We are in the new year!

morning of 30th hannah
seems to wake up on a mountain side. With a feeling of victory. Memories of a conflict with herself.
There is a clump of G-virus crud on the ground next to her?

Hannah does a sending to david to pick her up.
Compartment with shard seems perfectly normal.

31st Chant
Reads till 9 am, then falls over and sleep till 4pm
There is an ogre waiting to meet Chant…
The signatures are from orcs, ogres, one name is troubling
-a knight errant family from turath
Keep having a conversation with the ogre. There seems to have been a reign of terror affecting their people.
It was little miss…sigh…

Senechal leads me to a building, across from my building. Perfectly normal house, hmmm
There is a giant ballista rock aimed at my house to get my attention.

The pixies who got sent could not wake me up.

New year! Woooo!
Tell little miss to leave the ogres and CO alone. We will have formal diplomacy with them.

Chant on 1st
Goes to the hospital. They seem to have a diagnostics room. Rose seems to have made this?
There is a humm around me.
From the diagnostics I have caught elf. I magically read as an elf for some reason.
Need to mediate now instead of sleep but should work for rest needs.

Roving bands of orcs. Henrietta wants to go fight a few…hundred.

Science: Chant
Shadow: Dragons, Lil Miss,
Elementalism(no longer has cold) : Susan, Orianna
Tree: Dragons, lilmiss, Rukia
Life: Henrietta, Orianna, lilmiss,
Dova: Olavien,Rose
Balance: not chant
Vampire: Moe, Purple, Henrietta, rukia?
Leviathan: Chant? Henrietta?
Leviathan: Olavien
Leviathan: Orianna

Need more info on balance, vampire, and elementalism.

Lil Miss has
Swarm(Hive) Gem: Looks like a compound eye that she may have created it herself. Orignally called it the hungry gem.
Big Miss Voice Gem: Psycic stuff and makes her feel comfy.
Shiva Gem:
Heart of the Earth Gem: Toughness. Something about power of the earth. Elemental of divine presence. Sense of stone, metal, power.
Great One Gem: Makes you dragony. All sort of dragon aspects. Probably similar to Dova in some ways.

1000 +2 necrotic damage
2000 3% damange dealt as health.
4000 +2% to life drain
8000 +2% life drain nd +2 to death saves
16k +3% life drain and +5 healing surege value if you have drained more than 15HP this encounter
32K +2 all defenses. +4 to attacks if you have drained more than 50 hp in an encounter
64K If yo have drained 100hp you gain +20 to damage +5 to the die on death saves, you reduce damage taken by 2 per round.
100K Blood pool. You can store damage dealt for up to 24 hours up to 100. As long as there are points in the pool
+1% life for each each previous tier, death saves no longer rolled. If you go to negative HP your body disintegrates and you return to the point of dedication.
HP regain increases by 3.
150K Point of dedication becomes easier, anywhere you consider home. Blood pool goes to 250.

1000 +1 elemental type attack for each type.
5000 reroll a damage die once
5000 add one die of damage with a particular selected elemental type.
14000 increase range, burst, blast of a chosen element, range +4, burst/blast 1. Purchase per element type.
32K Encounter power: Add 4d12 damange to an attack with selected element type. All dice for the attack are brutal 1.
56K Daily: Roll damage twice, pick better and double it. Also on a selected element type. All dice explode on max value.
120K Elemental mastery You may reroll a number of dice on an elemental attack equal to the ability mod for the attack. And chooose bettter.
(Or roll extra dice you select upto the ability mod) Add level to the damage of the attack. Gain reistance to chosen element, stacks with others. Reduce targets elemental resistance by your level.
200K Mastery ???? Power gem is mastered. Does something to the gem. may alter the gem or duplicate it.

High start up cost
20K Defence stat equalisation.
2k ignore a stat
2k apply difference for highest and lowest defence to saving throw and subracting from surge value or vice versa
2k Daily: average ability score mod to addtacks, defences, saves. 10X to surge. 5x to damage. Penalty to saves against your effects to opponents. Sustain full round of actions. Any allies can spend them.
20K instead of the other one. Average all party ability mods plus average of levels. This makes a pool of balance power. Spendable on powers
1point reroll a did and take the average.
1 point toggle average all die rolls for a character.
1 poinnt for someone else to reroll a die
3 pt regain hp equal to party surge value person which has the highest number above average.
3 pt average out surges in party.
3 target enemy does average damange, retroactive.
8 averages the state of people in bloodied, not bloodied, unconcious
3rd option -20k
somethign to do with area of effect, applyting conditions ???

Hand Dova gem to Rose, she sacrifies a chicken.
Rose hands out small tiles things, that measure how much XP they give off.
Party keeps getting xp from the town itself. Could probably harness more of it.

Hannah remembers things from long ago, but not far away. Small huts with groups of people and primitive weapons. Seem to be in a fight with another groups of people dressed very lightly for a snowy area. Using rough iron weapons. Everyone seems pretty young.
One of the tribes man steps up with a talisman, and casts a bolt of fel fire. Seems to be a cleric of asmodeus or something. A guy with a greatsword of much better crafting slashes with his sword and Hannah’s connection wavers as the xp in the area plummets. Local tribesmen get up and attack their former allies. Necromancy?

This seems to have dealings with prehistory. But there are mentions of this all over the world. Everyone seems to have contradictory theories and no hard facts. Old stories mention a tundra with very low xp. Hordes of undead wielding enchanted iron weapons. Enchantment is way too high for the time period of the weapons.
The enchantment was very foreign technology.
This has given rise to stories in the north. And odd things seems to still happen in the far north. Expeditions either dissapear or find nothing.

Take a look at what dungeon keepers affect xp



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