dont ask about items you will get answers.

Its enchantment is unstable, like the momentum torc. Item type rare. Greatsword, but can be moved to any bladed weapon.

When Purple looks at the sword:

It’s called Balmung. A cursed holy sword. Both a holy sword and a demonic blade, will switch between them depending on who wields it. Does additional damage to draconic blood. When wielded by draconic types it also does more. This is martial powered. +4 greatsword.

Demonic form:

  • +8 to damage against dragons per die (all dice rolled for damage).
  • The ability as a minor action to reduce attack bonus up to enhancement and add that value to each damage die. Doubled against dragons.

Holy sword:

  • When wielded by those of draconic blood. Dragons have a +8 to hit point and temp hp gain per die, even if granted by others.
  • Minor action on your turn to apply a penalty to your attack up to item bonus and increase all defense by the same amount, till changed.

Both forms:

  • At-will power: attack power blast 5. Stance until you use a different standard action.
    Does 1W necrotic in demonic, radiant in holy. On a crit: reroll to hit a second time, if you hit does 3W, keeps changing, with primes. Any modifiers from all previous rolls still apply.
    Anti-army artifact that killed a great dragon.

Also sword seems to have changed? Or was it always this way. Hard for characters to tell.

While staring at the Rod of Lordly Might, realize the tome, rod, and sword are all Far Realm items. Did not make high enough rolls to see if the book or sword have similar properties to rod for messing with. Also, the torc Chant has been using is dreamed up, can do a lot more with it than he suspected before.

They were dreamed into existence by a beholder, makes them more mutable than normal and adds some extras to their properties.


+4 Emerald Tome of the Devourer, actually.

  • Gain darkvision
  • You gain an item bonus to Arcana checks, History checks, and Religion checks. The bonus equals the tome’s enhancement bonus (+4)
  • Minor action (encounter): you get an item bonus to each DIE of the damage roll. The sigil on the book is of the Sleeper(aboleth god) Not bad per se to use the book but really bad for the user to die from using the book. Chance of rez are low, because you get channeled to the sleeper. (Alex, this may already be set up to be one of the items, like the torc+rod were. We…should…check?)

Rod of Lordly Might (Currently a +3):

  • +3 item bonus to Str skill checks, ability checks, and attacks. Same thing for charisma.
  • +2 item bonus to will. Dark vision is reduced to low light, low light is reduced to normal. Any carried light source is doubled in range. +20 to endurance checks, does not cover some things. * When you take an extended rest it takes half the time. Counts as a weapon and implement. * * You are always clean, dirt and grime slip off you. Think it has something different for religious based characters. It makes you stand out thematically: Lordly Might.
  • Can have a mace form rather than a rod form.

Additional power: attunes to a divine based class. When attuned to a class the rod stat bonuses switch to that class. If in the hands of a religious character, the enhancement bonus is added to any stat based ability (example: A Paladin’s # of Lay on Hands would go up because it is based on a stat). Can be used as an implement by any religious class.

Lv 15 item, if you spend 10000g of reagents to make it +4. Also unstable, if you spend the already invested 90k to improve it and add properties.

Olavien makes a religion check on it (religion+Shiva bonus+Shards).
She thinks there are a few things more you can do with this item than it first appears. She feels something trying to come forth from within. She switches over to her broken angel shard slot.

Everyone involved in the enchantment ritual process can contribute XP. True for all of these options.

Currently, the rod has 0 ‘slots’. During the enchantment process, you can open up at least 1 slot. The slot: you can sacrifice an item permanently (religious). You gain the items’ effects as if you were wearing it/wielding it. You can replace the slot by destroying another item later on, and it will take over the slot.

Can do 3 things with it:

  • Turn it into a warforged component- will enhance its use by warforged. It will have the ability to toggle between its current state and warforged state
  • General use- Improve it in a general fashion.
  • Martial/devout: Improve, and then let it toggle between weapon and implement.

