10-11-14 (Alex Notes)

Rukia is sleeping in Hannah’s closet. Ooook…

Crystal sand-little miss came back covered in this. This will require science. one unit of lv7 and lv14 give this to Rorona.

Shadyvale: -47 pop from the volunteers that went and died helping against the forces in the Ogrefist Hills to get the last piece of Shiva’s armor.

world rep +8
winterhaven and hammerfast rep +2

Ogre war chest 14027SP 8209CP 352electrum smithed with unknown kingdom on it. 112PP Arkhosian coins.

There a smallish oval coffer. Designed to stand up on edge. Faint artisitic relief carved into it. Not sure what

else was in this chamber but its predominantly electrum coins, which are stamped archosian. Also there is some sort of foreign coinage. The coins are in an abandoned cave but everything seems clean which is odd.

The chamber is claimed territory its been claimed by the coffer. Shiva gives impression of something collosal

Warforged looking at a field of stars that are actually spheres of magic.

This may be a really ancient dracolitch. That has gone waay beyond. It predates the empires.

Building a Mission of Elora
1 metal(precious)
1 missionary

can be upgraded to churches.

Sub: Building Add-on, intelligence.
upkeep 50g

Send two missionaries to Arls and Moonstair, they come with missions for free these first two only.

Rorona will restore this eventually. (Restore what?)

check the armor from ogre its a elven chain shirt. And something called Sycophantic armor +3 save bonus +2 all. (We give this to David to use)

Treat this as +4 magic hide armor.

David’s +2 Elven battle hide armor goes to Tear

Church/ Sumash is training more missionaries.

two forresters and 2 herbalists leave to look for walnuts.
sending goes out to missing person has no response but does not fizzle.
2 animal messenger by hagrid. We’re able to rescue the guy.

get a bunch of roc feathers for rorona

lost one of the glidewings.

we have a sending fork. send to mount merchants about the two roc eggs about to hatch he gives us a pegasus we pay

6500g (for the eggs…?)

Badass forrrester is a trained pegasus combat rider, goes off to look for walnuts. Finds them on the 25th.
Warforged and Sumash go to Candlekeep to research how to get past desiccation

summon battle tree power I can now attack with it reach minor. As a standard can grow the tree by draining the orc.

Can keep doing this to grow the tree. Start with 20 seeds for this. can harvest a seed a week for free.

free scry effect around the area of the tree. Also around the battle tree, can see like the tree is.

blue dragon hatches on the December 2nd. Its weird in that it has unique features, because of the amount magic that was involved. Its enhanced traits because of this. It has something else mixed into the blue dragon.

sarah, david(minions), asuka, moe, lilmiss, susan,MOD are off in gardmore abbey doin things since the 21st of November. Gardmore want help with a ritual enshrining a relic, some prereqs for that. Have thing to kill and to gather some material components.

Rewards are a arm/foot item, greater dancing weapon item. gold reageants and potions for other stuff.

At the begining of December somebody comes from a kingdom from around the duchy of Therund. The fish life sort of died. Started fishing up weird deviant fish. crabs quickly disappeared. Beaches started having shards of glass and obsidian showing up. Buildings would start getting rot more than usual water changed, trees started twisting and dying. He brought a bag of holding full of samples. Giant spiku crabs with extra limbs.

Magic in the area has been going wonky. Sending succeeded but broke down. Try again this time get through.
Get repy that situation is worse have sort of secure location in mountains, castle overrun. Will need to know when sarah and david are done to see when we can go.

shady vale world rep +15 tropical paradise achievement
free random rare food supply
spot of wonder because this is a hella rare thing.
allows a sub-building of exotic crops.
10 neophyte druids, basically an acolyte version of druids. requirement of 5 per farm. they count as two trained farmer.
can be trained by hagrid in druidic enclave which is a building. Can train 2 neophytes per month.
upgrade is 40 stone and 1000 nature reageants, 800CU
druid peoples rep +5



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