Dawn Warrior Weapon

Small crystals transformed into a weapon from the Dawn War

weapon (melee)

Level 20+ Rare

Weapon: Any melee

Critical: +1d8 radiant damage per plus


  • A hit against an elemental or primordial weakens that creature until the end of your next turn.
  • On a critical hit you heal 10 hit points.

Power (Radiant) Daily (Standard Action)
Close burst 1; Strength vs. AC; 3[W] + Strength modifier radiant damage and the target is pushed 1 square

  • Found in the hoard of the Great One.
  • Oriana touched the set of crystals and got a flash to a battle long ago in the Dawn War. She received a feeling of would she rather want to defend or to attack. Oriana chose attack, and the crystals transformed into the Dawnwarrior Weapon
  • +4 Weapon. Weakens elementals when the weapon hits.

Dawn Warrior Weapon

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