The fortitude belt is some sort of martial item. Not a belt of vim. Suspicious. Similar tier of power as the book and rod. Somewhat formless, vitality constitution fort, and shaking things off. An impression of the brute. Chant and Olavien disagree on what this is (different levels of checks), so think they should ask someone martial about it and get another opinion.

Don’t ask Ontar about these things or they will change.

Chant is staring at the torc. Think its hiding stuff. Starts to try and figure out the tracery of power.
Sense the ideas of time and mind, thought.

Olavian sees Chant go quiet. And the torque starts to heat up and glow. Something inside the torgue tries to draw Olavian in.

She tries to touch Chant, it seems like he is made of cloud or a dream made real.
She tries to figure out the glowing writing. Get the idea that it has something to do with enchantment. Thought made real. Speed of thought. Psychic-based enchantment. Cannot read the writing but get the idea of what it says.

Chat keeps following the thought. There are parts I cannot understand because I do not have the whole picture. Foreign enchanting style, completely unstable. Something bigger going on.
My initial plan would have allowed more of the power to come through. This thing could be part of a bigger item/enchantment that is just poking through with this item. Seems to be touching the enchantment style of multiple versions.

Fall deeper down. Following the threads. Things start getting a little odd. There are psycho-reactive crystals that hold it together. Get a few more insights into the item. It’s not time-based its thought-based, mind over matter, speed of thought. The enchantment is not a static thing, it’s active. It is still being enchanted, or ‘chanted’. Get some ideas on how the item can works

Can do the base plan to improve it towards faster and faster action up to full turn. In addition, can alter the direction(currently generalist, minor)
also available,
generalist-major which gives bonuses to actions done while sped up.
Enhanced motion of thought which I think will allow greated movement from my mental abilites. push pull teleport while under the effect of generalist would also have an effect that would basically give me an encounter power that would reduce the amount of time to do an effect. Ex increased healing rate.
vancian potions would change the amount of time to drink another.
and reduce sleep required.

enchanted (H: Do you mean enhanced?) thought of motion, lower sustain requirements, reduce concentration requirements. Mental-based abilities would take less action and time to do. Recover from mental issues faster. Not quite sure of details I would have to look deeper. Not as finished as the others. Less there than the items from ontar.

+2 bonues to skill in the dream: Chant gains this.

I can spend XP to jump the track to one of the others.
Start to follow an odd trail that will give more information, loops through everything else. Enchantment folded with an enchantment. This reminds me of the chamber where the balor was that is outside of reality. All of this is done in a fascinating and batshit crazy method.
Get a glimpse the people who create these. There are 5 items of creation and all 5 fade out and step into this world.
Recognise 3 sword rod and ring, there is also a book and belt or atleast they might be.

Touch the minds of the creators. Get a mental picture of vast plane of one life and a single flute being played. There are “people” chanting and sending them to our world. Realise they are in the Far Realm, they are standing on the Sleeper. Get a gist of what the items are for.

They a sneaky/failed attempt to awaken the sleeper in our world. They failed because they did not understand the world and the rules in it. They were supposed to bring in the rules of the far realm into the world and spread them. Only one of the items by its nature works correctly. The torque was attuned before. And others can be attuned by the right individual to work correctly. The concepts the items were trying to allow in were too strange to grasp. The enchanting style never got off the ground too bizarre. There are is a max of these concept items that can be real at a time because there only 5 concepts that were sent. Not sure if the enchantment needs to be on a beholder dreamed up items might be movable to just any regular one. Don’t know what the actual concepts are.

Chant: Gains feat Far Realm Thought.
Then I take 30 sanity damage. (For a new total of 70 sanity?)
Roll percentile when doing enchantment, make a sanity check. If I fail I start using far realm methods and thus propagating it in the world.

For the next 90 hours perform compulsive rituals. if I don’t do these rituals, have odd psychosomatic symptoms.
Max sanity is 97, need to heal my head.

Chant Knowledge Lore: forbidden 3 ranks

(Olavien takes 3 points of sanity damage)


5 concepts are shards of the far realm


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