David’s scouting report

On the way to the frost witches, I spotted a pair of big treants that seemed to be maybe border sentries or something like that. They were very well disguised as trees, and if you don’t or can’t see the face, they’re unnoticeable.

At the frost witches, there are groups of elemental swarms patrolling in a large circle, about 20 miles in diameter, around the witches’ main area. These elementals are no more than level 6, and patrol in groups of 4. I tried attacking a group to fulfil the optional part of the mission, but it turns out that they are accompanied by a very stealthy frost witch harpy (probably low paragon) that bloodied me on her first attack (though it was a crit). I abandoned that attempt, and after healing up I went into the area where the witches were. Aside from the harpies, the other witches I saw were elves, with white hair and grey clothing. I got to a central camp area, and there was a large (6 feet) cauldron made of ice, emitting a lot of coldness and dry ice type fog. The fog is at least partially magical. First, the fog showed a face that matched the description of the other type of elemental I was told about but hadn’t seen. Then another witch stepped out of the fog. This one had a slightly grey skin tone, and the others seemed to keep clear of her. She did something which sent a stream of ice/snow towards where my attack happened, and after a short time got some sort of response, and then looked straight at me, which I took as my cue to leave. I went around the witches’ area, avoiding the patrol groups, and started to look for the white dragon.

I found the white dragon first at a frozen lake, doodling impatiently in the ice. I made the hard DC knowledge check, so more details on that later. He then became more regal looking as a group of barbarians came up bringing coffers of treasure, and they also gave him a youngish member of their tribe, seemingly as a hostage of some sort. He flew off, trying to take a sneaky path back to his lair, but I easily followed him to it. The entrance to the lair is in a mound of snow in a clearing, by the edge of a hill. Outside the lair were a pair of treants (heroic tier), and a pair of very hard to see lizards (failed the knowledge check, but more info on them later) guarding the entrance. Inside the entrance, is an icy tunnel leading to a cavern in the hill. It seems to have originally been a lake bed that was converted into the lair. In the main cavern there were 3 or 4 more of the lizards (not sure exactly how many), an ice witch, a barbarian, a satyr, and the dragon and his new hostage. The witch was younger than the others I had seen previously, while the barbarian was older (mid-late 20s). There are 5 other openings from the cavern, making a rough hexagon. The one opposite the entrance is larger than the others and guarded by the lizards; I would guess that this is where the hoard might be. I didn’t check any further because I didn’t want to risk bumping into one of the lizards since I pretty much can’t see them, and can only barely tell where they are. However, I don’t expect there to be any traps or other trouble for the party aside from the creatures. There’s nothing of note within a 1-mile radius of the lair aside from random treants and barbarians as you’d expect.

I then headed to the Cairngorm Peaks to look for the blue dragon. Once in the mountains, it took 4 days to track the dragon back to its lair. It seems much more cautious and competent than the white dragon. I finally found the lair at the top of a particular mountain in the center of the peaks. The area is much more rocky, sharp, and inhospitable than the rest of the peaks. Thought there should be a path, but couldn’t find it, so I climbed up the eastern face of the mountain to where I had seen the dragon go. The mountain face is very well trapped against people climbing up. The rocks are prepped to slide and fall, some of the better handholds are trapped with runes, and the lip at the very top is set to crumble. Once at the top, there is a 25 foot cavern entrance, with a 40 foot ledge extending around it in a 180 degree arc. The ground leading to the cavern has lots of runes arranged like a minefield, and set up so that they can be seen by people leaving but not by people entering. With reading spectacles, I was able to get key words from the runes of lightning, thunder, and detonation. I travelled into the cavern, and for the first 25-30 feet there’s something funny or odd about the stone, but I wasn’t able to tell what. Past that, the cavern leads to a large chamber, 40 foot radius, roughly spherical with a few artificially made columns (stalactite and stalagmite meeting), and 3 other notable features. On the left, there is a small alcove containing a bas relief, and altar, bloody remains, a stone blade/dagger, used candle stubs (some sort of dark material), and a stone bowl half full of some liquid (orange rusty color). I didn’t touch anything there. On the right of the cavern, there’s a large opening (15 feet) leading to a smaller room (20×20×10 feet) with nooks in the sides that look like sleeping areas for medium sized creatures and a ritual circle in the middle of the room. Finally in the back of the cavern, opposite the entrance, is a smaller opening (large sized). This tunnel makes a sharp left followed by a sharp right before leading to a 60 foot straight section leading to another chamber possibly. In the straight section there are alcoves, and a the first alcove I found some sort of trap with runes and small openings. I couldn’t skirt around it, and I wasn’t sure if teleporting would trigger it, so I didn’t continue onward. While inside the lair, I never saw the dragon, the eggs, or the hoard, so I assume they’re farther in past those traps. I recommend that the party fly into this first chamber to bypass the explosive runes on the ledge, and then deal with the traps from there. Be careful though, because this dragon seems very cautious and very competent.

After leaving the lair, I followed the path down to see where it starts, but it also has a couple of traps on it, so it’s not a good way to get up. I then came back to Shadyvale to report in. The trip took 15 days.

Additional notes on the white dragon: It’s a level 10 solo brute. It has speed 6, fly 6, ice walk, cold resistance, and darkvision. It has action recovery, instinctive rampage, and savage blood (while bloodied it crits on 17+). Its bite attack is reach 2, doing cold damage with half-damage on a miss. Its claw attack can target 1 or 2 creatures, and does sharp and pointy damage. Its breath weapon does cold damage and slows save ends, miss for half and slowed until end of next turn, and it has bloodied breath. It has a tail slap as a free action when a flanking enemy hit it, which pushes. It has bittered vengeance as a free action when an enemy within 5 hits it, no attack roll, does damage and pushes. It only has one eye (the left eye appears to have been skewered out). It’s living a pretty luxurious life, and seems to think it’s way more awesome than it actually is.

