Talking to people about things

everyone was drawn out of winterhaving to chase fiends.

dispel magic was super effective on the evil dude
he escaped
probably using divine power to buff himself
is using a lot of astral diamonds.

he has drained all the temples in winterhaven excrept the bahamut one which we defended.
we ask for halp with stuff

shinji and orianna talk to beshaba herself
both of us get geased –
-shinji has to repair forever the temple in winter haven. Geas he has on him
-aurianna has to repair and restore some temple to beshaba

shinji has a power of modifier to use on him
he learns to avoid dealing with evil gods.
orianna gets an enchant on her sword which is super evil

she says: talk to The Dragon you are not aware of [cencored long phrase]
sarah hears : championship
that which cannot die I demand be killed. Will understand later with context

asuka thinks something changed about shinji

asuka goes outside temple of bahamut to pray to the great one, gets hit on the head with a walnut by squirrel
finds the kobold party sitting in an inn, and his soap box.

in the name of the great one you must champion against evil dude and win.

shinji knows a spell called imprison. This turns a person into a statue and buries them. The only way to get them out is with wish at the spot with their true name.

we teleport somewhere its right under the shadybale orchard!
ITs that guy from the begginging of tvirus!!!

the machines are making weird metal disks that seem to be partial gate spell. Targeting something our of frame of reference. complex seems to be fully automated and he has not been here in a while. Draining ambient cross realm magic.
This could be making the feywild leak eveither bigger or smaller.

Sarah’s sword eats master manhole. Sarah sees a city with a dusty magical shop, that has a floating skull in there. Someone in a trench coat walks in a shop. There is another following him in the same weird clothes that are super well made for us. He stands in the street watching the shop, and gets killed on the manhole cover and bleeds out. The manhole cover gets stolen. There is something wrong with the wound, like there is something underneath. Its not red human flesh. A third cloaked indiviual is the one who kills him and steals the cover.
Then the sword makes sarah go over to the other printed covers and Sarah gets a sense of more of these things outside of winterhaven. The sword really wants to eat more of these guys. A sacrifice triggers them and most a figure appears and explodes and dies. A small number explode at the seams and a werewolf bat goes on a rampage.

This is the red court of vampires.

Tear opens near the bucket and a “warforged” steps out are pale, bleached made of bone.
The portal is very crude, does damage to peple going through.
The thing is made of angel parts. Living construct that is undead. Has both the living and undead keywords. Weaknesses of both and abilites of both. The angelict part seems like equipment.



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