Chant runs around

A few min after getting to town Chant notices shift in pattern.
something shifted outcomes to more positive things
I go searching for it its moving around.
Eventually go accuse hannah of doing something.
Hannah is comforting gnome Kaz for some reason.

Strangeness suddenly doubles then increases.
There seem to be eddies or something.
Kaz is freaking out for some reason.
has a thing that is burst 44 that gives +3 to fear,terror and +5 permanent max health, surge, domination.
it conicides with the pattern warping.
can use aura to remove effects and such PERMANENTLY
oh and gives temp
it seems to be like verdandi

There is a sense of judgement, and gain a comprehension of what it is, and a level of acceptance.
This is a thing that does not have hidden things behind it.
I willingly allow it within my sovereign domain.
Kaz gets a vision of the bunker, waiting, a fanatical hope.
The sleepers now have a morale bonus of +2
also the undead thingy we trapped goes poof

7th team gets hired for the price of alchemy stuff.
send them all out by early evening.
will be a day or two for results

Hannah meanwhile checks in with Blane about flat dragon and not egg
there is a standoff betwween a bahamut, melora, and shaman dude with drake of sylvanus
the sylvanus dudes are not hostile to use
cause of green stuff.
Olladra – luck and plenty
priestess of luck is lolsing and helping occasionally
there is a very religious discussion about circles
asked some friends to help, preparing a clean place of rest without influence, similar to summoning nice things, priestess of somebody being amused

Find rose in her classroom with a giant conspirancy bomb.
seems to be making a 3d ritual circle thingy
she seems tired.
these is a stone circle in the room.

school seems to be doing weird things in school.
notes about the blue screen portal, and also portal image.
rose was making progress then something happened.
also witness notes.

try to get roses attention she polymorths my mouth
some stuff she is going over is worrysome. Seems to be high power rituals.
chant talks rose out of crazy research place, calmed down and focused on rei.

rose was building a star gate sort of like a teleportation circle
mention the upright standing thingy
asks me for a list of stuff: metallic reageants.
can use whatever we get.
this portal is very dangeous. the dreamer was involved last time.
safety things for gate are important.
chant studies notes from roze and event.

it is dec 17th

druids doing things to restore the jammer scar
using roronas promote growths
they have a grove right next to the absolute zero fortress
kaz goes to meet the wolf peoples.
talks to a super old one who is a tree shaper.
discuss her leafy cage thingy
created a ritual circle out of plants around her
tree shapers are apparenlty hybrids of druid and shaper psion
also kaz seems to have overland speed 44

kaz wanders by a baby naming
and pokes things.

on th 18th hannah goes looking for rose.

weird things with kaz, seems to be drawing Hope power in.
she has some soft of shawl that apprears that every thinks was always there.
she has some sort of slots for powers


the dreamer, ancient primal force related to aboleths, possibly a diety of theirs.


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