…and magic.

xp 94896

vampire gem: 4650 DETACHED
elementalism gem: 5090 DETACHED
Science(1%): 7062
Leviathan(1%): 30062

+4 to lore checks to research building enchantments
bonus about storms?
bonus on using xp for items

when doing elemental damage, you can reroll one damage die. (elemetal gem)
Vampiric Gem
+2 necrotic damage
5% damange dealt as health.

10% extra health. (leviathan? gem)
+2 arcana checks (science gem)

otherwordly knowledge tyranid.

Scry on the pattern, different from normal. Scry using the pattern, not limited to around self anymore.

Mark of Making, understand the patterns inside of items.
Knowledge of Athas a world mostly without gods or primordials.

+2 to saves against going unconcious
Can elven trance instead of sleep?

Need to make a coin:

Books in house:
The law – in abyssal
doing battle with evil-made out of evil
trade common book made from magic, in yellow and black for stupid
trade diplomacy and dominating the world.
making your own country
Old prebook Real Politic by verius vesuvious- his personal notes. (70% read)

Books in High Turathi:
The Lineage- referring THE the royal peerage and related bloodlines.
-magical reinforced-super detailed.
-covers several generations.
-The imperial heirs were only allowed to read this.
-history of the court politics as they were, without bias!
-only chant knows of this one
Turathi political book of tricks. Suspicious!

3 Cambion tieflings from the line of royal guards, who do some sort of soul magic. One is good with beurocracy.

Tree Tech: Add stuff
All these worlds: Access to powers and class properties from 2nd, 3rd, and 5th edition via taveren powers

Updated Wish List:
Ring of Retreat(Level 17 Uncommon)
Ring of Tenacious Will(Level 21 Uncommon)
Eladrin Boots(Level 16 Uncommon)
Incisive Dagger 3/4(Level 14/19 Uncommon)
Eladrin Armor +3(Level 13 Uncommon) Somehow add to armor or make alchemy item?


Mysterious and perfectly normal, what are you talking about.


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