10-25-14 Notes

Bahamut Temple Santifies Gardmore, Despite Outsiders

Gardmore party travels to Gardmore. Using one griffon for transport, the rest of the party are on the two gold dragons and little miss.

While traveling, the party notices that the maps we have been using are wrong. The scale of maps is wrong, also the stars are not arranged in what it looks like from Shadyvale. There seems to be an effect that is similar to a gravitational distortion(magical) north of Shadyvale. Probably a cause of weather patterns being weird in the blasted lands. The maps are a bit wrong but not huge practical difference., maybe a couple of miles of inconsistency.

Need to have a stellar cartography group to do science on this. Plot the distortion to have more accurate maps.

Get to Gardmore on November 24th.

Relating to Lil’ Miss: Oracle has vision of stepped pyramid-like thing made of wood and paper, possibly asian mythology. There is going to be a blue guy eat him. and someone with white hair, don’t eat the woman with white hair. (Something about ‘will never return’ ?)

Tasks include: Guards have more issues. Feywild crocks eating monks, herbs need collecting in area with bulletes. Defending the ritual from planar outsiders.

finish the dedication of temple ritual on November 27th. The Outsiders included devils, demons, Thurizdun followers.

Don’t let tieflings run at each other, it’s very explosive.



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