August 27th, 2016 Hannah Notes

The temple is like 4-8 miles in radius. Far at the center is the pool and the ‘temple’.

6 points that start moving inward. Two larger figures drop down. There is a single one on top of the temple drawn down by the two other figures. Hairline sized runes, 80 feet across for each, circling in.

This one is something to do with ‘sigil’, the ‘judgment’

intersects at a 90 degree angle

War barge being pulled by warforged druid. Has bear and oni?

Chant holds meetings.

hannah pokes spectral armor.
its an armor concept
literally the ghost of armor
turns it into armor concept energy worth 37k armor.
this will need research between me and hannah.
light armor qualifications ask about.

go to zak and armor things happen. No more armor. :(
ask questions

check the stuff on iouna, apparently she has soul forged equipment
made using body parts of the dragon itself and hannah
pulls out oa stone box with a symbol, its a dwarven chamber pot
it has the arm of a death knight
hes been studying it
its empoweree by orcus and nerul.
armor propeties seem to depend on the person.
zak suddenly gets an idea, goes digging in a fancy supernal book
trying to soulforge olavian would be hard and have interesting again.
he does some science on olavian, he blows up a small jelatious cube.
gnome automated forge and fancy blacksmith.

quick check on self
I am something like a wizard type ritual that creates half elementals
Take 150% and make it 100%
May need to take a look at some sort necromacy having to do with soul magic for damange
Have undergone several purification style rituals but not really, they abstractly similar
Soul seems to possilby be scarred but hard to tell.
Still some spiritual soul damange but will heal over time, but better to actively heal.
Currenly likely vulnerable to spirit magic, do not touch dream rings. Effects seem similar to that one time altering self in the dream world

get a realisation fo what is going on, get a more farseeing, i no longer have to center on myself
can now scry ising pattern sight
get a daily chage a die roll after roll once per day sort of. +/- 5
modification daily power
power : daily effect that adds or subtracts a 3 to ANY die type roll, after the number.
it modifies the die itelf for the attack
EX this would affect dice for town resource
EX would affect percentile
works better in conjuction with the main daily power:

it modifes results of the daily power.
allows modification of any number in the game, including number of targets, burst size.
and makes results retroactive

magniture: declare a die to be a number but modified by my passice or encounter.
-have to use pattern check to switch

passive power: switch a bard power at a moments notice as long as I pass a taveren check for one use
switching out of class is harder at disadvantage with penalty on top
also could go up in level but at another penalty.
push to permanent switch

can scry the pattern not the world. works like a scry but not a scry.

Pattern Farsight: Can change focus of pattern observation. Still limited to threads I have interacted with, affected by degree of interaction. The greater the impact of interaction the easier it is. Can be used to observe threads that have interacted with threads I have interacted with, but each step away gets more dificult. (31)
Daily Power: Change an attack roll, skill check, or ability check by +/- 5 after die has been rolled. This recharges based on major story events.

Modification Daily Power Options
Can be swapped between by using a taveren power check.
Power: +/- 3 to any die roll after result is known.
modifies the die itself
Examples: town resource roll, percentile roll, damage roll
Augment: Spend +/-5 daily power

EX: Number of targets, burst size
Magnitude: Declare a die to be a specific number accounting for the passive taveren effect for attacks, skill checks and ability checks.
Augment: Spend +/- 3 encounter power
Declare a +/-3 to the actual die value of the selected die. Power is retroactive until the next action is started.

Passive Power: Make a taveren check to swap any currently available power for another power. Selecting bard powers is easiest. Selecting powers from classes for which you currenlty have powers is possible at a penalty. Selecting powers from any class is possible at a high penalty. Replacing powers with higher level ones is also possible at a high penalty. Power swap can be temporaty or permanent with permanent selection being more difficult. Power selection can be done during a long rest at a bonus.

8-14-2016 Hannah's Notes

We take a rest. It’s only 6 hours from dusk to dawn. The dawn comes early.

The power: Glowy field with black halo looks. Gold-tanish halos (old fashion halo, radiating). Possibly a deity’s thumbprint on the area? There is no arcane crap of time going on. However, death-life is out of whack, and those are messing with things. Emblem within? (two halos, one on top of the other)

Rukia: WHY ARE YOU AWAKE YET. And it winks at me. This thing is cheeky. Fight between life and death is going on, and two are fighting for the ‘sky’ part of this area. One is ‘sun’, the other is moon…blood moon..something like that? There’s an active divine section. A sense of age.

