Gave Rorona silver talismans to make alchemy cases
To make more living tools needs ore and time

Barracks- On construction supplies one unit of town guard.
Militia-Do not gain XP. Training cost:25pop, 5g, 1g upkeep
Town Guard-1unit per month-75g,25pop,5g upkeep
Blane helping on large lumber mill this month.

Went off to the Chaos Scar
Weird area of evil magic possibly far realm
Meteor fell and started causing bad luck and calling evil creatures to it
Some sort of cult lives in the keep.
-30 ARC darklight
defeated cloven skull some sort of aberration that used to be human
900g of chitin
2500g of gold and art objects
1000g cloven skull ARC
soul shard can make a LV12 wondorous or lv16 ring
Rubius The Squirrel hermit LV4 henchman
Feb 8th
Tried sending David to look for dry lake he got attacked by a Roc


Senechal-has history
Rorona created a set of living farm equipment 4 tools each replaces 1 farmer
Need living wood to create more
Little Miss-gained Heart of the Mountain from eating the crystal apples.
Using Map of Unseen Lands highlighted important people in town(we know them all), the still whole tombs of Fizzban’s apprentices. (nothing bad here)
A house that is called Balcony needs looking into(did not sense magic)

Winterbole Treants
Frost magic users
Allied with a white dragon
Tigerclaw Barbarians live in the area

-40 ARC to make a frost resist pot

Jan 25th
Met a mount merchant
bought several horses from him.
Gave us a quest to go to grey downs and retrive family documents
we will get two flying mounts each can hold 2 people

Discovered Harkenwood holds the remains of an ent primordial that treants revere.
Towers the wolves told us about are the Arcosian Ruins
Met a druid in town.
Wants us to find out what happened to his friend in the chaos scar.
Will help us restore the grove and the forest.

Ambushed a treant and stole its corpse for Rorona. (The 2×2×2 living wood)

27th(Full moon)
Went to Grey Downs and retrived chest with records for mount merchant
Loot from downs
2500g statue
6 small silver talismans that are ancient(item rorona needs)
+500g from mount merchant and 2 flying mounts for town

-750g to remove curse on us.

+5 metal
+50g Rorona
+12g Inn
+47g store
+3420g orchard
+380g crystal apples
-10g to bonaparte
-5g to train milita unit
+52 population
+16 untrained workers

school training queue increased by 8

To do
Need to go give treant and talismans to Rorona, ask her about more living tools.
Build and training queue.


Jan 13th
3 puni ballsmagical plants(?)
Large quarry and large lumbermill done
+2 orcharders

Jan 18th
Bunny Problem Solved
+2 bunny ears
+1 bunny suit
+3 bunny puni balls
*small highly magical crystal-need apprentice to look at
*Dense grove, rare herbs, magical node
21k worth of wonderous items

Killed blood oozes
Popularity +7
Hammerfal +7
Local Church of Bahamut 45
+demonsteel statue(in units?)

Left bits to raise dead on us in case of death

Druid envoy very interested in rebuilding treant grove. Hearkenwood Acolyte
need to clarify about burned area wild growth spell and such
has ulterior motive
talk to Verius about investigating, if that fails senechal

Need 2×2×2 living wood
other stuff

why are pixies in the lumbermill?


Large farm done
New School building done

Jan Training
2 Lumbermen
2 Scribes
10 Farmers

Build Queue
Upgrade Quarry
Logging Camp
Upgrade Logging Camp

Total costs of constuction
1250g to pay builders

Need to repair housing unit: 13w 2s 46CU (not enouch stone this month)

Cost of barracks down to 5 metal, no gold or steel needed

Council of Elders is getting requests
1)Oh god oh god pixies! Wild pixies invaded the lumbermill, messing with production and will cause damage if not removed
Ask Mitch? Tier wants nothing to do with them.
2)Hurly Burly brothers-reports of trolls eating giants near the mountains outside town
Will investigate after blood oozes.
3)Bunny Punis to the South-multiplying like rabbits and draining the magic in the area
Rorona, Jared, Susan, Bonaparte and Lil MIss handling
4)Restore the forest-want the level 3 grove back
Sent messenger to druids who live a few days away. Back by Jan 20th
5)Garrison for Bonaparte-build siege equipment and stuff
Will build barracks first. Will need lots of materials

Request handling will be better if we improve the Inn

-250 additional to scouts since there were two
Scouts got back with info on the Witchlight fens
12 Paragon level or so bog hags along with lizard women from the tribe that seems to worship a black dragon.
Found childrens clothing at the hags camp so they are highly likely cause of people going missing
At least two tribes live in the fens. One is called Blackmarsh.
Found one of the lizard men encampments its has seen attacks of a huge creature that spits acid, likely a huge black dragon, likely an elder.
Potentially another giant creature with 6 legs, but was dark so uncertain.
The tribe with the hags is responcible for attack on the farms.
The two tribes appear to be at war. Possibly could make an alliance.

Bonaparte asking for 10g a month from now on.

Susan Lv4 Sparks Minion, has flaming bag pipes

Jan 10
+1180gp of plant reageants 3-3,4-3,5-1

Jan 11
Rorona and Susan left and came back

From bunny punis:
1 Life mana
2 Heavily Magical pairs of bunny ears
2 tail poofbals also highly magical

Evolution paths unclocked for tyranid
eating the punis gave him jump ablities
Jan 12
Bunny massacre

D20 Worker roll chart



Dec 13
Battle for town
-120 population
-10 lumbermen
-9 farmers
-2 hired builders
-4 stonecutters
Current popularity:43
Found 3 torchmen(2 destroyed in battle or 1?)

Archeologists came and gave us quest info. Do we know any details about creatures there aside from some sort of blood ooze? Reward 2000g and L12 item.
Put up a help wanted to have someone survery the fens(250g)

Town Rep +17
Living Wall
-2200 residuum
-2 vials cactus juice
-4 crystal puni balls
-600g of trolls blood
made and used 4 alchemical brick
-12 stone
-1 unit of marble
can regenerate and grow
Winterhaven rep -4

Repaired farm and quarry
-27 wood
-270 residuum
-2 stone

Healing on Bonaparte

Dec 26
Head off to Thunderspire

Dec 31
+15 metal from hammerfast
-3240g payment
+5 metal
+10 stone
+20 wood
+62 population
+11 untrained
+1 farmer
+3 stone cutter
+1 miner
+4639g income
-1g to Bonaparte
-100arc for sending to guild
Harvested equipment for barracks
Rossette, Jared, Rorona gain a level

Jan 2
Party in Thunderspire
Upgraded farm and new school building should be done? Started on Dec 8th. just need the 2 other teachers.

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