Bracer of Valor


The Bracer, though its creator is unknown, originally belongs to the world of Dragonlance. It is part of a 7-piece set that creates an arm piece from shoulder to hand.This bracer relates to religion, though hard to relate how exactly it does so- it was used in a war between a Platinum dragon god (jokingly nicknamed zifnab) versus Tiamat of the Dragonlance setting, where someone with a mithral helm mounted on a dragon wore it. When the larger set is together, it can be used to be very powerful- but for a greater good, a greater sacrifice, or a greater cause such as a campaign against a particular. It can be powerful enough to take on gods. A single man defended a keep using it, holding off forces and giving others a chance to win, even if though they ultimately failed.

When tested arcane-wise (23), the bracer zapped the tester, however religion checks can be used with it in order to locate its fellow pieces, in essence playing ‘hot and cold’ with it (Checking while in a bag of holding led to the warforged doing things in the multiverse and answering its question..without knowing the question. It involved Evangelions, and being one with the Sea of Existence). Another religion check on the piece (26) and its script shows that the script resembles a written form of supernal or something like supernal on the bracer (This is possibly the inscribed magic in it). Each piece represents a value, and represents a ‘champion’. Praying to Bahamut about it showed it was from another world, and a golden-darkness was felt. At the end of praying, someone looked out of the bracer and threw a cream pie at Sarah. It’s zesty-tasting and has a lot of oomph to it. The cream is now nowhere to be found.

The next piece is potentially located in the Ogrefist Hills south of Winterhaven.


+1 to Reflex

Bracer of Valor

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