Additional notes on the strange lizards: Medium sized. 6 legs, though front pair can be used more like hands if needed. The dragon seems to have them as pets/guards. Low int, good wis. They have very good stealth, and are practically invisible. With a moderate perception check you can see what square they’re in, but they blend into the background like a chameleon.

Spirit Meeting and misc.
New spirits of industry corresponding to where the artisans are.
Spirits of commerce, spirit of art school, resource spirit for things like lumber mill and quarry.
Commerce ones are pretty happy, but a bit miffed with the equipment rental thing, but see that is needed.
Happy with the bazaar and that tier/Recette are both there to run.
Stone cutter spirit wants special resources, and need more stone
Mine is happy about improvement, but also wants special resources, also need more.
Young and transitory artsy spirit floating around the school.
Art school one is happy that its needed. Pottery weaver is a bit discontent about limitation of options.

Spirits are happy that things got solved with hags. Unhappy it came so close to disaster, but overall since no major harm its ok.

General rumors: a few point of contention. Martial spirits pop up, barracks etc. They are holding off mentioning things until after skybolt stuff. Unhappy about force presence at the moment, town is under defended. Want some special units like the warlock one.

Float idea of special order of reagents from Moonstair 5000 within 3 months by Tear, seems to think this will work.

Should bring corpse back for better results to rorona.

If we attack the ice elemental patrol need to disguise it and make it look like someone else.

Will give the myconids one promote+ will owe us 900g

Make lilmiss Scorpion Carapace Armor +1 -1050g


Tomb raider upkeep is 85g

Ashcrown griffins resist 10 lightning. 2 have resist 10 cold and bonuses to defenses, assault barding.
Would need an armorer to study this armor.

Archeologists will do limited general area surveying, due to work in the city, limits on number of people going out.
They can do general survey which will only give general stuff, or a detailed survey that notice things that civilizations need.
All the archeologists know about city at this point is medium humanoid who liked magic and had a school. But did have furniture for small and large creatures.
Do not poke the far realm thinness in the destroyed city. But do look at it for issues.
Sterg is busy, will not be available for a while, deflected on answering. Still waiting on merchant.

Ideas for expanding trade:

  • increase apple production. Have notes on the enchantments for the orchard.
    • See if they can be translated to use for herb farm.
  • Expand our artisan production.
  • Start selling lumbers.
  • Could do a decent trades goods resource. Need to build a trade workshop(new building). Toss workers at it.

Do not use any other magic on the orchard hexes.

//Other Town Roles://

  • Henrietta will look at diplomacy and PR. But work on healing stuff in the background.
  • Discuss idea of healer hospital thing. Have Blane, Sarah and background Henrietta on this.
  • We gain new training options at the church: acolytes, chirugeons(healing-oriented acolyte), and missionaries(religion,diplomacy). And know of priests, need tier 3 for this, higher version of acolyte.

//Fire Elemental for Hammer Issues://
After Hammer Symposium, we asked various groups if they know of anyone who is having issues with fire elementals.

  • Mages of Saruun have an issue with some duergar that are known to use demons and elementals. They are cult-sized and in a dwarven stronghold in the Underdark, 3-4 days travel.
  • Church of Moradin comes back with a sealed message. Issues with a cambion cult east of the mountains of hammerfast, dedicated to some sort of high level devil. Known to deal with fire elementals.
  • A mage of Saruun showed up to town personally- he ran into a nasty elemental.
    • Some sort of fire shadow elemental with a blade an a whip, that was doing fire/necrotic or fire/psychic damage.
    • Thinks some sort experiment or child of something weird.
    • Melee fire necrotic, blasts fire/psychic. Almost immune to fire. Flew, and was reasonably fast.
    • Mage gives directions to where it is, several weeks of travel. 11 days if flying to thunderspire. We should do dragons first, but do this before two months.
    • He was after a small ornate orb, like a gem. Looks like colored glass that glows with a spark in it. He gets this. Cost for us: Finders fee percentage or flat upfront: 500res(1500g),1100g of medical care, 3000g upfront, 3400g paid off later.

//Ice and water for Hammer Issues://

  • Holy water, can use at cost. But will need to back order the high end water.
  • 100% chance of ice elementals in the northwest area of nentir vale, along with barbarians, witches, and treants, also white dragons. Need to do scouting to find one.
  • Have David survey and look for ice elementals and dragons.

Remind aaron about hexes.

Monster killing party will be back somewhere between September 16th and 20th if all goes smoothly. After this need to send builders.

Myconids bought 330g of nature reageants.

Down payment for promote growth. 3270g
Gave us some adamantium worth 3600g worth.
Promote growth hex alteration price is tagging as a level 6 item, a plus as lv9 item.

3 promote growth, 2 promote+, 2hex move+, promote growth ex(L18) either make a lvl5 hex or add a rare resource.
Getting close to being able to fix the ent grove. Will need a ritual to do it, see hannahs ritual shenanigans.

Option for agricultural improvement alchemical items.

Orcharder does not really care about wall. Gives him more apples

Feeding the tree stuff: get a volcanic rock from rorona and plant heart to mix into a food for the tree. Mix with 4 surges worth of blood. Get a sparkly gem colored mixture. Slightly bright burgundy color. Try doses on the tree. Three doses a day is optimal every 8 hours. Have 97 doses left

Hammerfast training costs: 25g stone cutter(10), 35g miners(5), 70 builders(1).

Give david gloves or gold for finding white, blue dragons, an ice elemental and do a survey of that area.
Sell the syllables of life?
Check DK area.
Need to talk to the lizard folk.
Fight the dragons.
Kidnap an ice elemental.
Maybe in a few months: old couple willing to jewelry stuff but asking a lot 14k gold 14 weeks of training, fully trained-this would be an heir.
Recette on cedar sales now.

First batch of current recruitment drive coming at end of September

775g of jewelry. 840 arcane reageants. Dancing phantasia mushroom(7)

Mitch to work on ninja school fab will use residium and stone/wood/metal.

