we make it to the next day!

the cambions are from a line of royal guards of tieflings.
Their families swore oaths at every generation to serve

They were following the demons cause they were next best thing.
They serve the emeperor and renew their oath. Their oaths preent them from doing damange to the emperor.

They will follow chant. They are some form of evil alightment.

But they can actually change their alignment.
They are willingly following chant. Yay?
Blood line is second in terms of loyalty. Anyone else trying for the throne they will consider him an usurper.

They will be ok with my plans.

I explain things to rest of party. They are not entirely happy with this plan.

nyad teels us that there have been more pixies spawning lately, its been a while since a large fae has appeared. Its been pixies constantly over the last two months or so.
david talks to mithc, pixies have been acting weirder than usual.

Chant crown is flamy with tendrils that looks like brances, or barbs, the colors seem to have brows and green in them.
Tree gives me three cherrys.
The three devils speaks in true supernal.
they eat the cherry, take the seed in their hand and squeeze, the seed cuts their palm, and they bleed on the tree. the tree blossoms. They will plant them. The name they use for chant seems to also indicate the land.

They start walking away, and the two males skin starts getting paler, their horns change. Ears become more tiefling. Their physical apperance improves, their build becomes more that of a martial artist. Tails shrink, hair changes to more normal color. Skin is more a greyish with red. Claws are gone. Wings fade away. :O
The female tiefling has the super fancy horns ever. Eyes are much more subtle, but have shade of blue on blue with a glow.

Hanna stated at them with staring. Succubus blood adjusted them. They can still probably fly because the wings are magical. Ethereal wings? Their magics are a litte on the creepy side for hannah. They use soul magic.

CHant wakes up to several pixies pixes and bunnies in my house, put the bunnies in olaviens house.

There is a new mana in town, we should talk to them. Fire mana? Last fire mana was called ember before the last Iris, current is Uru

Kerowyn is following the t virus. It killed some bandits, the team following killed and burned them. Then a fox wolf thing slowed them down. Susan and bag pipers are on stand by.
Someone in keroyns crew who gets introduced to us by susan. White winds adept Talia. Specializing in battlefield control, shaper psion.

Morning of Dec [insert day here]



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