find a circlet-circlet of archosia
a large axe – axe of the conqueror
a bizzare thing with water inside – mirror of scrying, portable scrying pool 1600g scrying ritual focus
scry one thing that you know roughly about, does not need to have a fixed location
a bundle of crystals that could be a weapon or armor, rare item Dawn Warrior Weapon +4

hannah is using the hammer and the pauldrons of shiva

chant gets laurel circlet-circlet
flaming great axe +2 goes to tear

shiva items are giving set bonuses
ice walk, +2 religion, +4 to find other pieces, and if you use a daily you get level of temps

14 – some red plated coins-kinda look like platinum with chips these are coins from the city of brass.

do comrades succor to give Nina surges.

level 16 treasure packet in reagents 20% of which can use used for armor at double value.
8800 fire dragon reageants(arcana or nature) used for fire rituals worth 50% more
2 big red gems with glimmery fire. Fire ruby(5000g each)
4400g of dragon bones and scales for armor

100g for gentle repose to preserve it in about two hours.

Hannah gets a glimpse of the temple room
there is some sort of dimentional planar effect. The god is not paying attention. He is hiding the location from the other gods.
There are two fallen angels of winter that have been bound to the location and they have had primordial bits grafted on to them. Something from an ice archon possibly.
There are other creatures outside.

4000reageants to make resist 10 cold potions.

go to the people of the fort and ask if anyone wants to go on an adventure.

go to the badlands fly for several hours. The area is very inhospitable, its been glassed and then the place eroded.

enter a chamber that has a ton of optical illusions and explosive runes that attack you if you read them.
get past that by using cursed items that remove knowledge of languages.

get into a room that seems to have silt elementals lying dormant on the floor. A large symbol of thrazidun in the center. And a petrified guy on a rock in the center
we try using oil of flesh renewed on the guy but he does not want to depetrify.

Sarah starts hostilites.

Nina poofs into an alternate dimention, mitch manages to get her out.

Bolter is down 8hp after heal, -1 surge
-1 surge nina



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