520g residuum from disenchating tiamat sword
-40g arc to make a glowy apple

bracer-set of 7 peieces representing various virtues. Not of this world
Shiva-older than bahamut who was named after another bahamut who died in the Dawn War

punis- solidified magic in the area
mana spirits are refined and focused specific type of magic

the purple puni may be a fallen spirit, that has fallen
it is empowering itself with the magical thingy
would need to “kill” it to get it back to spirit form

natural enchanted water source, it could be maintaining itself using the magic of the water

our fey court is some sort of meritocracy based on the attunement to somethinge

this is very likely a mana spirit that we need to deal with soon

rearranged the streets in the verius area more structured but not closed off

worker training at winterhaven
temple of bahamut-can train henchmen acolytes

temple of bahamut will try to divine if the orium dragon is still alive

dragons have scarred souls, dieties of immortality
evening` glory

movable type runes inside a ritual chamber-reduces chances of failure

will need to followup on training thing in winterhaven and hammerfast

adventurers guild, only has certified adventurers

advertise our adventurers bazaar in winterhaven

osha certified safety wards book

6th the adventurers market happens

automated way of casting the Bloom ritual, may be useful for restore forest

dawn war R&D 2 succeses
demifae religion 1 success
hammer of shiva religion 5 nature 2 dungeoneering 2
dawn primordials 3
anceint empires 4
genius loci 2

artisans not likely to get training
maintanave skills are available but alreay have most of that
can train specific miliraty units
5 month training of squires and proto knights

get a foreman for construction yard
-47g flat fee and security for move
and 5 gold upkeep

people get their the surges and powers back on the 16th

staff meeting
leomuunds chest is done for senechal, will need to make scrolls

henrietta has some possibilites for people to train
set up trade route with arls get 300g for 3 months of trade route

will upgrade to level 3 lumber
get cherry wood 5% production
mahogany luxury item 55g per hex
cedar- trade resource, good for making things give to artisans

trade routes
thunderspire- about a month gold but political negatives and hit to rep
moonstair- over a month gold but father out no rep issue
winterhaven-2 weeks

6 weeks
a little over a month
arls- least amoutn of money, no political down but high political input from them

Current plan for trade routes:
- First trade route is with Arls, due to offer of subsidy from Meruru.
- Second will probably be Moonstair, for more gold with minimal political issues.
- Then, Winterhaven and Hammerfast simultaneously, so that neither gets mad with us for picking the other first.
- After that, decide when it happens. Hopefully, political issues based on the others will be lessened after the initial routes are established.
- Currently, none of the trade routes will get us very much income compared to our other monthly sources, but in a couple months when the lumbermill is upgraded and the recruitment drive for artisans is completed, they should become more lucrative.

Hannah’s Notes:

Hannah Notes for 10-5-2013

Investigating the Bracer

Sarah prayed to Bahamut with Hannah and Blain helping. Bracer refuses to leave the warforged or something.

About the Bracer:
Image of a dragon, scales of shiny platinum, at least a quarter-mile long. The bracer in its larger form has seven pieces, each hold an aspect of something/some trait. Each one has a name ‘engraved’ into it with magic/spells. These are each a name of a champion/ ‘saint’.
Then an image of three ‘worlds’ in a sea of possibility, with a series of symbols pointing out that the bracer wasn’t from ours, but from another. A color felt/seen- a golden-darkness. Zifnab with a question mark was seen over one of them? I didn’t catch which. But there was at least one world where it showed a Bahamut and Tiamat set of dragons with another dragon behind- this may have had the one where there was a question mark about Zifnab? Bahamut wasn’t quite sure on Zifnab either.

Someone then looked out of the bracer at Bahamut and Sarah and proceeded to throw a pie at them. The pie actually manifested on Sarah. It’s zesty and got a good ‘oomph’ kick to it when tasty. Do not feed to the warforged, she’ll turn into the Flash and steal your coffee. The cream is currently hidden….somewhere. Uhm.

About Bahamut and Shiva:
Bahamut didn’t know much himself. His image of her is through the eyes of another- possibly Io. The image shows a woman dressed in armor (chest piece, armor skirt), blue skin and faded navy blue hair- looks like a Norn. She stands on a battlefield with prone bodies.
The images also have Shiva and a Red Thing (Ifreet?) behind another dragon- this dragon is wearing a collar with symbols on it. He is blue-gray in color, has a metallic halo disc and runes around him. This is the previous Bahamut, we believe. Current Bahamut took his name (rather than was given it).

Puni discussion:

History check on other things like this puni’s actions:
Ancient elven groups- myth dranor and their ‘pools of radiance’. Often something will forcibly stopper the magic- this can be done for good/bad reasons, the act itself isn’t inherently one or the other. It may be done to stop something getting out or spreading, but it can also be to ‘feed’ and keep something from coming out like it should. Good liches and ancient guardians, again usually elven cities that I’ve heard of, do this as a way of protection and keeping something ‘in’.

