Puppy has a very bad day and Chant makes a guy confess his sins.

chant 61812
shinju for some reason has level 4 spells.

find a room with stuff that is on display.
also there is a bunch of chopped up wood in the room.
the side wall on the right is removable, possibly doors
tiny gnome notices that the hidden doors are a bit weird with bulges.
its a door for a dragon.
in the big mess of plants someone dug in and taken several small nodes of material(seed pods likely)
there is one seed missing – that is likely the one that grew.

toss the bits of the pod outside. they start oozing so we burn them.
comrades succor

we go looking for the dragon do not find it but 3 pillar things drop from the sky, they have minions that are growing on them,
on attack the minions separate from the statue and attack with magic missle
the dragon has been growing these as clones of himself
they are defensive in nature

go back into the temple to the main sanctuary. We open the door which seems to have lost power
the abbot is there he is telling the goddes that everythig is ok
he is lying. there are growthcoming off the abbod into the ground that have weird nodules.
there are tendrils of corruption is all over the central chamber
the abbot is throwing up static that is bloking the temple from the goddess view
he is also draining the temples power into the egg nodules
hannah also gets a run in with the hive mind.

Continue the fight with the abbot he turns into a big brute thing
So Chant tells the Abbot to confess his sins, he does and goes negative colors.
Then chant talks to the goddess. Gives a power point presentation.
she is mostly happy. We have to work of the thing with the pool.

Dragon, the pillars, monkeys are sort of visible, lots of swarms,
sepearate pool of water that that has steam vents, purpose of the room is skimming power off the material plane.
it is super sneaky
steam rising up is going to the top of the ent chambed and condensing there
big patches of swarm are big targets bigger than monkeys.
also check the pool room there is something important

talk to zak about fixing lil miss armor. Also spetral armor but more on that later.
another comrade succor

the dogs collar has a crystal that is primal enchanted. It is some sort of spirit thingy, an imprint of a creature or a soul?
It lets the thing pretend to be something else.

hannah gets collared and has a scent map of finding locations.
She now looks like a buff gnome with tatoos.

Call zak for doing make whole ritual.
3250xp for this session
Chant gets 400xp for one part of ent quest

Bahamut sends a message to Sarah about future doom. Someting about the deck of many things. Personal quest.



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