vernal presses buttons

54276x for sarah.
900xp for scout mission

59862xp for alex

chant’s new taveren thing is bardic lore;
automatically proficient in lore stat: combine nature, religion, arcana, history, dungeoneering, as int check+5, and a success counts as a success for all. \
exceptions are out of pattern, and out of context issues.
can get general passive checks just for looking around.

dragon blown glass?! also burning things better for dragons.

what portal rituals did we actually get from fizzban?
analyse portal
corpse gate
create teleportation circle
disoreinting portal
hold portal
linked portal
planar portal
portal jump
reverse portal
scramble portal
seal portal
walk the crossroads.
signal of pursuit

something is weird with chants familiar-its sparkly and acting weird.

sarah visits rorona: her door is locked. place is clean and empty. Sarah follows her. Meets up with a bunch of rorona’s crew. Also a box of pixies.
The has been high demand for acidic weapons. Something about red slimes around winterhaven. That was fixed.
Has a hamadryad in the party with weird runic boxes.

david visits zak and gets 6 sticks of some sort of fiery stuff. That is effectively a road flare and dynamite in one.

buy goggles and masks.

gold for learning reverse and linked portal.

zak is working on mobile weapons platforms.
david helps him with doing light saber research.
Gets a light saber. He is able to use it with telekenetic grasp.

Hannah talks to susan about Tvirus the last time.

Susan has a doom wagon that kills things. It used somewhat morally questionable things. Susan’s original pact is infernal warlock but she has other interesting stuff. But definitely primordial ties.

sarah finds some sort of magic gas mask with a hud.

zak is also working with susan on a suit of armor. It needs a power source.
we thin about using primal mana, talk to plua about using it.
use the helmet of concept translation to understand her, its lots of text….there were very common to have mana spirits. Using of mana energy was not unheard of.

add more mana research to the list.

We fly to the city. There is some terrain with a mountain range that is rainforest which is weird for the climate and area.
we land in an alley in town. Dragon has phasing and stealth while flying.

we do map of unseen lands, get names for the compound. 4 other names. 3 are on the outside of townin migratory housing and one which is on the other side of town.
there is a lot of dangerous wildlife in the area that needs taking care.
Urgranda Compound is the place.
a family of druids and rangers, a tribe of “natives”. The worship a nature diety. They claimed the area and supply animals. Poachers are not dealt with nicely.
They choose intermediary merchants who deal with people for the clan.
Merchant works as an intermediary at the compound for people who come to buy animals.
These are very fancy and expensive animals.

This place has heard of shadyvale, Also known for trading cause interesting things come in and out of shadyvale. The monkey that we burned was not getting along with the other monkeys, tried to gain leadership.
It was part of the captivity group of monkeys that they sell off when numbers get high. It was born in captivity.

david has some sort of vision, with a gem. that seems to detect magic when magic effects are used.
The guy has records of the monkey, has serial number. With its full history and all that. The two handlers who got the monkey, where it was stored. The other monkeys in the batch with which it was. Some going to baldurs gate and then across the sea, some are going to ten towns.

short hand language for sendings. using different languages together to make for more compact sending.

We go off to the pens, two elves join us, they seem to be some kind of shamans.
We found bannanas that are enchanted like goodberries,
sarah sees a red glowing rat.
hannah gets hurt from trying an arcana check.

the mice are infected, they start to gather. we start blasting them. They start to run away we follow using sarah’s mask to track. David uses light saber to stab the ground, sees tunnels. uses jaffah staff to blast them. Then use arcana checks and sarah to make sure all the infected mice are dead.



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