get staff of sleep and charm-860g
magical crystal polearm-2500g
give rorona 2500g statue and 1980g gold dust

give bonaparte polearm and banner(spepherds polearm and banner) set bonus(resist 2 all)
500g to remove coffee affliciton

ask recette to get ARC
recette levels up yay!

train mounts to go back home-
head off to myconids(take 100 NRC, special soil)
create landing area down in the crevace
get 3 moonstones-moonstone(1000g) 2 astral diamond pieces(5k each)
really like the soil stuff

fly off to hammerfast to talk about daggerburg
find dungeon keeper
go to hammerfast talk to temple meet jaren paladin of morridin.
12th in hammerfast
1800g-magic ki focus for david
15th in thunderspire

deldarosh-goblins, hobgoblins and bugbears, recently got a bunch of weapons. Have a good idea on camp. somewhere between 100-150 troops, casters assasins. Considers himself a bit of a warlord.
mages of saruun offer services to deal with problem
may 16th
talk to hammerfast and winterhaven, and others
will have 2 cleric,4 mage artillery, 4 troop(leaders: A,S,B,Bonaparte),10, low level troop, 7 shock, 1000g for rituals, special unit(H,D,J,Jared,Susan,LilMiss)
contribute 5k to war chest

level 12 wondorus magic item(ritual candle)
level 9 implement(blaster rifle for jared)

currently may 20th
scouts took a good look at dungeon keeper area, know its not shadwofell think he is mining something

1350g from moonstair for food for 3 weeks for 50


Party coming back on 5th

talk to hagrid about reviving lake, will give access to rare creatures, will give access to mineralised water for farms. Will need atmospheric manipulation to fill and maintain. Will do after fixing grove.

Rorona has rich soil-increases production of farm by 25% for a month up to level 3 farms, can be usefil for creating types of buildings like herb garden has 1 right now.
Ask Rorona for 3 promote growth-will take 8 days

the bunny puni crystal-can use used in a highly magical area to do a ritual to cause a magical creation of a creature of some sort. Fey can manifest from mana collection. Show it to the demi fae guy. Will talk to Rorona about it.

seek rumor calls hearth spirits-get a lot of info

  • one of the adventurers mention a large green dragon named vestipalk, lair in the cairngorn peaks flying around more lately heard from kobolds he met, near winterhaven, dragon is looking for something, has a companion priest bound by destiny
  • talk of trolls in west coming into nentir vale
  • talk of a group unclear but 5- people making a name for themselves as assassins. Sounds like a family and “family”

send Bonaparte to church of bahamut to get healed-580g
Bonaparte is now full level 9
hunters and henchmen are free to do stuff

talk to Rorona about puni crytal-can spawn a mana spirit to contract with
guard allocations-5 at mine/quarry, 10 at farms/lumbermills,5 at quarry 2, 5 on roads

conjure a wood mana sprite using the puni crystal Kline Kiezling- cost 1 primal, 1 life mana
can tire out sprite, can give gifts to regen
alchemic lumber is 1-5 at 25-50 residuum,

290g of small gem slivers.
store magic water in a wood, stone and metal container to see how long it lasts

get to geode tunnels on April 9th-
tunnel height is small so tunnel out
find caverns about two hexes into the mountain- some sort of small creatures wearing boots
follow the tracks we find
come out of mountains into heavy wooded section-3 days have gone by
meet a party of creatures in armor-kobolds
find the kobold party-tell them about adventurers mart. point squirrel to talk to tier and Recette to trade info about recources for items.

back in town on 17th
hear about bandits somewhere south of town preying on the trade routes.
we disguise ourselves and act as bait, find bandits

150g arc for interrogation
goblins-Warlord Deldarosh—hearken forest and witchlight fens-the old hills.