Tear buys up 144nature, 325 arcana.

Zak has not succeed but has finished a basic set. Can put player enchantments on this.

Have seneschal set up request box.

Magical field is still getting stronger so not likely hag related.

Foreman helps with bulding the mine and lumbermill.

To do: Skybolts discussion
Lake, cavent water research party.
Spirit meeting


don’t know if power is being stolen. Mitch did not mange to figure anything out

shades seem to be wandering around the central area, they are aware of Hannah but not that she is of them.
there is a SEP field on the area, who did this?
there is some sort of mortal enchantment, and something fey trained that is around the other one, reinforcing it.
some sort of trip line is around some of the inner area
some sort of ward reacts to Hannah trying to take verius out of the SEP area.
Verius is keyed to the ward stone that controls the ward that the people built.
the intent on destruction is heavy in the area, focusing on the area.
they wander away to church

chant was wammed for about 3-4 weeks
chant notices that blane is not normal and that I have been whammed to make me not notice issues

ask verius to look into shenanigans in town re convenient relocation and how those marks got there.
explain the compromise in the wards and targeting of pregnant people

the blood line has had gifts like prophets, seers, oracles, but biggest is saints have cropped up. this is a big deal.
something like dovakhin, (possibly connected to the idea of ‘mortal body’, extraordinary soul) the two kids have prophecies that somehow they will reconnect the bloodlines.

detect 6 entities that are lookout for the real world.
go to one of the houses to recheck it. the taken apart house is covered in wards and noise generators.
ok previous information was wrong the runes were active all this time we were just not noticing anything because of the whammy

hannah and joaquin, sarah walk around and notice targets in all 8 areas. find all the exact houses, find suspicious people near all the houses. Likely the hags
map of unseen lands finds 22 people who are new. 8 names correspond to target locations these are hag like names
2 that are in some sort of giant fomorian names
3 in verius location. that are hag like names
fey names 9 names. 1 name that is literal ‘the one who follows midwife yaga’

warlock pact binding that sends life energy somewhere and is granting life to something that is not yet real, they are manifesting something and granting it life. They imagine a being and then grant it life. Designed to hit everyone in the ritual and will kill them. You can mess with the ritial to retarget towards the hags and kill them. This would not be enough power, this would screw everything up, the target of the ritual and the casters.

Chant binding ritual
there is an old gnarled tree in the orchard. its odd looking. it is a tree that fizzban brought with him and transplanted it. its slowly dying but keeping it on life support. they could not get it to grow properly.Something about an old love? It was an off-hand comment.

Shadyvale was here because it is the only place it could grow, and the townpeople. were all brought here to help the tree. but it has trouble growing.
Town founded because this is the only place where the cherry tree would grow. First two generations were people who dealt with trees, all trying to get the cherry tree to grow.

chant does ritual bonding with the town. Eat a petal and bleed on the tree. Tree grows and drinks from me, roses wrap around and help bleeding. Passes out, but the tree grows healthy and sprouts seeds. Chant now has a familiar vampire cherry tree that is aware. Can sense the tree from anywhere on the plane.

a new young tree is growing out of the ground. drop nature reagents or arcane reagents on it. Aware of the orchard and partway into town, and things around town vaguely. could grow a battle cherry tree like familiar summon. will need to later expand.

do research on how to reverse ritual and then go in to mess with it.
start assembling the counter ritual to disable it, but need something of the ritual caster. could kill the hags, this is dark solution.
they don’t need fey, this was a red herring. Need to repurpose the 4 points now to make a new ritual.

go with killing the 8 hags and using them as fuel.
we kill and capture the souls
hannah targets the ritual and shoots hag
we kill all the hags and then clean up the weird enchantments around town.

power balance in the fens is changed, we killed off the hag group.

1800xp for completing quest successful
5000xp finishing invasion of the hags
cash and reagents go to town(need amount)
small idol of an old woman and rods shrine like(get blown up)
+4 shadowmaster kifocus
shadow dancer gloves-nina
skeleton key
a bunch of pendants with two different runes on them, 3 life and 5 strength. magical consumables. mitch

discuss vampire cherry tree with wood mana, he is confused. Nature and alchemy reagents will be good for it. Blood too, its feeding off the life energy in the blood.

finishing school training builders and random artisans.

pop +75
gold +5836

have recette switch to helping tear with cider selling.


The ritual seems to have similarity to a warlock pact. It is calling on some sort of high level entity/power but not a god. One type of power is going in and another is coming out from the different ends of the ritual, the ritual is basically filtering the power. Both sides seem to have similar power amounts.Its currently just mainitaing the ritual and spreading its effects. The ritual and its power are both rugged and structurally fragile. Seems to be self repairing. Most of the power is focused into the ritual. Two of the points are exterior and one interior, and one point is unbalanced.

Seems to be invoking a vestige pact boon on a massive scale, but not divine arcane instead. calling up baba yaga either unwillingly or unwillingly. This would need more research.

The ritual is designed to be big, this allows it to be more stable. It contains multiple layers of redundancy, probably 3 or 4 layers. The actual design of the parts of the rituals allows it to be put up modularly, because each piece is self-contained with the large whole. Because of this, most common ways of breaking it won’t work well, and destroying an individual node would not damage the ritual much.

