Shiva's Items


The items include Shiva’s hammer, necklace , chestpiece, battle skirt (NOT A HAT).

This began around December 2012 in RL time, and roughly the same time in-game when the group decided to go investigate an issue in the mountains. Large wolves had been creating problems in our area, forced out of their area by other creatures that had grown larger than normal. While taking care of the problem, the group discovered a water source that seemed to be healing in nature. Animals were becoming larger and growing faster due to using it as a drinking source. The source turned out to be a leaking hammer.

When the warforged first touched it, she got an image of strange bright creatures and a sense of hate. It would only be much later that the party would discover this was an image of energy and motion archons that Shiva had once fought, who had created a hairline fracture in the hammer- just enough to create a weakness that would break the hammer and cause the leaking later, when during a great battle Shiva was struck down by a fire primordial, which then also poisoned the hammer.

The hammer is both Shiva’s weapon, and part of Shiva herself. The group stabilized the hammer with a new shaft made from a crystal of old primordial blood (made neutral in type), and using a Balrog to help extract the poisonous elements from the hammer. The hammer is no longer ‘bleeding’, and its fixing made it ‘awake’ enough to present further images to the group. This included glimpses of where the other parts of Shiva lay. At this point, the group also began to understand it had some choices about what to do once they found all of Shiva’s items:

1. Turn the hammer into an iconisized artifact. Shiva is dead at this point.
2. Collect the items and turn them into into an artifact set. Would be semi-sentient but Shiva is dead.
3. Resurrect the old Shiva by collecting all the items and doing some thing to regenerate her.
4. Rebirth Shiva by using the power of the artifacts to create something like Shiva’s child

At the date of this writing, the group is leaning towards option 4 (the result of which is the warforged is acting a bit like a teenager. More on that in a moment).

The group began to pursue the other items, using hand of fate to understand what items were at greatest risk. This began a series of mad-dash giant fights to get the items:

1. Entered a temple of Tharizdun in a strange glassy area north of Nentir Vale. Here we found the chestpiece, which Tharizdun was probably using to help pretend he is a primordial instead of a god.
2. Pissed off the Great One and defeated her alongside a set of kobolds, recovered her item from the Great One’s hoard.
4. Defeated a marauding set of invading orcs who had discovered the skirt in a battle near the Orcfist Hills.

The items are now united, with the warforged wearing all of them at the moment…and they won’t seem to come off. With weird echoes coming in from the…future(?), this means that the warforged suddenly wants to sing Justin Bieber and giggle a lot more than seems healthy because of the group’s intent to reincarnate Shiva as a young god.

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Shiva’s Hammer:

  • +4 Holy Symbol
  • Adds +1 to slides and pushes
  • Changes fire attacks to cold
  • Increases cold attacks

Wearing Shiva’s gear:

  • Ice walk
  • +2 religion
  • +4 religion to find other pieces
  • Using a daily grants level-worth in temps

Shiva's Items

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