Chant actually has meetings.

Chant now has a +2 bonus to going unconcious
Rolled save for going to sleep. Did not go to sleep

David bothers the angels. They do not have any useful memories of ur priest time
Asks them to keep him informed about things that David should know.
Overflow of one domain or another is a bad thing.
Fields of one power or another can be beneficial. Like death field makes things die easier. Life makes it possible to recover easier. Balance balances things, can move die rolls to average. At full power all dice rolls would be just average.
With practice could be used as boons or curses.

Asks them about what angels can do.

Chant more than 70% through book of verius by verius.

Tiny capsule on davids staff has a sort of feeling of the fey.

David continues survey.
Sees that there is less life around the lake area. Alchemists seem to like going here. It seems like what happens when a big predator is around.

Thunderspire mountain has changed shape. Main Entrance seems to be covered by landslide and the storm above is upset and more weird.

The mountains are backlist from the area where trollhaunt warrens are. Somewhat like what a forest fire would do. Troll haunt warrens are glowing with an ambient light that is greenish swirled with fire. This is some sort of fey world effect. An upwelling of fey energy could do this. Looks like a dragon shape? Possibly undead?

Orianna goes to the forest finds a squirrel that has glowing red eyes. It seems to be preaching about the evils of civilisation. Some sort of black spirit flies away from it.

Chant sendngs to missionaries and traders. 5+2 sending cost. Some injuries and sold out of goods.
Poke Vrius, Senechal, keroyn, henrietta about having meeting about disaster relief when david gets back.
Talk to the cherry tree. Connection is deeper and it senses the other sister trees. Wants more combat.
Get zapped due to low heath fall over. Meet sarah and find out its a robot thingy she was testing .
then suddenly 5 assasin imps attack. due to low health OW…after that talk to camnions about friendly fire and sarah needs to talk to her death bots about the same. She changes the minions to use sniper rifles, will take 18 hours to reconstruct.

Do seek rumor to speak to the hearth spirits of town . They are still angry/injured. This is more of a mentail/stress issue. Will have to wait.
Chant then goes to do gather rumors.
notice a very calm hearth spirit lurking in the background. It’s different from the others. It’s more real but also less there. Try to figure our what it is but cant seem to. Seems like its more powerful but harder to track and see.
Somehow the hearth spirit messed with my ritual, but did it in such a way that would be safe.

Sarah sends the probe to find invisible things. one of the giant invisible dragons sees to be sleeping on the barracks. Also there seem to be invisible floating things above town.

ToDO: figure out the alrternate view of town that I somehow use to talk to the hearth spirits.
Then david goes to sleep. NEXT DAY

Keroyn’s compound construction has stalled becasue she has needed to use lots of forces to track the t virus. But they are pretty sure they can corner it. Will do a sending when its firmy located to drop an adventurer party on it.

Meeting with keroyn on military things:
Concerned that there is a large number of low level adventurers. 14 times more than a town this size has. And paragon level adventurers is very low. And coming up on some epic is which is just weird. Then there are with the skybolts a lot of military forces. But we do not have front line combatants. Lacking troops for projective force and keeping areas. All we really have is special forces.
Do not have a defensive force. We should have one. Cannot soak damage well at a troop level.
Flying mounted troops would be a good thing if we keep going building this way. Or figure out other troop units.
Once she is up and going she will be able to train more interesting sneaky troops.
Ballista plants. 3 size, one man, crew fired, strategic(magical bolts) Spear of lightning ballista? Anti army ballisa bolt that shoots lightning. *
*Need to train someone to be commander of the armies.
…this will need thought.

Senechal says that we are outgrowing lv2 govermnent need to go up to 3.
Wall should get more finished, nice status symbol
Trade wise: shadyvale is coming across as rapid boom town that is known for strange high tech stuff. But not getting a lot of exterior buisunees because it may be very unstable. Never really had a profit in production. No surpluses of food or resources. No large military. Not falling in any niche. Till we have a shadyvale niche we are not a concern. Not a trading partner currently. Trading with arls for food.

Grab Orianna and go find Bonaparte. Find him sharpening the spear. We have glaring defense issues in town. Town is lightly and oddly defended. Our ability to stop problem from ariving is reasonably high. Stopping problems from causing problems is also good. Town is pretty close to a glass cannon if the attack come from the south east. We can do a lot of damage to things that attack us. Without the adventurers we have no real stopping power.
We need to get heavy weapons. Need something more widespread damage weapons.
Tough heavy strike units, hippogryph riders or pegasus riders.
Need to have more heavy infarntly, pikemen. Will need barracks to level up.
TODO: talk to rorona about growing wall. need blue rubies.

Orianna talks to little miss about large thing walking around the town. There are some.

Sending to mitch actually get a reply. It’s music? 25 units of time. Something suddenly happened and there is asense of mitch being frantic to cram more info in?
Something either happened or would have happened if Mitch and someone else were in town. He is talking this way because they do not understand this. Because they do not have the power of the rock? Dire, something dangerout to mitch and town. Somethign about getting chained down. Something about warning and dangers, needs to plan…
Most important functions still running, ask for Yo in case needed.

David Passes over the general area of where the ogre fist hills the area is generally abandonded. But there is an orgg digging around in one of the abandoned camp.
Makes his way to winterhaven. On the way some of the land has been greatly disturbed. One of the mountains split. The stone is a different color. There is a metal seam.
High iron ore, and sulfurite deposit once we get a look at it. Discuss what to do with it diplomatically.
Damage to winterhaven is mixed a lot of damage to residential, most of the religious buildings are standing. No panic or civil unrest, probably due to churches.
Chaos scar is not going crazy, wall is being repaired.
Flys over witches place nothing seems out of place. But a much larger amount of tree guards, walking pine trees.

3rd day:
Comes back on the 3rd day after setting out.



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