Rorona (and friends), Fey leader, Wood Mana about this puni. Cordi or else the other friend recognize the ritual it’s doing as being in Abyssal. MS: That is not a puni. Punis are not that…intelligent (need notes on differences between Punis, spirits, etc). It is on a spot of corruption and is probably a corrupted spirit that was originally more like himself. Else it might be something pretending to be a puni, which is also bad news. Mana was fearful but also guilty, Chant convinced him to help. We traveled to the puni’s area. For most of the area near the spirit’s reaction was that the area felt ‘clean but dead’, like it had been disinfected. (Lack of the flow from the magical waters/area?). When finally put close, got some of the corruption. He’s gonna be sick for a few weeks. He’s much more sure about what’s going on now. So we’re going to go battle it specifically trying to heal it with how we approach battling it.

Fey leader during this discussion, Fey stuff:
The fey leader knew that it was Abyssal the puni was speaking. Talking about this in general, most of this info was new for the fey leader, but some of it was sparking old memories.
Religion check on the Fey leader, sort of on his nature and their community: Religion has something to do with all this? Whereas most fey courts are set up around royalty, strength, power, etc., this court is different. It’s both a bit ‘religious’ in nature, though how is yet to be seen. More what we learned is rank in it is dependent on something closer to a meritocracy: the merit depending on strength of attunement to something and ability. Often those within the community that are most like the ‘iconic’ form of their- the most ‘brownie’ brownie, for example.


Alex wanders around the town- the section of town where Verius’ people live is becoming more of a quarter, using landscaping to create paths and less entrances. Nicely kept, have good gardeners. He also gets chomped by a pixie-shark. Surges not back properly because he spends some. Whoops. Everyone else recovers on July 16th.

Staff meeting (sometime late July, early August):

Henrietta has ring that’s a relic of the founder-given to royal family groups. Four elements only the royals can do all of them. The founder’s element is void and it’s ‘lost’.
Two potential buyers for the idol. Still looking.
Verius looked for trail, no luck following up on the devil.
Set up trade routes (see Alex’s notes)

Winterhaven and dragon stuff:

Traveled for 6 days and arrived on the 10th. Staying at the temple of Bahamut, and asked them for their help examining the dragons. They are doing a series of rituals to determine more. The first and foremost thing about the scars is these are physical manifestations of something deeper- these are soul ‘scars’, glue that is keeping the pieces of soul together. The first ritual was to learn in general, the second was more about the nature of this and what’s going on, the third ritual is going to be to retrieve the missing piece of soul, booting out the glue that exists, if we decide to go through with it. Bahamut priests don’t normally deal in soul magic- someone dealing with immortality like Vecna or Evening Glory is probably better to talk to about soul magic in general.
When the eggs came through to us, they were part-way through a sacrifice ritual that we stopped. However bits ‘died’ from the first part of the ritual and went off. These pieces remain, though are far away, but still tangentially connected. The glue is other souls who willingly offered to help. A higher power took notice while doing this, and having an example, was able to help reconstruct, asking for help when needed. This took the form of the willing souls. Most likely residual elements of souls- ones similar enough that they could help shape the dragon’s and their souls correctly when we did the rituals. I suspect it was also power boost. There is also…warforged’s element in there, though she is not part of what makes the soul’s glue. Aaron’s key number was that 3 were needed for the soul.
Warforged has an idea where we can grow the soul that exists, knit it together and make it a whole soul, severing the piece of the dragon that was lost in order to do so.
If dragons die, do they go back to Tiamat? The more time that goes on, the less chance. It’s based on their actions, primarily.
Comment about afterlifes connecting- follow up with Aaron later about this.
Successfully checked on universe things. Diversity of the questions/topics helps it go up. Went up 3%. Now at 17%. My dice are silly.

Other things in Winterhaven:

  • Priests of Bahamut are going to do some research on Orium dragon
  • Priests of Bahamut are going to try and contact golden dragon mother. Uhhhh maybe we should wait on this.
  • Did terribly finding people to ask about training, confused the guy at the Mason’s guild. Got Alex to come out and find out about it instead. Look at his notes for more on training. He and a huge monster missed each other in the clouds when he flew over.
  • Researched what the Bahamut peeps had on the Dawn War, did some research.
  • Put up an ad at the adventurer’s guild for our adventurer’s bazaar.
  • bought rituals, book on wards for safety for Chant.
  • took notes on the temple’s fantastic ritual room that they just got (Bahamut’s faith is going up in the world based on things happening). Includes removable runes to use- these help with reducing the chances of failure or problems.

