Walking around the complex

Fight the profane warforged dude

The warforged does some sort of thing that actually affects the pattern via vancian magic.

We jump through portal to some sort of mechanised warehouse
Orianna keeps trying to have the sword eat stuff. We are concerned.

Asuka tries to knock sword out of orianna’s hand. She does it, sword runs away and seems to be eating things.
Asuka is trying to catch it.
At the end of the warehouse its making giant stone crosses with circle in the middle. They seem to be artificially aging them somehow.
There is some sort of standing portal thingy which is the portal you went through.

We are still somewhere below town.

Sarah sits next to the tombstone, they are copletely normal….yeah…

He is very organic, has an eye ball for a heart…and everything is tied to it. Take a while to strip him.
Made out of a bunch of very strange things. Bits and pieces that do not make a lot of sense. Eyes in the forarms that are from a beholder, in the arm that was shoting that evil ray.
There is loot stuff.

Others look the stargate. He’s using something that lilmiss really likes in his construction. Mostly mobile, that would nibble back. Lil miss eats one of the containers. Wet mucus covered eggs, no idea what they are. Lilmiss found these deep underground a good way from town.
They seem to be a consumable component for something.

Lil miss goes to another box which is weird because why would you put food in this box. Used for armor and rings and stuff and on iky things to fix them. Bos has gentle repose and regeneration. The head is taking damage and regenrating. Some sort of reptilian insectoid made by fiends. Cythons, earthbound demons.
Stations each do a specific enchantment. Each assembly point is partially enchanted and timed to do complex enchantment peicemeal. Does not require a lot of oversight and automation. Tell about this idea to zak and chant.

The way this facility was set up without using undead energy. cause the tombstones will be places near churches and priests, it could be noticed.

Is there any paralel between the crosses and manhole covers. Seen them get enchanted. When assembled together something hides the encantments on them.

One door had a metal red bar, with red on one edge.
Big rolly door.
One door into a small building inside the room.

Sarah goes back to poking a tombstone. Feels a tingle. Shinji and Asuka do as well. Tombstone sends out a wave of energy. Asuka seems to go mad and attacks the party. She gets hit by a vancian curse. Shiji can figure out the curse from the assembly line.

Lil miss telepathy goes up and psycic sense range goes up. Zoantrope check is now 30. Noooooooo

This type of tombstone is used in temple/church graveyards. They trigger at night and polymoph people in a radius.

Dude we fought in the temple is vagelu fammiiar to sarah. But can’t place a name, feel like shold know his name and face. Mid to late teenager.

We enter the small building the door is a portal spell that moves us a lot farther away. Shadyvale seems to be through the door.

Someone comes in to get a box. They see shinji and freak out. Shinji thinks we are on same plane but outside looks very very odd.

Another golem comes in carrying a box. It uses a magical device to duplicate what we recognie from other adventures as bullets.

Another marionette uses the door and it shows a completely different place. The portal seems to be linked to multiple places. The marionette goes to the roller door that is 4 inches thic of dark metal. A door made of solid adamantium. 200 cubic feet of adamantium. Its a very strong door.

There are a bunch of arcane manufacturing systems that are making bullets by the truckload. using a fabricate spells.

They are making a ton ammo and grenades. Also enchanting some bullets with bane. The parchment that has casting has names of people, some are bahamut temple.
We get several combat knives, kukri.

THen we get attacked by 6 cheap looking warforged. They point guns. Sarah bluffs them that she is a dungeon inspector.

She finds another room with guns its about size of costco, only making 5 types of weapon.
Another room is making robots being assembled.

Asuka and Sarah notice something that is vaguely fammiliar. The warforged are not really alive. A device moves over to the warforged and drops a spark of light on a crystal, and a drop of divine energy that creates a fragment of soul.
They go in two directions.

There is a giant hangar full of the warforged. He’s also built an xp farm. The vampires are odd, they have crude armor and look very generic.
Asuka has heard an old myth universal across cultures. A king sending undead hordes among the people to slaughter everyone. The crude weapons in particular is noteworthy to Asuka. Back when all peoples were one, the vampires looks like that. Super old.

The ambient level of energy in the room is low. Ambient levels of XP here are low. This is very odd. The ambient magix/xp is being colleted and used somehow.

Sarah goes to another room, finds a several squads. They seem to be specialist squads. The mechs seem to be getting loaded into cargo containers. The sparks of the guys here is different. The one percent that is different, with adventurer potential.

Notice a guy who seems to be hard to see. He goes for the alarm.

My name is stars fall upon the field sown. Single point of light in his visor. He is utterly icky.
When asked about his master and says something but it does not exist. He did one act that did this.
this is end of third day.



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