7-22-2017 H's Notes

Bloodguards’ oaths: “My blood when you thirst, my fire to warm you, my flesh when you hunger, my steel to defend you
I am the blood, with wings to carry. I am the guard, my life is yours. I am the soul, with heart to shelter. Before this life, and into the next, forever.”

Looking at Chant and Cambions:

succubi blood lets them transform somewhat to match Chant’s ideals of what he’s doing. Suspect they can still fly, ethereal.

Their magics are a little on the creepy side for Olavien. They have talented soul-based magic. Auras are soul-based.

Plua was..somewhere/when. Doing things with minotaurs? Shadyvale/Nentir Vale. Talking to the ones in Thunderspire, in the past. There was also a human when the minotaurs mages were being ruuuude.

Collapsed when we had the collapse, like ‘it did last time’.

It’s now more green in Shadyvale.

Plua mentions there’s a new mana name Uru. She says there was another one before. I ask if it showed up after Wood Mana. There was an fire mana and it was named Ember before IRIS. and then the Conversation Is Over.

She introduces us.



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