27th back in town from goblin expedition
have to take care of goblins raiding
end of month stuff
blane finishes training an acolyte
sarah woking in church of bahamut chunrch rep+7, winterhaven +2, ask her tgo buy staff

Used a Craft Alchemic wood item:
Costs: 1440 Residuum, 36 wood
Produced: 222 wood
Net gain 186 wood

another 3000g to Recette for adventurers mart


Use the Cloven Skull soul shard to make Ring of Invigoration for Rorona
Building Demi-fae quarter
1 metal
45CU – hannah,chant,hagrid help build by end of month

Send expedition force to moonstair with trained bagpipe people and a security force

Susan will be will be training hedge warlock not wizard

Tell Harkenwood we wish to remain neutral in the winterbole-harkenwood conflict.

Will need to get staff of sleep and charm for my staff research.

Hammer Investigation-4 divine implement, 1 to push and slide, has side effects. Feedback power-when you do damage you take 2x Level damage.
Can use as one of the fiberglass crystals as handle but need ice components to re-tune to ice.

Pixies came from all over. The other were called because the leader was woken up by something. He may be like an archfey.

The crevice is a giant sword cut shape. The rock cut by it is smooth as glass and has primordial feel to it.
find a vein of arrow glass air elemental based stone- found in volcanic regions
420gp of arrow glass- keywords are stone,mystery,lightweight
Hit something soil like substance find giant glowing mushrooms purple
meet Myconids(mushroom people)-willing to trade for moonstones for organic and mushrooms and things to help grow stuff
doing so so right now need help

2000gp of gold powder and chunks
slivers of blood orange diamonds(orium diamonds)
1 unit of unknown gemstone(might have gems)
new mining location not very safe, giants here

april 1st
group of 5 low level adventurers(3 tieflings(1 scale,1 chain,red robes), elf(leather),gnome(robes,mask))
here for adventurers bazaar

Barracks done
1 unit town guard no upkeep George the watchman in charge
Bonaparte sets them to patrolling the in groups of 5
Inn is upgraded to level 2
2nd farm upgraded
Demi fae quarter done we get 100 nature reageants every month, can train combat troops at higher level.
Popularity +15

results of To Dos from town meeting
give spare bag of holding plus 400gp in potions to adventurer for clearing lumbermill, its clear for april
Know archeological trap expert
500gp for runners to visit farther towns, should get people around May
Hagrid did not get far with long term effects of magic water on plants
Little miss has been exploring a set of caverns about 15 miles away, about 6 miles down that may have useful resources.
Brewmaster manages to makes an apple jack from the crystal apples power similar to deep gnome stone form.
Rorona used sand to make polishing powder with power similar to augmenting whetstone.

We can revive lake and still get water from it.

171g and orchard
72 population
2 farmers
4 Lumbemen
2 Stone cutters

4 slots for Warlock training

Level 4 Orchard

Rorona learned promote growth-upgrade grade of one hex, ex tier 1 forest to tier 2 forest but has to have adjacent hex of that level
promote growth+ flat increase with no adjacent, used in ritual to make the grove.
Cost:water, supplement, lumber

Use promote growth+ on lumbermill square and upgrade it, use promote growth on adjacent square

begin training new guard unit

Turathi Bunker and Fae Establishment

10 arc for comprehend language
Went to the mine to look for glowing flowers for Rorona

  • wander around the tunnels found a Swiss cheese looking caverns, unusual
  • find some plants
    • some glow grass
    • Mushrooms-27
  • Find a spiral staircase that looks like it may not be natural and seem to have magic energy pooling
    • some sort of tiefling related secret room 20 miles underground
  • Go up the stars and find a hidden complex from the days of the tiefling empire that was some sort of hidden base
    • Chant seems to be able to control the place, the throne liked him( crown of flame above head, spellfire)
      • Did not like Mitch
      • Was confused by Hannah
  • Locked the place down and left
  • Spent several days harvesting magical herbs underground
    • 4000 gp of arcane components, mushrooms, grass, moss
    • 300 gp of dungeoneering, fungus flowers, ore
    • 3600 gp of natural stuff
    • after forgetting and then coming back leave 300g of arcane, 300g natural, and 10 dungeoneering worth of plants for the giant puni
  • Sealed off the breach into the tiefling staircase by doing make whole on the cave walls, ritual went way too well and filled the whole cave
    • 5arc for the make whole
  • Some sort of massive undead was living in the tunnels, got sealed in the staircase by accident

