Revenant Elven Ranger


Special gear:

  • Jaffa Staff
  • Sycophantic Armor
  • (lvl 5) Stone Tablet Alchemy Item (+1 def to elemental, resist 5 to elemental, -2to others and vuln5, stacks)
  • (lvl 8) Red crystal of a dragon: dragon soul Alchemy Item: Daily power: close blast 5 4d8 cold, and knocks prone, +6 damage bonus to favored enemy until end of encounter. While bloodied damage +10, -2 all defences against favored foe, vuln5 all.
  • 2 lightsabers (1 with no buttons, 1 training saber), figured out how to use, but not yet proficient
  • 6 fire sticks (from Zak, originally picked up for use against T-virus)

House ruled mechanics:

  • +1 to knowledge checks about monstrous creatures
  • Past Soul feat for free
  • Proficiency with exotic weapons (weapons with +1 proficiency bonus)
  • Resist 5 radiant/necrotic (from domains)
  • My Eyes Are Open
    • +4 perception
    • Can use perception instead of insight to see through illusions
    • Embrace the Wild (lvl 16 utility) is modified:
      • No action
      • Target self only
      • Recharge 6 at beginning of scene/encounter
      • Add tremorsense, blindsignt, truesight

Past life mechanics:

  • Raava influence: 34% (name of this mechanic is not final)
  • Once per session, can attempt to invoke a past life on purpose, rolling percentiles to get under the influence percentage
  • Success allows me to use one aspect of the past life (Str stat, surge value, truesight, etc.) for 1d4 hours
  • Regular failure does nothing. Critical failure (roll of 99 or 100) works in unintended ways for 1d4 hours
  • Each successive crit success (roll of 1 or 2) doubles the effects, exponentially each time
  • Each successive crit fail (roll of 99 or 100) doubles the effects, exponentially each time
  • I can choose to not die until my HP hits -2x max, but if I hit that point, it means oblivion
  • If I’m below negative bloodied and regain hit points, they start at the next increment of 1/2 max rather than 0 as normal, and start counting from there
  • I can choose to “die” and then come back again, but coming back requires a time and/or place which makes it easier. Halloween and Winter Solstice will likely return me as I am now. Summer Solstice will likely return me differently. Vernal and Autumnal Equinox will likely return me in another way, but the same as each other.
  • I can also choose at any time to be considered “living”, “undead”, or “other”, for the purposes of any game mechanics. This can theoretically be overridden by someone with the necessary knowledge/ability in the right circumstances (kind of like Perrin in Tel’aran’rhiod), but this is not likely to come up often.
  • Temples I need to visit

Known past lives:

  • Unknown cyclops from the original Remnant Mountain Kingdom, possibly a spellcaster (now known to be a pre-ascended(?) version of Scourge, Revenant Vampire from Aaron’s custom lvl 12 lair assault)
  • Tordek, Dwarf Earth Warden, survivor of Baldur’s Gate
  • Unknown Mage from the Old World of Darkness (Mage: The Ascension), need to create a character at base + 80xp
  • Ceara, AGI pilot/hacker from Eclipse Phase

Choices (3×6) from Zodiark’s domains (bold is current choice):
Temple of Life:

  • (death) Unyielding
  • (life) Comfort
  • (balance) unknown (individuals/collectives)
  • (death) Mystic
  • (life) Work (craft, form, build)
  • (balance) Lore
    Temple of Death:
  • (life) Wilderness (constant renewal)
  • (balance) Rural (status quo)
  • (death) Civilization (entropy)
  • (life) Dynasty (build)
  • (balance) Endure
  • (death) War
    Temple of Balance:
  • (life) Civil (social interaction through physical things)
  • (balance) Serene (internally focused, reduce conflict with others)
  • (death) Mystic Eyes of Death Perception (social interaction, ending/stopping)
  • (life) Martial Unity (synergy with Summash/Elora)
  • (balance) Gamer’s Mind (time to stop and think)
  • (death) Psyker Assault (physical attack to mental target/state)

Domain Details:
20k point pools each
+100 points per day each
If I put a gem in me, it increases the max pool size by 50% (I think)
Things to spend on:

  • 4: basic snowball (like what I used on George)
  • ~20-300: boons
  • ~5k: minor gem
  • ~10k: normal gem
  • ~20k: greater gem (the type we’ve seen)
  • ~100: aspect gem
  • At Bob’s I can spend some amount for pure mana which is a straight chunk of XP
  • I can also create a “sanctum” which will make certain things easier (such as changing the 3 choices), and serve as a target for teleportation (like the 3 temples)

Initial ideas for epic destinies (in no particular order):

  • Dark Wanderer (ranger)
  • Free Soul (revenant)
  • Master of Moments (psionic)
  • Reborn Champion
  • Star-Favored Champion (martial)

Comes from a clan of monster hunters. Recently became a Master following a string of major kills alongside the Shadyvale adventurers, most notably among these being the 3-headed dragon Calastryx (aka “The Great One”). Became a Revenant due to a Jaffa Staff explosion while obtaining a treat for Lil’ Miss. Currently has 2 younger clan members as apprentices. Also seems to be remembering things from the old Remnant Mountain Kingdom, though it’s unclear whether these are from a past life or were implanted by an unknown entity. Has a quest from Evening Glory to investigate 5 places of worship around the world.

Once the warforged failed her save to not notice, she was able to explain what Verinal has become. Peoples’ souls are normally a “glove” on a “hand”, the glove being their current life, and the hand being the underlying pure soul that provides continuity between lives. When Verinal died, his “hand” decided that there was something it needed to do that was important enough to force itself back into the world without a glove. According to the warforged, this shouldn’t be possible, and this particular hand must be very old and powerful and have lived many Epic lives to be able to do this. However, dying again in the wrong circumstances (such as blowing up the Jaffa Staff again) can destroy the hand entirely. Also, coming back this way damaged the hand. Memories of past lives are there, but hazy and fragmented. The damage can possibly be healed by poking around at certain locations (i.e. the locations shown by Evening Glory), or by poking around at certain times (equinox, solstice, certain holidays). Combining a location and a time should be more effective, and if the location and time have some affinity, the effect should be even more so.

First temple adventures (Zodiark): lifeanddeath. The other temples are almost certainly temples of “dead” gods. Verinal now owns the domains of Life, Death, and Balance (previously owned by Zodiark, collect tithes from lesser versions of those domains). The Morrigan and the oni know he has them and are potential threats. Other gods of the death domain know he has them, but don’t know who he is (besides the name Verinal) and won’t be able to find him any time soon. Evening Glory and the Raven Queen also know, but are not likely threats. Due to the balance domain, Verinal cannot be scried by the gods because he cannot scry. As few people as possible will be told about the domains. Shiva will likely be told, and may even be able to recognize them anyway. The Warforged and/or Henrietta may be told if it seems relevant to their positions as Shiva’s handmaidens.

Verinal now has control/ownership of 4 angels that have been aspected to his domains. A paladin of Life with the appearance of a wood elf, an avenger of Death with the appearance of a dark elf, an invoker of Balance with the appearance of a sun elf, and a bladesinger of Verinal (aspected with all 3 domains, which seems to have given it more ties to Verinal personally) with the appearance of a moon elf. Zodiark’s temples seem to be up and running again, with a full complement of angels, so a use needs to be found for these four.


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