Get reply from the blackwater tribe of the lizard folk.
They heard about the hags and they killed the ones that escaped.
Possibly interested in trade and stuff.
Want to meet on the full moon in a few weeks to the glade outside of town. December 19th.
There are many dangers in the fens they would like to help with.
Biggest is Shadowmire. Is very sneaky but their town is safe from him. Nasty black dragon.
David knows about black dragons, they are sadistic but also cowardly.

Shadowmire raids traveling caravans. Controlls most of the lizard folk in the swamp. Has some sort of secret hoard. Can apparently cast spells. Can conjure duplicates of himself that explode. Has not been seen spitting acid at range.

Could trade acid potions to trade with lizard folk. And possibly other items.

Discover Library plans for town.
Carpenter shop
Staff one librarian
Increases education level of town. Allows research. Adds +5 to skill checks. Common and uncommon knowledge only.

Set up permanent eye of alarm on chants room. 100g+25arc


get to throne room. There are a bounch of hologram like magical things. Two large stone guards. The Master is glowing with energy. He is healed.

He is moving somewhat gingerly, still somewhat injured, stiffly.

We ask him to use their snow.

He offers us stuff from an imperial transport
find some grenade things
what zak determines is a form of blast scepter with ammo, that is line 4. Thinks its damaged.
find a cache of light sabers, no idea what they are. will give them to zak and david to figure out.

Complete the ritual. Turns out the stuff was not snow but sort of frozen gasses, we sink down into them while ritual is going on.
The hammer absorbs all the cold of the area, its now about the temperature of a cold december day.

Get the impression of the temple of thrazidun to the north. With twisted angelic beings in there.
To the south west an impressio of something cold and weary, hanging on. And animals up above, farther up above two headed creatures and some sort of elemental source of magic right above the site. Some sort of large sized creature.
To the south south east far away, the one that is trying to touch things that walk by. Failing to connect due to not enough energy. Sense some large elemental presensces one of thich is big and burns, it moves towards the armor piece and muffles it.

Power is flowing from us to the pieces. We are on a schedule before something notices.
We used up the ritual candle doing this.

The hammer is healed. Can be used as an implement.

Nov 4th.
2000xp for healing hammer

Bob apparently knows what a burger is, 3g.

Sarah’s sword is perfectly normal, nothing strange, nope.

140g for hand of fate to determine order of armor retrieval: southsouthwest, north, sourth east is the order to go in. Second hand of fate says we can succeed in two locations, other get no answer which is creepy.

The archeologists gave Shinji a stone tablet to translate. Its really bizzare. The stone is enchanted and seems to be shifting and changing shape.

Fly to edge of nentir vale. Get direction from the hammer and dig down into a chamber. And find a 3 headed red dragon.

Hannah asks it if its the great one. At that point the dragon tells his minions to kill us all.

We win the fight. Get the Pauldrons of Shiva. Being next to the hammer heals them somewhat but healing stops after a while. Need more pieces to complete healing.

Loot we got: TBD
Mirror of Silver Dreams(not sure because have not made it work,possibly also Silver Mirror of Moonlight, or Dreams and Moonlight but that was a metal bowl maybe, but also could have been an archmages spell book. Both items missing a long time, and taken by some sort of red dragon. There are also some sort of polymorth property on the item.
Dawn warrior weapon
Circlet or archosia, paragon
Weapon of the Conqueror +3

end on Nov6th



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