Rorolina (Rorona) Frixell

"I can do this! I will do my best to carry on their legacy!"


Rorona is an alchemist. Here are her current jobs/tasks for Shadyvale (10/6/2016):


Originally from the small kingdom of Arland, Rorona is Shadyvale’s primary alchemist and runs the town altier. She is also a Spark. She does alchemy primarily by gathering ingredients then tossing all of them into a giant pot.

Rorona has an apprentice named Totori. She is also currently hosting and training the princess of Arls, Meruru, as well as her old friend Cordelia.

Ring of Invigoration

Known Recipes:

Homemade Pie-water,flour,salt suprisingly tasty
Healing Salve-Magic Grass, Water, //Plant//
Migrane Syrup-//Healing Item,Jewel,Drink//
Witches Brew-//Poison Item, Liquid Item//,Mandrake
Living Hoe—//Ore//,Puni Ball,//Lumber//
Living Saw-//Ore//,//Lumber//,Puni Ball,Polish Powder
LIving Pickaxe-//Ingot//,Puni Ball,//Lumber//
Living Cart-//Ingot//,Puni Ball,//Lumber//
Living Shovel-//Ore//,Puni Ball,//Lumber//
Alchemic Brick-Ore,Liquid,Supplement,Magic Grass
Flying Carpet-Adras Tail(Roc)
Frost Bomb

Rorolina (Rorona) Frixell

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