Chant uderstands Kobolds.

we get notes from kobolds about what and why they did things to the geodes. Chant keeps getting headaches trying to understand.
Questions the messenger Kobold for the next 14 hours. Everyone gets bored and leaves.
Hannah queries about how the kobolds got to such a far distance so quickly. Get some knowledge about travel and wandering. Or city of doorways. Ability to get places.
The kobolds took the path of least resistance to get to where they wanted to go.
All the kobolds have been studying stuff from nameless. Specifi aspects and hyperfocusing on specific aspects.

Insight into wtf ring due to memory of wayfinder.

We go to Bob’s where the kobold orders a meal of the sorcerer kings from athas. Chant is fed up so descided to know all the things. He learns about the meal. And detects a sorcerer king(but one of the good ones) ripping open a portal back to athas, from a roman old egypt type big building. He is on the top floor that is cut off. There is a cutout circe that he is standing in the middle of. The area is desert, but the area around it is snowy pine country. So this may have been a reality transposition.
Then Chant feels the pattern jerk and readjust.

Chant is now aware of a world without gods, pros and cons of this as related to my destiny and how things work without diety and lighter than current presence of elementals. Low magic areas and what be done with it.
The bardic lore is suspiciously shaped around Chant’s goals and not more. The sorcerer king willingly gave this to me.

I seem to konw where he is on athas. Which is for him very dangerous as the other sorcerer kings want to kill him.
Give him knowledge of all the rings of sustenance.

The kobolds reanchored the geodes and reblanced them. They are not scewed. Centered on the central chamber so its more stable.

*7428 gold to Bobs. *
Chant tries to disable gems and it can only go down to 1%.

A sparc of understanding of why the Kobolds work. And one about why Squirrel works, and how is arcana can actually successfuly work. Roll a 1 on the percentile dice to understand Squirrel

Gain Leadership skill.
Leadership score is level+ChaMod+4
Leadership mods: 31 for followers, and every time shadyvale levels up it increases 1

Leadership score for a cohort: 26
Max cohort level:19
cannot have cohort higher than me.
gain the ability to command followers:

special cohorts:
some can devils
high level cohorts like

Can use my leadership power to draw people to Shadyvale.
This can add to the population rolls.
Need to active work on this spreading the word about shadyvale. Interacting with town and improving taveren power.

Squirrel is running on dungeons and dragons base mechanics. Mostly D&D. With alot of variant rules added on top to work better. Running on an ad&d base and added 3rd ed gestalts, which are the 4e classes.
Squirrel is more real than every one else within the framework of reality. He’s likely insae because of this. He is looking at a different version of reality.

Taveren check +18, now 54.

Get the ability to swap out class feature for those 3rd or 5th.

Train people in classes from other editions of dnd. Getting consistent results with people may vary.

Can help Shinji with his work.

So after that thing. So Squirrel did a ritual using the old rules. He drained the geodes, fixed the damage we did before. Set them to standby and realigned them to be balanced.

Great one might be a feedback loop. or some diety from earlier editions. Or all the pieces from all the editions are coalesing into something. The causality is very murky and not aligned. So weirdness.

All the other Kobolds who do the roll a 1 thing is similar in ablity. and squirrel can use those kobolds and change those to 20 when he needs them with leadership. Something in the pattern is directing them toward things so they have to have access to a prophet who tell sthem where to go. This is not the first time where they were in the right place at the right time.

They are cheating using Chant’s taveren power, via their link to little miss who is a member of the Shadyvale party.

The messenger Kobold walks off to a field of swords, with the kobolds on the hill. Kobolds are fighting weird shadoy things that are identical.

David asks autum about how she knew to move to chant and how she took chant to the aren. She said she did not know.
Then talked with Shiva about this and how the timer works. Got some explanation. Shiva brought up the point of finding out who’se box in the arena that is, and why do they get a box. And why did the bet that Autum make make it worthwhile to the gods to get a gem.



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