We perception. Verinal notices that a sparkly blue explosion go off- there’s a battle going on. Bones flying/ flying body rocketing up.

It’s a crow-headed tengu (not a man-headed tengu).

We sneak by this.

When we get to the spiral too quickly, a few people fail and take necrotic. Sango fails badly on con check- she loses the gills she woke up with. Now she’s breathing only when she remembers to do so.

Rukia smacks with her beads and black fabric, and knocks Sango out of her body. There’s spirit Sango and her body go splat. Everyone else freaks out. The chain attached to her body is seperate to her spirit’s chain. There’s a spirit link missing. Normally when chains are seperated/severed, they start eating each other and become hallowed in minutes.


Identical but opposite colors.

David rolls a 1 on con check, and then another 1. The DM rolled a 20 on…something? Verinal’s vision blurs into colors and tastes.

He swells, his arms popping out blue crystals in concentric circles and tribal-tattoo like, and then the red crystals shoot out, fighting it.

He has an urge to run into the temple center like before, and does so. He can sense living creatures within 30 ? of each temple. He can also sense overlapping?

The area between the two temples stretch to exactly 30 miles, and in the center he feels a swell of neutral energy.

Every deity in the area is now immediately aware of Verinal’s presence.

The Morrigan
Desert God
Twin Raven and the Woad Look
Off to one side of the arena, looking on- Evening Glory. Fanbearer is shadowy elf/half-elf
Same thing from the Raven Queen. Standing in front of her though, is standing a few minions including a very shadowy elf/half-elf
Tan Halo God. Old wizened man in a robe. Carrying a hourglass- Chronos

Looking down into the court, there is a body laid to rest. They feel like Shiva- same pantheon? Getting several glimpses, might be 3-4. An overarching deity in charge of the three, and two-three original heirs.

The Seraphim- one of the original heirs.

Overaching one: Zodiac (what Verinal knows it by)

Blue gem on arm, with white bands on one arm. Red gem in dark obsidian band in his other wrist in place of his viens.

He has the two prizes in his hands.


We manage to get an extended rest
david has 20% loss of husks
sanjo now has gills and is breathing acid.
and then she does not
suges are doubled until next short rest, except for david he’s screwed. Quarter surge.

sango really badly fails endurance check, SHE IS FINE! and only breathing when needs to talk.
soul body connection seems to be damaged

david goes into the death temple and things happen.
gets awareness of all living within 30 miles of the temples.
then the temples seem to move 30 miles aparant and there is neutral evengy right in between then.

turns out we are in the middle of a battle betwwen a bunch of dieties trying to lay claim to the life/death/netural domains.

david declares for himself, then the party run like hell.
he is now a demigod.
we all book it to the balance area using divine boons that david gives the griphosn.

June 30th Notes (Hannah's Notes)
Well, We Won't Die of Fire

When we last left off with Oriana’s team, they’d manage to figure out the giant doom hill monster was actually…just a hill. With a hobbit hole. Maybe we should go in before all the treants try and kill us.

And so the party got inside. Oriana and Philia were able to work on cleaning their armor (they got SCRUBBY clean). Everyone in general felt very comfortable. Toooooo comfortable. Asuka ate the food out of the oven. Shinji read. Other kicked back and relaxed.

The group did find a door. At one point, Asuka checked it out. It went down a staircase. And down. And dooooown. But it was super fast to go back. Asuka deemed it weird and went to get Shinji. There were rabbit negotiations.

Shinji saw that the wood had leaves and vines and such. The wood was magical and old- all the carving and the wood’s ways were filled with runes. The whole place has a psychic effect of calm, peace. Shinji and Asuka disagreed on the type of wood, since this all seemed to be made of the same kind of wood. Oak? Not oak? A very old oak?

Lil Miss makes a psionic check? To check the scrollwork and identifying the wood of the door and etc.

No metal in any of this house, basically. Lil Miss recognizes the ‘enchantment’/ psychic effect as something the druid in town used in order for better resting. Basically this has been turned against its natural use and instead into a hinderance.

Shinji managed to get a sliver off for Lil Miss, who sampled it. She recognizes it from eating a little at Zak’s. Living wood. We think this is all made from a single tree, an ancient tree folk/ent.

