Chant new properties.

Bardic Virtue
Skill Versatility
Song of Rest
Words of Friendship
4e Eldrich Blast

Bonus skill: Dungeoneering, Nature, Religion
Bardic Inspiration
Font of Inspiration
3e Eldrich Blast-6d6+Cha, magical attack-5
Can use arcana and a percentile to add implement keword to it, will need research :TODO:

Devour Magic

Bardic Lore
automatically proficient in lore stat: combine nature, religion, arcana, history, dungeoneering, as int check+5. Due having all skills trained gain a synergy bonus of Int mod(+6)
If you roll high enough can filter our bad information.
Gain deeper understanding of it. Gathers available information from people, and if they are willing to give it to others, and specifically me. Has a geographic distance difficulty.

My innate magic aura and bloodline is leaking through eyes and aura.

In Hannah’s house release the crown. The crown of flame goes fwoosh. The horns seem to have grown branches of power in varous colors, there is now a mantle of leaves that are made of flame or are burning. Kinda of a horned forest king look.

Need to check the sorcerer king going bloop did not do anything bad to pattern, need to do checks to figure out where he originally arrived and left. :TODO:

Important note. The blacksmith are not joining town. They are just residents. Farmers are actual farmers one unit of 4.
:IDEA: Mushroom farm.
Neogi is weird, it considers me master of master, need to figure out whose authority overrides. :TODO:
Gnolls-will actually be a new town department.

Note still need to get back to diplomat and do pattern check on drow and neogi, and gnolls. :TODO:



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