As far as we can tell, the importance of where murders are happening is due to the importance of the location itself. From this, we discovered it looks like they set up the right kinds of people needed for the ritual.

they may have arranged where the people they need lived somehow

the city council gives people houses, a commity of beurocrats deals with it.
magic conpulsion to get people to pick houses.

profile of targets is possible but would take time less than 10 targets possibly.
not sure on why fey origin. COuld be it needs fey realm power, something to do with concepts of fey.
The body arrangement has to do with the specifics of the node.
The heart rod is important.
The body arrangement do not line up with the inside outside node thing.
Can check for the defensive effect. Need to reverse engineer it.
our filing system is terrible.
hire some people to go thought our census data costs 45g this takes 4 days

7 target famlies with the right age or declared lineage.

results come up with old man, old woman, the family of the injured worker has an older parent who was not there.

using the map we narrow down to two targets from the list
another 2 days of work cross reference with injuries from war.

two more targets in the right distance.
do the sensus using the untrained workders and stuff, stop the herb farm work.

do it in 4 waves, geneology, health, work status,other
overall there are 13 potential targets they are grouped within 9 targets

3 likely targets based on all criteria

1 an eladrin human equiv of a 50 year old, retired worker injured in a storm, known for seisures

2 a gnome old, spy as a young grasshopper happosai

3 little old cat lady gnome
and another 12 areas of likelyu targets
we set up heavy patrols of these areas.
this is creating a pact of some sort, this one seems to be between yaga and the hex of the town
chant binding to the area would give prior claim, hannah designs ritual or some sort of personal act that takes the place.

need to research forms of old coronation use powerful items and symbols

should allow for adding pieces

hannah juaquin, and susan do research
susan joins research on ritual, needs to read things.
mitch writes out a ritual using hula girls and salted bannanas
12 nodes points needed, we know shape of the ritual but not down to the houses that will be hit
3 of the 4 victims owned houses in other parts of town. When asked they give lots of excuses and good seeming reasons.
send tomb raider to look over everything in detail. for magic focus

engraved on some of the beams and girders and joists

are rune like marks, they are inside the walls and the foundation.

they make up a highly complex 3d rune circle, modular and can be done on different floor plan

this was hard to do

the runes are not doing what’s expected, mixture of nothing here and someone elses problem
once the house is down, we see seven thethers, expected 5 from the rods and another two that are different

4 link chanins to bind

1 tether to horrible bloody chain to the heart

2 that are inverted flashlight beams, on the exterior edges that are like flashlight, tehtering the whole zone
can go around and look for active fields knowing this

no deaths in that time, patrolls saw nothing weird we are on the 26th


Players: Hannah and Alex

Warforged wakes up on the 8th. While Chant and Warforged are waiting for prep of dream world ritual, they spend time talking to the families some more, and combing through houses trying to find physical evidence that might help give them clues.
Lumberman’s House Clues:

  • Small wooden rod. The rod is tapered, made of a very hard wood, and gives off a faint magical aura. The rod has a notched end, while the other end is capped and engraved. It is elven in nature (name: Elvenbane. Has cold iron, but allowed in feywild courts. An ancestor protected a member of court, which led to this allowance)
  • Parents’ Room: Superior Elven crossbow, heirloom item. Unknown Enchantment. Legacy Item (levels up/attunes alongside its owner). Tied to bloodline. Aaron mentioned the idea of Noble Phantasm from Stay/Fate Night, and how these things are crystallized with belief. (Name: mortal hunter)
  • Mace that’s from a set of items that are assassin’s weapons that can be limbs and can be weapons- turn into animal-weapons: hounds, horses, birds.
    • We ended up giving all these items back to the kid, who was very grateful for them. Showed us that they are all interchangeable as limbs for him. This kid is, in fact, awesome.
  • Throughout both the kid’s room and the parents’ room we discovered a sort of static of background white noise that is covering up something (4-9 things. This might be the tether points?). The noise is dark and gloomy in nature. We noticed the family seemed healthier, happier when they left the house. Invited them to stay at the church for now.
    Talking to families and old lady’s house:
  • Old lady is an old eladrin who actually looked old, which was weird. We started inquiring with the families about people’s backgrounds. Turns out all four victims, even if human, have bloodlines that include Fey. Old woman= eladrin, Injured young man= elf (adventurer at some point), old man in chair= human with elven lineage, lumberman=half/elf (bastard of a fey noble line, as is his wife).
    • Old lady got old dealing with a Banshee who ate her levels when she was a bodyguard for a minor noble adventurer. Her next of kin is 4 generations down.
    • Chant and Warforged put out a general PSA advisement on hags in area and to report hag activity or mysterious fog. Town now more on alert.
  • Old lady’s house we discover threads/tethers coming from the site of the ritual. It tethers to the location or a concept so far as we can tell at this point. the tethers fade into the world of dreams.
    • Look up the idea of a ‘bounded field’ and magecraft. Forget how this tied in.
    • Fate/Stay Night Wiki: A Bounded Field is a topographic type of [[|Magecraft]] that consists in knitting a network of [[|prana]] and spreading it on base area, such as a piece of land or a building, to create a mystic boundary line that separates the inside from the outside. By definition, it should not be possible to move them once they are set. Those of [[|Souren Araya]] are an exception. The most powerful type of Bounded Field makes the space itself act as a boundary line and it is on a level close to [[|Magic]].

Having done this investigation, we decided to do initial scouting in the dream world using a dark stone/metal(Is this also obsidian?) band that Plua has that allows for lucid dreaming. Chant goes into the dream world first and investigates the place. This happens on the 11th. Dream world uses chr, wis and int.

