8/19/2017 H Notes

There are lots of cocoons starting around the Fey Area.

Faraday Cage. Also that area is now NOT TOWN.

These cocoons have animals in them who seemed to be sleeping/in stasis?


Druids (Hagrid) asked the shapers to help put up the lattice while they did a fancy ritual. Yew and holly to make it. Elda (shaman for them).

Peddlewing. Not a Pixie™ (insectoid like flying pixie..ish). Bramblebuck or Tickletoe.
Post the belong-time, they inhabited a wood.

They use these webs. While inside, the thing is in a deep sleep/deep dream. Time does not pass for them.


Eld’ar= someone who speaks with spirits. Name the druids who they worked with have been working with them.

ShenShen, midwife and herbalist.

Several of them were in sleeping in cocoons for 800 years. Only woke up a decade or two ago. So she’s got knowledge of dreams. Many of them do.

Forebearers, rootless ones were immortal.

The Great Dreaming, helped set it up.
“Crim, Skot, put on some clothes, we’re about to have guests”
Brings out a big book. It has a strange carving on the cover. It’s a large eye. It seems to be looking at us. Might be wood…but if it is, you can’t see the grain.

She was reading it recently and they asked her about it. Creating the lattice from it.

Open the book and there’s a beholder. Beholders can dream more beholders and things into existence. She calls them ‘Beholden’. Or she misspeaks? Blargle.

Shimmersilk, Yew, Holly. Contains the dream. His dreams ‘they have as much power as he thinks they have’.

To enforce it about the reality that is now is different than how strong it is. You can’t be more real than real.

He would have to know he was breaching, which means acknowledging the barrier on his dreams, which makes them more dreamlike.

Now if someone just walked in

Shimmersilk is made by immortal beings that live to hold things as they are. The High Ones that came before us all uplifted the preservers to preserve their navigators so that the navigators could dream forever.


Verinal and Olavien get poofed into a Roman Coliseum. We bring ShenShen with us and the dusky skinned angel who belongs to Verinal.

Verinal has two full pools each worth 20 pts. Squirrel has 9 pts.



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