We make flat dragon 3d

chant notices that something is amiss with the pattern in the house.
its like someone poked a hole in the middle but not damaged insead like a needle was pushed through
previous world falls probably actually ripped threads

descide that this is something to investigate after doing the whole portal thing with rei.

plant the sign of “this is important check later” in the middle of the world fall area in the house.
this is going against the will of the pattern putting chant in direct conflict with the current will of the pattern
the pattern in the area is damaged and is trying to conceal/prevent people from poking things
get a realisation fo what is going on, get a more farseeing, i no longer have to center on myself
can now scry ising pattern sight
get a daily chage a die roll after roll once per day sort of. +/- 5
modification daily power
power : daily effect that adds a 3 to any die roll, after the number.
it modifies the die itelf for the attack
this would affect dice for town resource.
works better in conjuction with the main daily power, it modifes results of the daily power.
allows modification of any number in the game, including number of targets, burst size.
and makes results retroactive

magniture: declare a die to be a number but modified by my passice or encounter.
-have to use pattern check to switch

passive power: switch a bard power at a moments notice as long as I pass a taveren check for one use
switching out of class is harder at disadvantage with penalty on top
also could go up in level but at another penalty.
push to permanent switch

meanwhile a massive boost to shivas power, that is incidental due to alora dannon gaining power
also kaz gets 4 divine power points
hannah knows what is going on-hmm—dietis were able to pull upon the future-destiny inertia is in effect

chant puts the sign down-now aware of the damage done here, due to foreign patten being here.
need to think aobut what to do about things
current mode is isolation adn swelling the tissue.

chant go back to spark mode. But konw things changed.

after wards go back to heading to the flat dragon ritual
willow is talking to kaz and taking notes.
the luck priestess noties us seems to react with a shiver.

hannah goes to bother luck priestess
“everything is fiiiine”
kaz and willow seem to be having an effect but it seems ok

dragon is put inside a dish like thing right before noon.
everyone seems to be watching
sumash steps forward: gods light and fire, let that which is be cleansed. Lots of heat.
there are kids being supplied with marshmallows roasing of them on sticks.
hannah can help gathe power
rivulets of stuff flow off NotRei. She is backlit from the inside.
going flatter and is now sparcly and polished.
beam sinks down into the dragon.
the stone bowl has been smoothed out and has an odd sheen.

not rei stetches and then curls up.

kaz is touching her nose. and willow is holding something in her hands. Hannah feels cleaner than before.
dragon shold sleep next ritual at high moon

hannah goes to check the two drunk people.
they seem to be playing with weird golden light goop.

then she helps with prep for the second part of the ritual. Miss Luck is resting.

eventually chant notices that ritual is done and wanders off to find rose. Keep wandering around looking for her organising the notes.

kaz is mentally passed out.
willow is asleep on a book.

priests finsih carving the new roons on the bowl with hannahs help before moonrise.
ritual starts and priests cycle praying to diffent gods
dragon is now laying in pool of moonlight water
this one takes all the way until dawn.
hannah full time on smoothing things out.
at the end right as the first rays of the sun appear ritual is done
her form shifts a bit, she seems more like rei’s sister or something.
she appears to be larger/older than rei. She might actually be young adult.
dragon says her name is Rea.
hannah gives her name, no one except sumash notices.

dragon has a giant pool of memories and skills that are available to her. Just bought a point in diplomacy.
she has memories of rei, chant, hannah, tvirus, villagers, gem dragon.
goes to look at town
kaz pod races around dragons legs
she seems a lot calmer than the source people.
the dragon has a destiny to be involved in things, she will get to choose what to do.
chant puts some demifae scouts tell him what rose wakes up. Go back to near ritual area continue organising.

kaz is still awake but frazzled.

hannah stares at Rea using universe check and they share perspectives and understanding. Dragon is a full young adult going into being an adult dragon.
unlike the other dragons she does not come across as hannahs kid.
go along checking things out
sees lil miss suit in zak’s lab asks if she is welcome as a member of town.
greets zak formally as a chosen champion of a family house but with a modifier

note to chant to find out who moved the statue
note2 ask willow about attaching tensers to other people.
note3 be annoyed at hannah for dragon being champion of town thing.



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