  • Town is not town as Chant thinks of it in physical world- trees, fields, old buildings, ‘fresh’.
  • Investigation of lumberman’s house:
    • Inside lumberman’s room, the runes are on all six sides of the room. The runes in blood are evenly spaced.
    • The lumberman has rods inserted into his limbs that pin him. Spread eagle position to body. Each rod is a 6-sided rod (hexagram), and the rods are lined up exactly.
    • His body parts and soul bits were all rearranged, and I think was ‘killed’ last? The heart’s blood being taken was the last thing done. The heart’s blood is very important to this. (Hannah: Oh, okay this might connect back to a conversation about sacrificial magic I had with Aaron about how often sacrifices of hearts being removed, etc, is about the concept of life than the heart itself. Ah in fact that conversation mentioned heart’s blood.)
    • End of the rods have a symbol, a given name. Phonetic is ‘Baba’.
  • At old lady house everything is rotated 90 degrees. She’s floating spread-eagle in the air. Injured young guy is in bed but at another angle, and everything is aligned to him and his rods. In general these are all stacking in certain ways.
  • There are 5 rods, we think, as we believe there is a 5th under where the heart is. The heart and its arteries were very precisely cut. Heart has a tether- tethers to rods in general.
  • Pathways of directions from people don’t quite align since this isn’t done yet.
  • The actual rooms with bodies and runes are different than the rest of the dream world…perhaps have more physical realm rules? We’re not sure. This ties into the bounded field idea maybe. The rooms are also staying in place in the dream world- the tethers/runes/ this is causing the room and body not to move, so even if the house ‘’shifts", it doesn’t “shift” because the room didn’t shift. Yeah. uh. Dream logic stuff.
  • At some point he ran into a dreaming dragonborn who felt the need to try and attack.
  • Chant is investigating and starts getting very tired on one of these. He decides to say he’s not tired, but fails to convince the world this is true. Big no-no, trying to change yourself and basically ‘rewrite’ yourself, blows his spirit to hell doing this and goes unconscious. Eventually wakes up a lonnnng time after he should- no surges, no dailies, no encounters.

Chant healing via Warforged and priests of Elora:
11th: 3 pts 12th: 5 pts 13th: 4 14th: 8 15: lolnope. (20/23, will get a point back per day from here) (Alex let me know if you need what you got back).
Also chant: 2 uses of ancestral whispers.

Warforged also goes in to finish investigating during this time:

  • Man the church is awesome, and an overflow of belief. It’s seen as divine, community, a tree by water, lots of things.
  • The rods are made of obsidian, which have a history of being used in blood sacrifices to deities.
    • Something about spell components and focuses. Odd to have multiple per site like this. Speading them out for stability.
    • Sides of rods: 1) barriers and boundaries 2) blood and health 3) magic and transmutation 4) Ruin 5) Steal, take 6) An older form of ‘conquer, conquest’
    • Blood/health and magic/transmutation are on opposite sides, connected.
  • Saw a Seeker of Asmodeus. Stumbled around like an idiot trying to act like not there.

//Purging the hammer//
need to get antivenom type ingredient- need fire elementals
we could use this to fool the taint in the hammer to come out willingly.

create purge ritual find out how much we need based on remove affliction
collect fire essence
either summon them or go adventuring to kill cultists

need a bunch of ingredients but this will also require a ritual
fallen angel of winter for the divine aspect
ice elemental would be better than dragon
holy water of high level would be good(ask bahamut)
check the puni cavern water
maybe use the hammer itself to transform stuff to cold stuff- bad exchange rate.
Seneshal mentioned angels of winter, and winced in doing so. Follow up?

reinforced bag of holding hammer is now in the bag not leaking. subtract 25%

//Skybold discussion//
senechal: not big, but have good rep. 475 people in the company. Skirmishers not heavy fighters. Well known for being mounted. They are specialists.Known for special breed of combat horse.

a merc company in town
affect each others reputation
ability to increase income from town
decent economic thing, able to hire them cheaper, guards, scouting etc.
how far to include them in town, close relationship
potential for training people
agree this is a good idea.

will work with our expert npcs to hammer out details, will hopefully do mutual subsidies for each other.

get four ashcrown griffons 10000g, make the resist barding for 4 of them 2 others have gear

flower picking party they do okay and don’t have much trouble.
Rufio the pixie leader. In Hook, where this name comes from, he is leader of the Lost Boys.

the hag was trying to kill a kid, kills one lumberman guy instead (kid’s dad). Kid’s name is Wart. On the dream world side there are runes of protection for a nursery, for nurture protection, growth. 4 nodes have been made, between 7 and 13 are needed (Hannah- I though I remembered Aaron saying to me 13, but I could be remembering wrong.)

hag are responsible for town shenanigans, trying to do something
rarely hags have had 14 member covens that has a powerful ablility that is unusual for her
the 14th hag has a title that is part of an organisation that is part of a bigger whole
title is part of the hags description: midwife,grandmother,sorceress
one to raise, one to impart knowledge, and one to use power

tried speak with dead failed again arc for that

fey leader may be able to transfer us to dream world→ we need to make sure they know how to get us back from that world. Plua has heard of world of dreams.The fey leader and plua need a few days to figure ritual out.
On the 9th we get the ritual to go to the spirit world from plua/fey leader

//City Cavern Expedition//

  • need agreement with archaeologists before city stuff.
  • the force magic was masking a far realm taint in the area, could have been either for or against the far realm. The far realm aura serious, some sort of really powerful far realm manifestations, not a creature, but potentially a far realm crossing. A possible beach head that was basically blown up by something powerful.
  • The archaeologists are thinking this was thousands of years ago. however this is post dawn war,but not by much.
  • Give them direct route to city, monster smashing, but want them to share knowledge, first purchce rights and no touching vault. Construced a tunnel to the city, takes 3 days of building, 3 wide tunnel, city party is back in town on 20th. Mitch back in town on the 10th.
    the eyeball asks for identification
    mitch opens the door to the giant vault O.o
    heavy containment room with a powerfull containment circle
    within it is a double beat that makes it glow.

