Stop By Thurizdun's Place for Tea and Crazy

In the temple of Thurizdun up in the badlands:

This place is meant to be hidden so the test is weird, could be he was just bored and doing it for lulz
There is probably a sacrifice/channeling chamber to move Shiva’s energy.

Giant chunk of star stone, valuable more than its actual cash value. Choice of permanent improvement to all troops, a high improvement to a few units, or a high level set of gear.

Find a ritual chamber on the left side corridor, with sacrifice. The room is upside down. Its all carved out of stone. Designed for rituals of purification and then sticking it into something else.

Go to the other corridor there is a door that swings upwards. There is a bathtub aligned with gravity. With channels and and grooves, that go to a pool.

Apparently some dwarf clan that fell on hard times was serving Thurizdun.

We find an altar to Thurizdun, seems to be of dwarven make, almost like a temple to Moradin. This place has some purpose.
There is a crucible with small ruby crystals that are slowly changing shape and glow slightly. It’s chunks of essence of fire.

Find a rod of some sort of metal, it looks partially molten but does not seem hot. Its heavily arcane, pre-prepped for use as a component for a ritual. It looks like this was just done.

Consulting Susan, Susan says the rod is not finished. Its used to make high level equipment for archons.

The hammer we find on the other side of the anvil is heavily enchanted in an odd way, very neutral for a deific enchantment, almost by domain instead of a god of smithing. A hammer of the dwarven kind, used to make items of protection and defense.

We steal an enchanted stone crucible full of shard of fire. the bar of fire metal and the hammer.

We try to finish up the rod but its not complete needs some sort of component. Possibly a sacrifice.
Have about a day to finish it. zak, susan, and chant can work on it.

Fight some sort of magma angelic archon with nasty abilities based on fire.
Party rescues a gray angel, shinigami from Bleach named Rukia. She is here at the temple to get some sort of knife item back.

Get a key to the other super locked door at the other end of the temple and wander down there.

another 800g for 6th potion.

Defeat the frost angel things guarding Shiva’s breastplate and take it. It heals

We get a picture of a small chamber underground, small dragon hoard. There are mushrooms with the coins and dust and grime. An encampment with orges and orcs on it. Half orc half ogre dude walk around. The orges are in charge sort of. Right above where the boots are is a bone encrusted mound and there is a young dragon that was killed. There is a large orge with two heads above the hut. The orge notices something underground and tells people to dig. They will get the piece before we can get there. Will need to send

We take the anvil that is magical enchanted.
And the giant boulder of star stone.

military upkeep for oct and nov
forgot arc buy up from tear and also 5000k special order
dragons 3 percent of gold
Nov numbers
12 untrained

all the other usual

Do road and gov improvement.

Skybolts are on retainer and hired.
rep+5 and all town reps+5

give back 13 perishable and buy 13*2g of food

leave the fire ingot until we get the hammer and anvil.
can enpower an item, forge something to aspect it into something. Use the ingot to upgrade the blade of light. (Oriana?)

can wait 4 weeks if cause trouble.

send diplomats to hammerfast(for a favor) and winterhaven.

hannah/chant can go into dream world to get layout of ogre place.
2 sneaky fey creature(lillyclock, and nina).

Two metal people visit dream bobs restaurant. They look like warforged, the store front is made of odd materials. A
Really old predator and two cyborgs/androids are having a drink.

Bob’s has an ongoing bet to name a drink that he cant make. So far he has made everything, including things that dont exist.



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