Back in town on the 19th

Meet with the fae

  • Negotiate with them to stop messing with town
  • Will set up a fae section of town
  • Will have them help train troops
  • Will set up a spring and fall festival of pranks
  • Will help defend town, can be hired as saboteurs

Baron arrives asking for help to deal with the trolls

  • 128 refugees
  • Point him to Susan and offer plasma bagpipes
  • 1000 residuum to make 67 alchemic fire for his troops

Finally fix housing unit

  • 600 residuum for wood 28
  • 100 res for 4 stone
  • rituals worked way to well again

Will spend the last week escorting Rorona round

  • Get climbing equipment and go to the large ravine to explore

Hannah staying back in town to do research on various items

  • Bunny Puni crystal solidified residuum in crystal form,
    • can be used as residuum but not a good use
    • can be focusing crystal, power source, and some sort general crafting item.
  • Need the right kind of stuff to recharge the hammer.

Places of interest for materials

  • Bunny puni grove
  • Grave yard, not much here
  • Forest
  • Giant mountains
  • Bottom less ravine
  • Mine
  • Purple puni cave
  • Deeper wells caverns
  • Geodes caves
  • Lake of sands
  • And farther out
  • The grey downs
  • The old hills
  • Lake nen
  • Lake winter mist
  • Cairngorm peaks
  • Winterbole forest
  • Gardburry downs
  • The cloakwood
  • The dawn forge mountains
  • The badlands
Chant Assassinations,

Town meeting

Rorona knows how to fix forest but needs alchemy practice

Will hire someone to detrap lumbermill

Hagrid to look at magic water for growing things

Senechal to look for builders and lumbermen

There may be a fey crossing nearby if they came over they have a leader

Pixies may be here for Chant, may persuade them to leave us alone since we need to eat.

They are basically feywild punis there may be shadow fell ones.
Once guards trained set up patrols to free up foresters and nods
Wall in the orchard both a good and bad thing,brewmaster will look into apples. Has been training replacement orchard
Susan will train a wizard for school. Will check syllabus later.

Rorona can move terrain such as fixing orchard.
Escort rorona things to do.
Little miss sniffing for minerals in the ground.
Rorona will work on healing items.
Sarah got magical bunny tail. And plate armor that looks like a playboy bunny.
Will look at rings for NPCs.
Shelve torchman for later,ask apprentice
Make profit on low level magical item Recette has gutter snipe. For the magical bazaar. Which has been restarted. Rorona will also be involved.
Figure out levels of adventurers show up.

-3000g and wand of vicious mockery to Recette for the monthly adventurers bazaar
Drakes the kobolds were using are eating chickens.
Dragons are hanging out learning stuff.
Asked Jared to look into balcony thing.
Verius investigation the harken are at war with the winterbole. Winterbole will not be happy with us if they found out.

Assassination attempt on Chant.

Got manacle images of tiefling who sent it, wearing iron crown and fancy clothing with sigils of a devil

Last victim was a human who was from fall rest.

Some sort of quasi throne room

Imp was staying somewhere in town
Make whole on windows and buildings damaged by lil miss. 100g?
Pixies sent message want to talk. Ruul thislebow

New building fell court circle melec ambrose
Doing object ring on tieflings ring revealed another tiefling with a signer at Chant vaguely remembers

Can’t seem to focus on the features of the man

Highly demonic tiefling forging a set of golden rings. The other guy is blurry. Something tried to find Chant through the object read.
We explain away the incident.
Balcony was a spy for some demonic forces. Everything got incinerated, her body and the gold ring too.