//Arls Party:// send the forresters, pixie charger and weapon master to Arls on the 18th.
//Lake Party://

  • myconid trip is boring, we trade nature reagents-need gp from Aaron
  • the lake is under effect of weather magic, someone has pulled the water out to somewhere else. Massive long range casting, either large group or a very powerful individual.
    • Need to find out where the water is going-any places that should have little water but has a lot
    • Idea of what minerals and gathering in the area has available
    • Hagrid has the bare bones on the ritual to restore the water: restore weather patterns, stolen water, prime the lake
    • Henrietta notices the presence of some sort of water spirit here in the past, an immortal or fey
    • Aaron needs to rolls some checks
  • Head over to puni cavern
    • the water in the puni cavern is similar to what should be in the lake, possibly this similar source or the same source, this is not the same water
    • Could use this water to prime the other lake
    • The water has restorative properties, a natural primal source

//Hammerfast and DK area party//

  • stone cutters, miners, need to get prices
  • an old couple willing to jewelry stuff but asking a lot 14k gold 14 weeks of training, fully trained-this would be an heir
  • wander over to other dungeon keeper area (finish next session).

stuff still to cover
details of the merc group settling
coin design all agree on apple tree of elora other side still in question
the staff meeting
gold from myconid trip
training prices for hammerfast
detailed lake science checks
hannah working on herb farm, hammer purging rituals

currently ongoing
hag ritual shenanigans(aug 9th) hannah,alex (mitch)
around 20th the DK area party hannah, alex, blane, nina, susan


Talking to Hammer notes:

Hammer was nicked an attack my an elemental of energy, this was later exploited by the giant fire elemental to crack the hammer. The hammer is also poisoned by something elemental that is still trying to destroy it. This needs to be purged from the hammer before we proceed.

Options on how to proceed with the hammer:
We could turn the hammer into an iconised artifact, shiva is dead at this point.
Collect the items and turn them into into an artifact set. Would be semi sentient but shiva is dead.
Resurrect the old shiva by collecting all the items and doing some thing to regenerate her.
Rebirth shiva by using the power of the artifacts to create something like shiva’s child

This will take us a long time to get done.

Have the location of the other 3 items.
One is buried underground and is a bit insane because of isolation.
Another is non sentient, is leaking a tiny bit, and occasionally seems to interact with creatures. Distress signal?
The chest armor is being held by a temple of Tharizdun, hes ripping elemental energy out of it. Likely heavily guarded.

Next steps:
Discuss hammer poison removal at Symposium
Discuss making the haft need to imbue it with essences of shivas domain: cold, water, phase transition
Icethorn covers phase transition
White Dragon or ice elementals can be used to get ice
Water is a problem, no water elementals around. Maybe Rorona can get essence of water from the hammer water using Henriettas tear as an example?

DO NOT email the sysadmin.

Grey blob mystery notes
When doing map of unseen lands, notice several areas where the streets were warped and the area had a faint grey color. Found out that people had died at the houses located in those areas
All seemed to be natural causes.

Spoke with Zak about the map, map is working fine it seems to be showing something that is either not entirely here or something that is not physical but having a physical effect.

Asked families for permission to talk to their relatives, no ruffled feathers.
Tried to do speak with dead on the two people whose bodies were still available. Ritual went off fine but it was like there was no one there. Either the spirit has been destroyed or captured somehow.
Last sight vision for both people showed them sleeping.
from consult with hannah via sending stone, there are some types of undead that can destroy or take souls, things like shades. There are also some items that can store a person’s soul, making it inaccessible.

. Do a map check that night to see if any undead were sneaking around. Found a name in a weird script that says “Midwife Yaga” She is on the outskirts of the edge. There are faint distortions around her on the map but no grey blob. The other grey blobs seems to be pointing towards her they shifted. There is something at the grey blobs.

Chant sends message to Fey leader with name, then goes off to collect dragons and heads towards the area.

Ritual costs:
Ancestral wispers
2 speak with dead
2 last sight vision


Plua does not remember anything about the water. Alex, Blane, David dig around for half an hour following the water flow but find nothing.
-try to figure out nature of water in the cave to see if that helps
-there is no geode here, water is not similar to hammer water, so another shiva item not likely

Town is big enough to be dragon target, so getting rid of them in the future will be important.

Tier will work on getting a deal with Hammerfast
-Have 20 units, 279g each over three shipments, we do the transport one every two weeks.
Tomb raider
-180g to keep him around covers one generic job, basic retainer 80g, something unusual or dangerous costs more
-hire outright costs, buy him off with a magic item lv 8 or 9, or monthly gold of 500g a month for any jobs we want, or special
-He would be useful at looking at the destroyed city(but would need escort)

Hammer flew out of Shiva’s hand as she was hurled away. So other items could be together
-Object read potentially can follow the other items
-The hammer is very close to the One Ring of Power
-Chant could do a What are you? against hammer but “things” could notice, depends on how much things are pushed
-Multiple beings( gods and devils) are tinkering with the weave of the pattern
-The what are you closely ties to Shiva herself since the hammer is a manifestation of her power. Can she answer? What happens when an immortal dies?

Mount merchant contacts us
-Has flying mounts, 2 glidewings, 2 heavy griffons(carry more), 2 light griffons(faster) will be here in two days
-Gives us quest to get blue dragon eggs from blue dragon in area, time limit 6 months
-Get two ashcrown griffons(can carry Blane in full armor and gear) lv 12, based on rimefire griffons but have ranged not blast(get their collars teleported to us)
-will be over soon with other mounts
-interested in roc eggs

Archaeologists arrive for doing survey thing.
-get extremely excited when they hear about destroyed city, ask for a guild hall and start calling over other archaeologists
-need to discuss what to tell them, and also sign an excavation contract, first dibs on stuff, shared knowledge, vault something…
-vault is an issue, need to discuss that
-possibly dig them a direct route to city for a price.
-the city area used to be a force node, may no longer be after the bag thing
-Important there is a lot of force magic still in the cavern but not a ridiculous amount
-we may have damaged containment or upset somethings plans by draining the cavern, need to look into this

Seek rumor
-More than a few spirits are grumbling because people are grumbling due to overcrowding, growing pains for town. Not a big deal, sure sign that it can if continues.
-The spirits having to do with commerce want an increase of impact on whole on nentir vale not just town. Too internally focused, not enough business. More options for trade needed. Only adventurers show up now. Buildings designed around producing things to buy. They like inn upgrade, but need more variety. Something designed around bulk trade, like an adventurers bazaar but more general. Items or services(like the soul stuff, this would be a big one). We are not on the main trade route, off in the boonies.
EX: hammerfast is big on jewelry, decorative stonework, statues. Winterhaven is a big religious hub, and also a central trade hub close to river to moonstair.

