Back in town on a day

There are suddenly two suns it is both noon and evening.
Susan in town ees someone walking out of bob’s strangely, they run into each other

asuka is sitting outside of recette place eating and stuff. recette drinks a cup, it seems like shes looping in time.

Chant feels like a chunk of the town is being ripped from our reality. We seem to be preventing it but causing glitches. This seems to be as big a shift as the Keep.

There seem to be 3 types of distortion, short ones where people are aware, short ones where people are not, and long ones.

The government area is more affected, residental is not really under effect.

Moe and Nina see a guy in a spiky hat. They shoot at dragon, it does not end well.

Meanwhile sango, asuka and susan go fight a weird demon things. Which is an evangelion. We kill it which makes the bubble of distortion go away.

We need an emergency meetup spot.

Ellora goes god stuff on that other world with friendship love and serenity.

Talk to Plua she says reality is being swapped. Things are holding together but being contaminated from other realities because of the warping.

We go to center of town and Nina stabs a bleeding statue really hard. It does not like it. Also it dies.

Find a large floating crystal that is throwing off sparks and spin. That looks to be the center.



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