Asuka Tree story: Heard it from Squirrel. An enemy
The cauldron of its birth. There were several enemies there. A giant tree moved in, pulling up the energy of the area. It became a leader of all the other trees in the area. Time passed. Touched by the Great One and turned to stone. The trees split into two factions. It is your duty, young squire is to fight the enemies of the Great One so that the great one may become the _______________________

We check out the door and go inside. Realize it has a bag of holding-like effect. Asuka decided to check the fireplace instead because this is dumb.We check the fireplace. It’s not a fireplace! Follow the tunnels that this came out into- basically coming out of a cylinder that is the ‘bag’ effect.

Uh. The hallways are on fire. That’s fine. Let’s continue.

Barrelling down at full speed, everything is on fire! It keeps getting hotter, and harder to see!

Larger bright coil down below us as we come out into large chamber. Lil Miss is glowing and now falling like a comet. Uhm.
(Little Miss gained Aspect of Fire when she basically crit her saving throw in here, and started glowing)

Oriana crits when bloodied.

Her eyes are embers, her skin is a jeweled red color, she gains elemental/primordial (‘you are considered a primordial’ )
Do not fumble with dawn war sword.
Has her make a saving throw.
3 natural crits, and 1 lil miss crit. WE ARE FIRE TEAM. WE ARE TEAM VALOR.

Basically we’re all glowing now.

Can have lay on hands can replace heal amount with fire resistance.

Chant has a flash of this bullshit. He thinks he can twist this to make it go more like how the pattern wanted. Shinji is the only one about to fail in this glow cloud of people healing from fire. Chant does it.

We all look like deathwing from warcraft.
CHANT ROLLS 42 and also starts to glow.
Chant is now more firetree for a bit.

Down below, as Lil Miss falls like a stone, there is a Tyranid-like presence that thinks at people and makes them go boom.

Aaron says this is the hammer of the fire elemental?


Lil Miss xenothrope check: three rounds will work. She bounces off of nothing and flies through the air like a rocket back up to us, we all GTFO.
We end up in a fireplace. Smelting/blacksmith like chamber.

The entire corridor we’ve been flying down was compressed space. Multiple miles and miles down underneath. Arcane pushing it like that.

Dammit why is this Doom.
(The DM says you can learn to run Shadyvale with Argent Energy(Primal Argent) )

We all yell NOOO in response.

staring at dragon

13 partial fates and possibilities. Not all of them died.
Only actually needed 12 sacrifices.

The prophecy meant 12, the slang was interpreted as 13.

Normally objects don’t appear in the pattern. (13 powerful in the pattern people)

We are a braided rope, stitched together.

Ridiculous, never seen before: Neither thread will go as long as the other goes.

Teveryn +4

Fundamental essence of the pattern. 13 shards of teveryn, surrounding a 14th that’s sort of like a teveryn.

Pattern, looking through: oh, that’s broken! :grabs and fixes:

‘effectively out space and time’

match what?

Pattern pouts ‘it doesn’t match’

Sensation “oh, that’s how that works!” “oh, I need balance” “I need to adjust things”

All around there’s a a thunder and energy. Chant’s thread is being torn.

Chant’s perception goes up by 4. Something feels like it lost. But open. There are snarls.

Pick someone. Feel like there should be another pair. Feels like he should know one.

‘two who are one’ theme.

Searching for thingy

We set some forest on fire.
Leave the area and follow.
Eventually at a rock the trail that filia is sensing abruptly ends.
There is an animal messenger bird that is staring at the dragon.
Its a trap-with timestop.
Sarah eats the magic with grunnova.

After this there is a path revealed that was disguised.
Sarah gets the impression of something rolling and going back to sleep.

We continue follwin the trail that is revealed after the trap is removed.

Eventually reach a small hamlet/farm stead.
3 days ago a large cloaked stranger who asked for a rabbit. The kobolds are doing something.

Follow the trail he picked up some feathers and then cast fly.
Asuka buys some rabbits.

Rabbit cavalry?

Philia keeps sensing the trail, it suddenly starts to stretch out.
We have to slow down to keep on the trail.

There are some trees following little miss, we are in the winterbole area.
Swirly white cloud is coming at us. Blizzard elemental who just eyeballing us.

Eventually the guy lands on a hill. The hill is staring at us. Everyone freaks out.
Asuka does not understand waht is going on.
There is a door.

Shinji grabs Philia and sarah and runs into the house. With the tree army right behind us.