Get an unsettling sense from spirits they are moving around cautiously. Like there is a large predator in the area. They have a feeling of being watched. Unsettled but not frightened, nothing has happened yet. Might be a threat to spirits, not just a physical threat. Direct spiritual attack, none of them have seen something like this. Still in recon stage, need to deal with now.
Go talk to the fey leader explain my weird ability thing ask him to keep it quiet. He will take a look into it. Whatever its find it real world will help in the spirit world. Alert patrols to check things out for potential threats, maybe have to recon area(Nina?). Will do map of unseen lands around the edge of residential area,that is where the concerned spirits were.

Have gear for 1 outrider unit.

Pixie charger is now riding some sort of lizard chicken.

Notes from David:

Received sendings from the mount merchant. Because they were sendings, we had to answer right away. First item, he has 2 more glidewings which we’re buying now, and also some behemoths. The behemoths would be good for our trade routes eventually, but we currently don’t have enough output for them to be worth it, so we’re not buying them yet. Second item, he wanted to know what types of mounts we might like more of in the coming months. Choices were land, flying, or exotic (swimming, climbing, etc.). We chose flying, so his available mounts will expand to include two types of griffins, heavy (can carry Blain/Sarah’s characters, fully armored, with full equipment) and fast (can carry maybe a few hundred pounds each). He’s also looking into breeding heavy glidewings, but he’s not sure if that’s going to work well. Third item, he has a new job for us. The blue dragon that lives in the Vale has a clutch of eggs he wants us to get for him. He would obviously be training them as mounts. From what we gather/understand, he’s fulfilling an order, probably from some kingdom somewhere, for these mounts. They’d be trained as companion mounts and members of the kingdom, rather than as slaves. Timing is important. The eggs are currently old enough to be safely moved, but young enough to have not learned much from their mother. He has given us a six month timeframe to do this before they get close to too old. The mother is also known to attack towns and stuff like that, so killing her would be a good thing anyway. She is an adult blue dragon, estimated to be around low-mid paragon, probably around level 13-14, so we will need to level up the party to around level 11 or so before we do this. We are being paid in advance with 2 of the heavy griffon mounts. We’ve already been given special collars for them and a book about how to train/handle them. We also get full rights to the dragon’s hoard, except for any barding or mount type stuff that the merchant would use/want for his profession. This also gave us the idea to, sometime later, get roc eggs so we can have trained rocs, because that would be cool and useful.

The hammer is a few feet in length. The shaft has a hand-and-a-half grip, and ice-related ornamentation on the rest of the shaft. At the bottom of the shaft, just below the handle, is a bit that looks like an icicle. The head also looks like an icicle, being flat at one end and tapering to a point at the other. There is a crack which starts on the head, and then winds down most of the length of the shaft, but stopping just before the icicle thingy at the bottom. When we replace the shaft, we may also want to transfer the original icicle thingy to the new shaft.

Alex also asked something about asking the hammer what it was, which led to more details on the way things work. Apparently, Chant has the ability to examine the nature of things, similarly to Neo in the Matrix. He can also follow threads in this way to find out more things. He has not yet used this ability. This is a deity-like ability, which could get him noticed by things which could be hazardous to his health. Hannah also has a similar ability. The difference is that Chant examines things from the inside, whereas Hannah takes a step back and views things as a whole. Hannah has not yet been noticed by the things which might notice Chant because her questions have so far been mostly about cosmology (not cosmetology, Aaron), and she hasn’t gone poking at things. However, she might be noticed by other things, and we basically have no idea.

While talking to the archaeologists, we mentioned the ruined city in the underdark where we did the thing with the force magic and the star bag and stuff. They seemed very interested in mounting an expedition, despite our warnings about the danger, and Tear later said that it seems like they’ll go after this thing with or without our knowledge or help. We haven’t yet told them the location, and we’re deciding what terms we would want in a sort of contract before we tell them. Current thoughts are that they can have any mundane treasure they find, but we want to know anything they learn while there, and first purchase rights for any interesting items they recover. We were also led into some worrying thoughts by Aaron. Basically, the upper cavern originally had a ridiculous amount of force magic, enough to possibly be considered a major node. We took a lot of it when we recharged the star bag. While there is still a lot of residual magic, it is no longer “a ridiculous amount” according to Aaron. This may have some effect on the ruins. The two ideas I have at the moment relate to the heavily fortified magical vault we decided not to break into. Idea number one is that the magical seals might have been powered by the node, and would now be weakened or lost, possibly allowing something to escape. Idea number two is that whoever or whatever is inside the vault might have been using the node or studying it in some way, and might be annoyed at what we did. Either way, we should probably tell the archaeologists that there might be more danger than they would expect.

Also briefly talked about the mercenary company. We told Aaron that we’re leaning towards “yes”, but we’re not going to make any decision until we’ve talked to the NPCs. He said he’ll send an email later.


We do dragon healing thingy and encrypt the ritual. Warforged starts to learn how to create rituals, and can auto-succeed up to lvl 3 complexity 5, but only for religion/heal rituals so far.
Moe-lv 10 sorcerer slightly while(45)
Mac lv 8 avenger of Io gold orange sun color(35)
Moc lv 8 barbarian berserker slightly reddish(33)
Mic lv 10 monk slightly crystalline sparkly(43)
one at will, one encounter, one dailty and utility of their level or lower no same level twice except at will

but this leaves the pieces of soul with tiamat, apparently no connection now but this will come and bite us in the ass
make rituals on soul magic for the church of Elora

no response from the mother she may be dead or off plane but most likely dead
get a response from the orium dragon

orium dragon elder
- Hollowed, but also seemed to be not actually undead, making him technically a “living construct”.
- Has the immortal keyword, possibly learned something from a mithril dragon.

