich transformation.

On the mountain there is a guy in purple robes and a bunch of people carrying in people on poles.

In the big bowl shaped room there is an altar with offerings and a symbol of the cult of the dragon.
The altar has stuff that can be used for spell components, warding on floor and walls to shield burroing creatures.

Statues in the corridor 5 pairs of dragons facing each others.

The pick is not damaging the statues. Seems to have some sort of warding against the picks. The golems have an anti magic field. These seem to a passibe field.

Get into the dragon chamber, there are a bunch of people in cages.

Hit the dragons phylactery with the pick and get 90,000g(2 astrals and 200 platinum) we utterly destroyed the dragon soul.

+20 rep with arls for rescuing meruru

We find 11 dragon eggs, they seemed to be part of experiment, the eggs are still viable eggs.
Equipment for 5 draconic equipment, and dragon claw gauntlets.

Small vase, pale and thin, art objects worth 7500g
Level 15 common

2000religion componenets


Take 1 viable egg and one unviable egg which we give to rorona.

1500residum from taking enchantment off the blue egg

Invest 20000g with zak for making stuff to level up.

There is a new tavern in the merchant quarter, there is some sort of arcane teleport effect. The inn is named BOB.

The skeleton monk thing got smushed, they brought back the grove for rorona to use.

6 remove afflictions for the npc party

we get back to town on 6th, rest up and get to balrog area on 10th of oct

senechal says fizzbans apprentice will be here in two weeks



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