destroy all the things.

Inspector says something in an ancient as fuck language that jars the humanoids in the party
Mental impression of warm places next to the campfire, and a person presiding over everything sitting in the back of a cave.
Philia sitting in a dark room with other initiates and abbott coming in an saying something
Leader of us is the concept being invoked.

The inspector was ordered here by his leader to follow this guys orders.

There are those above
there are those below
Those that live, earth air water…fire and metal.

Seems to be including primordials and elemenatls as part of the mortal plane.

We ask him about what a dungeon inspector does exactly. He leads us to another room. 5 of the warforged walk into the room.
Some sort of crystal does something that is not arcane or divine, there are psy crystals that grant skill bonuses that we have heard of.
At the far end a group of vamripe spawn charge the machines and fight forward, things they did not know about before apparently.
Lever resets the room, fixing all the damage, circle of mending. 3 groups went through the rnd groups.
He ensures that the dungeon is working as expected. This is for the master’s plans he needs more than just mindless troops.

Shinji learns that these use a gap in portl magic. Weird gaps in portal spells. The doors have to be at least 10 to 20 miles apart.The current portal is a fold in the current plane.
The rooms are considered adjacent so it screws up scry.
Hes taking advantage of natural laws to make these.

The dude pulls his helmet off, more elfin look than normal human cyclops. His eye is larger than usual, and his eye is on the forehead. Also long long elf like ears. “THe people now know of you we will find you and deal with this sin.” His flesh goes pale and his injuries heal, and he seems to teleport away. He stared at sarah in a weird way.

Vampire noms on little miss for a while then seems to gain sanity. And so we talk. Niak son of Rodarov. We tell him about the other vampires.

There seem to be lots of vampires from various universes.

We rest for a bit sarah is looking at grenades.

We know where to go and have grenade.

The thing that contains the divine spark, is really odd. Its very real, divine in nature. Not somethign a mortal did.

inspect one the alarm boxes, has magical component.

Niak walks around the room killing the vampires and turning them into some sort of artifac sword.

Umm where did all the patrols gone to.

We go back to the room that has fedex and the grave stone construction. There are some trucks in the room now. And some tanks…

Lil miss can now control her mutation. Lil miss mutates to get sharper claws to penetrate armor and temp hitpoints.

We inspect the door and world goes weird, bahamut personally came down and removed the portal to the clearing. And removed the memory of the thing.

Shinji descides that the trans-unversal portals should not be. They no longer are. Aeo removed them. Shinji can remove patch to reopen the portal just in case.
If really really needed to protect this realm. This is an ancient bargain of the vancian magicians.

the army was also getting shipped off universe so the gods dont see it.

There were more vampires at the end which Kain kills as well.



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