Gave the dragon his statue back. He was also very interested in our wall, and bought a piece of parapet from us.

get stuff from dragon
gold worth 8k
platinum 50k
need to make this info coins-fabricate into coins can fabricate or a jerry-rigged thingy
Tear gets 35k + all our old stuff from now on whenever we upgrade, until probably mid-epic or so when we get into the range of the value of the orium

dragons (particularly Moe and Moc) seem to have shenanigan plans for their portion of orium (0.24 of a bar)

8 purified orium bars safe to forge-magic implement forging and enhancement
a suit of unknown metallic armor inherently magical- magic enchantment template
an orium finemail gauntlet – can be used as an implement a template
a book with circle coordinates for a teleport circle-and rules about getting in safely
rep 50 ancient orium dragon Ender
notes about setting up the town in better way (very confusing, some stuff similar to feng shui, maybe ask apprentice to help decipher)

small icons of pictures of art that he has done he asked us to contact him if we see any of them

go off to trade with myconids- 200 nature reageants
we get 200g worth of moonstones

get a close by ping on bracer, in the ogrefist hills

Chant’s armor is ghostly and transparent looks weird

request box for the town, different from adventurers board

4 poison resist potions – 160g

manage to cleanse plua, joins rorona to do alchemy stuff.
The cavern is cleansing, will need to check out the magic later

-95 residuum

4800 residuum from the cavern walls
3750 residuum from melting the manacle

have tear price the promote growth magic thingies for trading with the myconids

End of month: Got a trader, planning on new trade route to Moonstair. Overpopulation finally caused a drop in our popularity. The housing unit upgrade we’re doing this month will fix most of it, one more month should get us back on track.

After end-of-month stuff, a representative (leader?) of a mercenary company, Sunbolts, arrived to speak with us. Seem to be trained and equipped for skirmisher horse combat. She said that her company was looking for a place to set up a winter camp, and they had heard good things about Shadyvale. We said we would need to discuss with the rest of the town leaders before giving an answer, and this seemed to be what she was expecting. As I understand it, if we agree (they’re basically asking permission), they would build their camp just outside of the main part of town. It would consist of barracks, training areas, and stuff like that. It would be fully occupied in the winter, and more lightly staffed other times primarily to train new recruits. There would be no cost to Shadyvale, and they would not be directly associated with the town except by proximity. Basically, rather than being Shadyvale’s mercenary company, they would be the mercenary company that is based at Shadyvale. They are members of the mercenary guild, or whatever it’s called, which implies some amount of respectability and accountability of the company. We plan to discuss the question with all players plus the Senechal, Verius, Bonaparte, and Recettear. Points to consider include what the political/economic consequences of this would be, and what terms we should ask for if we do agree. Maybe fund compound in exchange for troop training?

-25 pop for second archer unit

18 untrained workers
1 Trader

5021 gold
50 res

Finishing school opens up two extra training options, can choose from ones available from LV2 school and artisans(potter, weaver, wood carver, random%)

Wizard school can train wizard apprentices, hirelings

Foreman for the construction yard arrived safely on 27th

120res and 80g to fabricate the bars and the DK coins-coin design pending.

Set up trade route to moonstair

ask innkeeper to let us know if a serious issue comes his way for adventurer board.


520g residuum from disenchating tiamat sword
-40g arc to make a glowy apple

bracer-set of 7 peieces representing various virtues. Not of this world
Shiva-older than bahamut who was named after another bahamut who died in the Dawn War

punis- solidified magic in the area
mana spirits are refined and focused specific type of magic

the purple puni may be a fallen spirit, that has fallen
it is empowering itself with the magical thingy
would need to “kill” it to get it back to spirit form

natural enchanted water source, it could be maintaining itself using the magic of the water

our fey court is some sort of meritocracy based on the attunement to somethinge

this is very likely a mana spirit that we need to deal with soon

rearranged the streets in the verius area more structured but not closed off

worker training at winterhaven
temple of bahamut-can train henchmen acolytes

temple of bahamut will try to divine if the orium dragon is still alive

dragons have scarred souls, dieties of immortality
evening` glory

movable type runes inside a ritual chamber-reduces chances of failure

will need to followup on training thing in winterhaven and hammerfast

adventurers guild, only has certified adventurers

advertise our adventurers bazaar in winterhaven

osha certified safety wards book

6th the adventurers market happens

automated way of casting the Bloom ritual, may be useful for restore forest

dawn war R&D 2 succeses
demifae religion 1 success
hammer of shiva religion 5 nature 2 dungeoneering 2
dawn primordials 3
anceint empires 4
genius loci 2

artisans not likely to get training
maintanave skills are available but alreay have most of that
can train specific miliraty units
5 month training of squires and proto knights

get a foreman for construction yard
-47g flat fee and security for move
and 5 gold upkeep

people get their the surges and powers back on the 16th

staff meeting
leomuunds chest is done for senechal, will need to make scrolls

henrietta has some possibilites for people to train
set up trade route with arls get 300g for 3 months of trade route

will upgrade to level 3 lumber
get cherry wood 5% production
mahogany luxury item 55g per hex
cedar- trade resource, good for making things give to artisans

trade routes
thunderspire- about a month gold but political negatives and hit to rep
moonstair- over a month gold but father out no rep issue
winterhaven-2 weeks

6 weeks
a little over a month
arls- least amoutn of money, no political down but high political input from them

Current plan for trade routes:
- First trade route is with Arls, due to offer of subsidy from Meruru.
- Second will probably be Moonstair, for more gold with minimal political issues.
- Then, Winterhaven and Hammerfast simultaneously, so that neither gets mad with us for picking the other first.
- After that, decide when it happens. Hopefully, political issues based on the others will be lessened after the initial routes are established.
- Currently, none of the trade routes will get us very much income compared to our other monthly sources, but in a couple months when the lumbermill is upgraded and the recruitment drive for artisans is completed, they should become more lucrative.

Hannah’s Notes:


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