5/9/2015 (Hannah Notes)

Sing a hell song, throw a hail mary

This takes place in the first days of December, while the main party is away at the Dungeon Keeper.

Having defeated the weeping angel, evangelions, and XCOM bubbles as the town is dragged away from reality, the group now raced to finish the last bubble, featuring Hellsing Nazis and Freaks.

On their way, the group met Squirrel, a hero for hire, and a member of the Argent. She was off to fight undead in a place far to the north with only undead left for population. Though she did not stay, she placed a belt around Moe’s neck that went all bright, and granted her a ton of temporary hit points. She then rode away on a fiery chariot that the dragons totally want to learn how to reproduce.

Nearing the Hellsing area, they had created a circle of ‘runes’ on their side of the rift, and were in the process of using 7 of our townfolk to try and create a similar circle on our side, ‘stabilizing’ the area. The group had snipers and troops with guns, while ‘magic’ folk were working on the circles, with guys with clipboards supervising them. Later, a ‘Freak’ and more guys with heavy automatics came through.

Nina stealthily assassinated the snipers, while the rest of the group worked on the others. The mix of worlds meant that guns often ate through ‘armor penetration’ first, then hp. ‘Armor’ in our case meant temps.

A large brute of metal that came through unfortunately critically failed and dropped his bombs, nearly killing Asuka and Squirrel- some shenanigans by Squirrel kept them from exploding.

The group got a pile of loot from these guys (See Alex’s notes), and Plua was able to pull the back to its ‘normal’ place. Haven’t had a chance to check if there’s any lasting effects, other than tiny skyscrapers near the PCs homes, as both the PCs and the NPCs are ready for a giant nap.



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