Yes, the Guy might be going against the divine.

But- cyclops says something jarring to humans. It’s said in a language that is the old AF (primordial in the traditional sense of the word) that gives the two of them images that form into concepts of ‘Leader of Us’ just ordered me to be here and follow his commands. And so I shall, as I have done my duty, for eternity.

Master has contempt for divine and for infernal. There is the divine aboves, the hells below, and those that live (that would include primordials) Earth, Air, Water….Fire, Metal


Orianna crits with Goranova on the Cyclops and a translucent shield and his stance break. And then Goranova bites deeper. The cyclops becomes very angry and barks a foreign swear and says “how DARE you do this against the People?! Heresy! Hairsin!”

Shinji frees the vampire, and then we realize we’re the only living things in here…

Cyclops summons a nightmare horse thing. He pulls off his helm off. Black hair in top knot, braided down, more elven look than human cyclops style. His eye is larger than typical, and on the forehead section. It glows more as it looks at Orianna, like it is looking at her deeply. Long, long elf ears. ‘The People now know of you, and they will come and deal with this sin." Orianna notices he’s got vampiric teeth. His flesh goes pale, most of his injuries heal. Then he and his mount go poof.

“yo hablo espanol?” the vampire starts seeming sane once he noms 8 surges.

Niak son of Rodarov.

Lil Miss grumbles about eating fingers for all that nomming he did on her. He asks if that will make things good between them, and Lil Miss seems to think so. He pops off an arm and gives it to her, and she noms it. His arm then begins to regrow. Lil Miss now has a blood pool.

Crystal Dynamics but it doesn’t come across quite right, he tries something in other words, “Nazgoth”, but it comes out as foreign language.

He is a Lord of the King Nemesis. He is glad we have not heard of Nazgoth, and that means that Nemesis is defeated. He wishes he had killed him himself.

Prophecy about a young noble and gestured to himself, and had him assassinated. Another set of troops came along and brought him back as this. Centuries later he and those like him were given the command to sleep.

“We’d conquered the lands below.”
“In thanks to you I will help you destroy this place”



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