Malloc ritual

Hand wave the meeting with lizard folk. It goes ok at the very least

Chant comes back goes to house to look for book
The law – in abyssal
doing battle with evil-made out of evil
trade common book made from magic, in yellow and black for stupid
trade diplomacy and dominating the world.
making your own country
Old prebook-real polotic by verius vesuvious- his personal notes. (this is interesting)
two book in high turathi check with aaron later
The Lineage-referring THE
the royal peerage and related bloodlines.
magical reinforced-super detailed.
covers several generations.
-The imperial heirs were only allowed to read this.
-history of the court politics as they were.
without bias!
only chant knows of this one
other book is turathi political book of tricks. Suspicious!

hannah tries to read book an goes ow looking at the ritual.
gains concept of seek+

turns out hannah has a name now. Mhm. Told it to a dragon, whose name is ghost rei.

grand ritual is a ritual with other rituals and spells used during the thing.

vibrating exclamation point should be investigating.

exclamation point has turned silver.
its more of a platinum silver with gold sparles hovering around it.

hannah starts to read the book keeps gathering keywords



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