Visit Hagrid about giant seed which is an ancient immortal tree seed.
We’re are very neutral on harken wood issue.

Looking at hammer

Wielded by something of great power, religion based but used gainst fire elemental by some water deity during the dawn. Part of a larger item set.
Collect some vials, flasks of the weird hammer water.
Hammer seems to have a correspondence.

To fix it we need to find the rest of the gods items,necklace,shirt,skirt. can use hammer as a dowsing rod possibly.
2 ice bombs area burst 2 freeze everything,immobilise, does cold damage.
Put hammer in ice water to soak. We need to energize it so it can lead us to other items.
Agreed to talk with the demi-fae, will need to set date/time and prepare pixie sized homing pies.
-140arc for ancestral whispers.
-500arc for the heal
-50 arc for the two object read rituals

To Dos from Meeting and later

  • Senechal
    • Hire someone to de-trap the lumber mill
    • Try to recruit more lumbermen for town
    • Try to recruit builders for town
  • Hagrid
    • Look into magical water for speeding up tree growth
  • Little Miss
    • Asked to look for magical ore and stuff while tunneling around
  • Susan
    • Will train a headmaster for the wizard academy
  • Recette
    • Will start selling lower level magic items at the monthly magical bazaar
    • Will research healing items
    • Sell alchemy stuff at the magical bazaar
  • Bonaparte
    • Arrange patrols once the first guard unit is trained to free up npcs and foresters for other tasks
  • Brewmaster
    • Investigate crystal apples.
  • Party
    • Talk with the pixies
    • Ask rorona to make homing pies for meeting
    • Check Susan’s sylabus
    • Escort Rorona of resource mission
    • Shoo off the kobold drakes
    • Try to talk to giant puni

Wood wall and stone wall cost 100residuum=1 unit , this is base cost that changes with how good or back the check is.
-300g for fire arrows for David
Found a solid rock with extremely deep fracture. (Think minecraft ravine in a ravine)
-80 alchemical acid
+60g trolls blood
+1 flask blood of the brothers (L link)
both given to Rorona

Feb 9th
Found the lake called the Lake of Glittering Sands.
Its very cold, the lake is ancient, sand is high quality kind used for making mirrors and such.
+8 popularity for killing trolls
gave Rorona sand from the lake to investigate

Add last torchman to list of things to look into


Gave Rorona silver talismans to make alchemy cases
To make more living tools needs ore and time

Barracks- On construction supplies one unit of town guard.
Militia-Do not gain XP. Training cost:25pop, 5g, 1g upkeep
Town Guard-1unit per month-75g,25pop,5g upkeep
Blane helping on large lumber mill this month.

Went off to the Chaos Scar
Weird area of evil magic possibly far realm
Meteor fell and started causing bad luck and calling evil creatures to it
Some sort of cult lives in the keep.
-30 ARC darklight
defeated cloven skull some sort of aberration that used to be human
900g of chitin
2500g of gold and art objects
1000g cloven skull ARC
soul shard can make a LV12 wondorous or lv16 ring
Rubius The Squirrel hermit LV4 henchman
Feb 8th
Tried sending David to look for dry lake he got attacked by a Roc


Senechal-has history
Rorona created a set of living farm equipment 4 tools each replaces 1 farmer
Need living wood to create more
Little Miss-gained Heart of the Mountain from eating the crystal apples.
Using Map of Unseen Lands highlighted important people in town(we know them all), the still whole tombs of Fizzban’s apprentices. (nothing bad here)
A house that is called Balcony needs looking into(did not sense magic)

Winterbole Treants
Frost magic users
Allied with a white dragon
Tigerclaw Barbarians live in the area

-40 ARC to make a frost resist pot

Jan 25th
Met a mount merchant
bought several horses from him.
Gave us a quest to go to grey downs and retrive family documents
we will get two flying mounts each can hold 2 people

Discovered Harkenwood holds the remains of an ent primordial that treants revere.
Towers the wolves told us about are the Arcosian Ruins
Met a druid in town.
Wants us to find out what happened to his friend in the chaos scar.
Will help us restore the grove and the forest.