Sarah and Philia try to wash their gear to get rid of the caustic stuff on their stuff.
The cleaning charm in the bathroom is very strong, it makes thing very very clean. They feel uncomfortable.

Shinji peruses the library. It seems very generic and esoteric on its subject matter.

Bird is still sitting on Asuka.

Asuka eats the pie that was not finished backing.

Malloc ritual

Hand wave the meeting with lizard folk. It goes ok at the very least

Chant comes back goes to house to look for book
The law – in abyssal
doing battle with evil-made out of evil
trade common book made from magic, in yellow and black for stupid
trade diplomacy and dominating the world.
making your own country
Old prebook-real polotic by verius vesuvious- his personal notes. (this is interesting)
two book in high turathi check with aaron later
The Lineage-referring THE
the royal peerage and related bloodlines.
magical reinforced-super detailed.
covers several generations.
-The imperial heirs were only allowed to read this.
-history of the court politics as they were.
without bias!
only chant knows of this one
other book is turathi political book of tricks. Suspicious!

hannah tries to read book an goes ow looking at the ritual.
gains concept of seek+

turns out hannah has a name now. Mhm. Told it to a dragon, whose name is ghost rei.

grand ritual is a ritual with other rituals and spells used during the thing.

vibrating exclamation point should be investigating.

exclamation point has turned silver.
its more of a platinum silver with gold sparles hovering around it.

hannah starts to read the book keeps gathering keywords

H Thursday Notes 7/7/2016

New books in new bookcase:
To Battle Chaos- written with a demon
The Law

These are written in abyssal. The letters waver for Chant, so he can read them. Olavien inherently understands what those two books are, though she can’t read the titles.

The one in trader common, magically made. Yellow and black “For Stupid”
World Domination

The other common one is wood-bound bundle.

Two Books in High Tulathi

The Lineage “the higher and more formalized court”. It’s an inclusive use of the term. So it’s royal family and their many lines, and how those went off into peerage. And also notable statemen.

Users Guide to Trick and Arcana Stuffs. Easy steps to power 1,2,?,4

Stops reading ritual, give back to Chant for a sec so he can examine his name.

I am going to read them down in his main room while he sleeps. I also take along Realpolitik by Verius to switch back and forth. Taking it. Chant tells me not to blow up the house or set it on fire- and I reply “I’m not AURORA”. And I say it in character. We are both confused. Chant has not heard of her. “Who is she?” “Uh…SIlvermoon? Band of the Marked? Disciple of Destruction? I dunno, something I read maybe?” And then we shrug it off. And then the exclamation point turns to a silver with gold tinge, and flecks of gold floating around my head.


Memory Allocate Data (ow)
Ward- : protection around and area…the ritual was calling for info that’s not in the ritual

Concept of ‘Seek’ in brain from looking at the beginning of the ritual book now in Olavien’s brain. To look for something, to seek.

Get ‘Seek’ again as a concept.
Seek+ let’s go out in a certain direction and look for something.

Kaz wakes up to a swarm of fuzzy puppies! Super adorable. Once she gets up, she gets invited to a moot about lineage and training.

The village is beautifully crafted. Out comes another elf, about a head taller than others, There’s the halfling-elf pale peeps with wolves, and some more bedouin-type taller types without wolves.

Crossing the doop

apparently asuka and lilmiss go around solving mysteries
+2 to shadyvale popularity
also lilmiss has vibration sense in the air(and now water)

also all the dragons are followers of allora dannon.

after about 20 hours of going 10 miles
we find an anti clearing

we are under toxic effect asuka notices that they have toxins on them.
all clothes are covered in stuff.

the effect is cloudkill the ancient style spell.
detect a necromantic effect that is fading away. Something related to healing or bolstering.

find a thingy which is wrapped in a rag, its a bloody mess.
the inquisitor pokes at the thingy.
used a baby as a living potion bottle. For a powerful healing effect.

do last sight vision, do not get sight, but do get sound. Very practiced ritual enchanter. Broad spectrum of practice.
Seems to have a particular accent.

trackers eye
throrough search
pass without trace
travel sense
breach disguise
gentle repose
comrades succor
seal deaths door
cure disease
tether’s cord
hunters blessing
remove affliction
greyflower perfume
feing death
hold portal
reverse portal
make whole
brew potion(limited)
read omens
death ward
slow step oil
calm emotions
object reading
consult mystic sages
speak with dead
discern lies
last sight vision
create holy water
corpse light
hand of fate


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