Dec 13
Battle for town
-120 population
-10 lumbermen
-9 farmers
-2 hired builders
-4 stonecutters
Current popularity:43
Found 3 torchmen(2 destroyed in battle or 1?)

Archeologists came and gave us quest info. Do we know any details about creatures there aside from some sort of blood ooze? Reward 2000g and L12 item.
Put up a help wanted to have someone survery the fens(250g)

Town Rep +17
Living Wall
-2200 residuum
-2 vials cactus juice
-4 crystal puni balls
-600g of trolls blood
made and used 4 alchemical brick
-12 stone
-1 unit of marble
can regenerate and grow
Winterhaven rep -4

Repaired farm and quarry
-27 wood
-270 residuum
-2 stone

Healing on Bonaparte

Dec 26
Head off to Thunderspire

Dec 31
+15 metal from hammerfast
-3240g payment
+5 metal
+10 stone
+20 wood
+62 population
+11 untrained
+1 farmer
+3 stone cutter
+1 miner
+4639g income
-1g to Bonaparte
-100arc for sending to guild
Harvested equipment for barracks
Rossette, Jared, Rorona gain a level

Jan 2
Party in Thunderspire
Upgraded farm and new school building should be done? Started on Dec 8th. just need the 2 other teachers.

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