January 28th 2016 Hannah's Post

Oriana is now committed to restoring a temple up North
Shinji now committed to restoring this temple of Beshaba.

Shinji hears: Mess him up, talk to The Dragon, you are not aware of censored phrase.
Oriana just hears ‘Championship’

Impression: That which cannot die, I demand be killed.

in the name of the great one thou must champion. in the trials against the evil bastard, so win. P.S. whack ’im good

Do something in the trial…
death to the divine is not an imposition

Arcane? Vancian spell called ‘imprison’. Turns into a stone and tosses in middle of earth. Can pull back out by doing imprison or wish again on the same spot as it was done.

We teleport. We arrive about 40 feet under Shadyvale.



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