Ambushed a treant and stole its corpse for Rorona. (The 2×2×2 living wood)

27th(Full moon)
Went to Grey Downs and retrived chest with records for mount merchant
Loot from downs
2500g statue
6 small silver talismans that are ancient(item rorona needs)
+500g from mount merchant and 2 flying mounts for town

-750g to remove curse on us.

+5 metal
+50g Rorona
+12g Inn
+47g store
+3420g orchard
+380g crystal apples
-10g to bonaparte
-5g to train milita unit
+52 population
+16 untrained workers

school training queue increased by 8

To do
Need to go give treant and talismans to Rorona, ask her about more living tools.
Build and training queue.


Jan 13th
3 puni ballsmagical plants(?)
Large quarry and large lumbermill done
+2 orcharders

Jan 18th
Bunny Problem Solved
+2 bunny ears
+1 bunny suit
+3 bunny puni balls
*small highly magical crystal-need apprentice to look at
*Dense grove, rare herbs, magical node
21k worth of wonderous items

Killed blood oozes
Popularity +7
Hammerfal +7
Local Church of Bahamut 45
+demonsteel statue(in units?)

Left bits to raise dead on us in case of death

Druid envoy very interested in rebuilding treant grove. Hearkenwood Acolyte
need to clarify about burned area wild growth spell and such
has ulterior motive
talk to Verius about investigating, if that fails senechal

Need 2×2×2 living wood
other stuff

why are pixies in the lumbermill?


Large farm done
New School building done

Jan Training
2 Lumbermen
2 Scribes
10 Farmers

Build Queue
Upgrade Quarry
Logging Camp
Upgrade Logging Camp

Total costs of constuction
1250g to pay builders

Need to repair housing unit: 13w 2s 46CU (not enouch stone this month)

Cost of barracks down to 5 metal, no gold or steel needed

Council of Elders is getting requests
1)Oh god oh god pixies! Wild pixies invaded the lumbermill, messing with production and will cause damage if not removed
Ask Mitch? Tier wants nothing to do with them.
2)Hurly Burly brothers-reports of trolls eating giants near the mountains outside town
Will investigate after blood oozes.
3)Bunny Punis to the South-multiplying like rabbits and draining the magic in the area
Rorona, Jared, Susan, Bonaparte and Lil MIss handling
4)Restore the forest-want the level 3 grove back
Sent messenger to druids who live a few days away. Back by Jan 20th
5)Garrison for Bonaparte-build siege equipment and stuff
Will build barracks first. Will need lots of materials

Request handling will be better if we improve the Inn

-250 additional to scouts since there were two
Scouts got back with info on the Witchlight fens
12 Paragon level or so bog hags along with lizard women from the tribe that seems to worship a black dragon.
Found childrens clothing at the hags camp so they are highly likely cause of people going missing
At least two tribes live in the fens. One is called Blackmarsh.
Found one of the lizard men encampments its has seen attacks of a huge creature that spits acid, likely a huge black dragon, likely an elder.
Potentially another giant creature with 6 legs, but was dark so uncertain.
The tribe with the hags is responcible for attack on the farms.
The two tribes appear to be at war. Possibly could make an alliance.

Bonaparte asking for 10g a month from now on.

Susan Lv4 Sparks Minion, has flaming bag pipes

Jan 10
+1180gp of plant reageants 3-3,4-3,5-1

Jan 11
Rorona and Susan left and came back

From bunny punis:
1 Life mana
2 Heavily Magical pairs of bunny ears
2 tail poofbals also highly magical

Evolution paths unclocked for tyranid
eating the punis gave him jump ablities
Jan 12
Bunny massacre

D20 Worker roll chart


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