This went better than it could have?

Angels and devils teleport in.

Chant gets knocked unconcious and on heal crown manifests and is seen by things

This causes the cambions to switch sides to ally with Chant.
The other devil who was working for dispater also noticed, she got blown up by the cambions.

Floaty staff
plate armor,
2 katars
2 longswords

will need to check this stuff for magic, must figure out floatyness!

investigate dealiing with the angels of thrazidun, possibly have david claim them to guard temple.

giant fight erupts all the devils get killed off, cambions shut the abyss portal.
shiva teleports in and collects the elemental energy back into a gem.
ogma angel and Sune angel back off, Sune was actually watching fight through the angel.
Malar angel shuts down angel portal indicating that mission is done.
But he wants to kill us cause we are good prey.

sune now wants to find a partner for chant, is gathering “stats” about chant

willow joins the fight. she does a vancian like spell to attack the angel. uses a sword made out of the feathers of an angel. Super evil item.
reminder she is a vile scholar who uses evil items for good.
takes a bunch of stat damage, need to speak with her about healing it.

Lil miss eats the angel, gets the properties of malicious hunt which asuka can handle apparently.

need to speak with cambions about stuff and try to figure out how they will react to my goals.
also their portal closing will anyone come for follow up.
not likely on angel side since signal was sent, but confirm with sune angel?
check about orks, burn them if they are real. then burn them again.

chant grabs the elemental gem gets its first property
need to check how much the vampire gem needs for unlock.

then discuss things with hannah due to concerns and david.

still need intervention for orianna. take away the gems?



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