7/8/2017 David's Notes

Angels & Demons

[Notes are roughly from Verinal’s point of view, with significant exceptions within brackets]

After Chant’s huge “make whole” ritual accidentally condensed various energies into gems, Chant tried to put the elemental gem into Olavien to find out what it does. For some reason, this caused it to explode into dust [something about incompatible energy types, relating to what Olavien used to be]. Chant then immediately ordered an evacuation of the “normal” citizens, so Verinal backed away somewhat as well as a default reaction to magic gone wrong again.

One minute later, 2 portals opened up, one to the astral sea, and one to the hells. Various angels and devils appeared. The angels were identified as being of Oghma, Gruumsh, Sune, and Malar (the one from Malar seemed to be in charge of that side). Of the devils, the one in charge was identified as working for Dispater. [They showed up as part of an agreement between the gods and devils to deal with a detected incursion of a primordial]. The angels of Gruumsh ordered everyone to stand down. Verinal and Oriana stowed their weapons to try to lower the threat level, but Chant tried to do magic to the cloud of elemental energy. In response, the angels knocked him out.

As Olavien tried to explain things to the visitors, Oriana healed Chant, and as he woke up, his fiery crown briefly flickered on. One of the cambions noticed this, and told the others to “honor the compact” [I think that was the wording], causing 2 of them to firebomb the angels and devils surrounding the party, and 1 to shoot the devil of Dispater in the back, one-shotting her. One of them also dispelled the hell portal. Chaotic battle ensued, which quickly became less chaotic as most factions were killed within a round.

At this point, the remaining factions were the Shadyvale conglomeration (several dragons and kobolds were showing up now), the cambions (which were fighting on the side of Chant), the angel of Malar (who just wanted to kill us all at this point), and the angel of Sune (who was protecting Chant because she wanted to find him a soulmate). Most of the angels of Oghma died in the initial attack by the cambions, and the angels of Gruumsh which survived that attack died fighting the other devils.

Suddenly, Shiva appeared, condensed the elemental energy back into a gem, and smacked the angel of Malar with her hammer. The angel of Malar reported that their task was complete and closed the astral portal, remaining behind to finish killing us. The blue dragon woke up at that point, face-palmed, and went to ask the seneschal about something relating to orcs [actually orks]. Willow did some nasty looking spell which made it easier for us to hit him, and we made short work of him, save for a brief resurrection. Little Miss Trouble ate the angel (after we removed his items), and Asuka used their connection to help here adapt only the hunting aspect of his nature, not the malicious part of that.

Chant was disappointed that the statue of Mitch remained unharmed.

Some time later in private, Verinal mentions to Olavien that just before the fight he noticed a flare of divine life energy within her, and asks if that’s something that usually happens, since he was previously unable to see such things. She says that it’s new, and related to unlocking some of what she used to be (since she’s clearly not actually a warforged). She asks him about how he was able to identify the domains of the angels as they showed up in the fight. He says he’s not sure, but it’s definitely new, and presumably related to having attuned to Zodiark’s temples. He also explains a bit more about how Zodiark is dead (but not “gone”), and that he’s managing the power level of Zodiark’s domains to stop them from overflowing, which is what caused the patchwork area around the temples. He says that from what he understands, anyone but him would have been very unlikely to succeed at attuning to all 3 temples, and he’s pretty sure the gods that were fighting there didn’t even know that the temple of balance existed.

The cambions have broken their bond with the hells and pledged loyalty to Chant. Chant will have a discussion with them to figure out if they will be allowed to stay (or even live), considering they might not like what his long-term goals are.

When the subject of the angels of Tharizdun is brought up, Verinal will suggest that Zodiark’s temple could use some new angelic guardians, and he can probably figure out how to have them claimed and sent there, possibly with some instruction from Shiva. Alternately, maybe Shiva wants some angels? That suggestion won’t be initially made in front of Shiva.



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