Dragon book info
several sections first one about a lot of weird dragons
section animal husbandry about the dragons in section one
section 3 common dragons of the forgotten realms temperate inland area categorising of dragons. A lot of dragons that are super rare or may not even exist
mentions some sort of chameleon invisible dragon its wyrmlings are huge
mystery dragons that are unknown element
rainbow elements
something more to some of the dragons

Object read ritual
a picture of a bright day filtered through greenery, huge red hands covered with tiny scales, its using the claws to shape and form the stone
short fat and thick fingers, hand that can be used as a paw
glimmer of a cloud going over the statue, humaniod snake creature mix of snake and human
strange grey color stone like cement around the area
lush green forest in the area
scene of life vibrant, overlooking a structure made of cement, around it verdant tree life
the trees are huge, 100feet
stepped pyramid of some sort with a huge door in one of the sides rectangular pyramid

a work area next to the pyramid with the tree of leaning into it
see some form of draconic creature an orium dragon- breath weapon summons some sort of elemental beasts
ziggaruat is in mint condition, but around the area everything s ruins
never was given away possibly stolen
the dragon enchanted it as a great art object
get a really detailed image of a red metal disk design

see stone reliefs of a humanoid creature small statuete at the foot of it Abtract humaoind design probably elven of some sort. Relief is detailed
next one over is larger humanoid, sepent human hybrid, puts the statue on the pedestal puts it in front of relief. Closes the room with stone door and magic
get a sense of time has passed, the statue or relief does not get dusty

yuan-ti abominaton looks really similar to this but this thing is off its much better combined than a yuanti
two curved blades on the sides fading orium color
wearing talismans, armor and headgear
philigree style in patterns may be find something about it
orimum coins have a design of a sun and moons

stolen from the dragon small humanoid darkened leather armor, halfling probably. Picks up the statue and about to run and get into a fight with the orium dragon.
red wizard of thay dressed in red robes old guy with red eyes, idol is in the background, shield with a rose thorn motif, gets broken in the fight a knightly order of help who crusades and kills evil things
statue had some sort of magical shieldin

the imagery seems to be some sort of tomb possibly
possibly the child of the orium dragon and his mother,

there are stories of half dragons, but more rumor

scene of halfling(korokebokuru) in leather armor, human in odd scale leather armor, little leather plates, the human looks a bit different facial structure. The elf(spirit folk) is really odd looking dressed in furs or hide armor, strange spear of some sort, with a sword blade. Very large gripped sword on the back.
They hand the statue over to a humanoid gentlemen wearing folded robes, and heavy sholder plates. A lot of insignia all over the place. Red and blacks with symbols, abstract scorpion on a lot of stuff. A chest of about 100PP. A chest of sword blades, made out of weird oddly colored steel. One edged blades, master crafted blades.

see an image of the hybrid, with apparently human woman with long dark hair, standing next to a paw. The hybrid being held curled up in the paw.
then an image of the hybric older
the hybrid holding two blades they are orium likely
dragon holding something rectangular
full adult hybid, its good bit bigger than the woman, doing somehting in a fight maybe
the hybrid with a young lady, holding something out to her
then him holding the young woman and the older woman laid out on the stone, the dragon is carving stone
the hybrid laid out on pedestal with an old old woman and she is carving the stone plate

recall an island transported from some other plane that looked like this, in a bay off the sword coast off of waterdeep.


bag science
shove my armor in there.
kordelia friend of rorona is out on expedition.

finishing school governess angrews
devout finishing school teaches in a more religious formal focus not noble type of knowledge, wandering clergy
high class modern day intellectual style broad based middle class
high class social nobility type, heraldry and social stuff

rank 1 finishing school renissance costs: 800CU, 10S,5W,4000g,2M
req: shcool level 2
or school1, alchemy1,church1,magething1

hammer is happy abut fiber crystal and attuning it frost will be best option for the haft
this will however be hard

adventurers board has been set up
GK-5 gather hides
K-4 blackfang worgs
K-5 the darkened crags, scary monster in the mountains to the northeast
??-10 missing sheep yes…that

+2 shadowhound armor
prargon boots of stealth
zehir shadow cloak
all of these to nina

starbag would take 6 months of research for zak to form an opinion
star forge 2-3 years to see what the hell this is
bracer can hide itself from people meh
hammer – make the crystal in to haft shape then attune
give remains of torcmenn to zak to see if ihe can scavange parts, and do secret maintenance later

4 builders
Lv3 weapon master
49 untrained
1 farmer
5 lumbermen
4 stonecutter
182 population


wall grows 1 hex

2000g send out recruit drive for forresters, carpenter, artisans, and others(9 weeks)

1175g allocated to getting tongues, beast growth and detect treasure rituals


Something big was moving in the winterbole forest

Myconids-nature ritual stuff, soil, may have requests.
around the area-small interocnnected caverns, lowest ones full of water, not good for growing. Green water that seems to burn plants.
connection to deeper underdark has collapsed
vast(miles) cavern deeper than the water

get bag of dead drow with magical boots (paragon tier boots of stealth), armor, and cloak

use darklightx4(30ARC), comrad succor(10ARC)

230 nature reageants

june 21st
pop out in a sea of gravel, very big cave. But cant think of anything that could do this.
area is highly magical an event happened at least 100 years ago. Residue of some sort of force spell.
found evidence of some possibly magically reinforced buildings that are semi collapsed, but withstood the blast better
explosions happened in the rooms, almost nothing is left, explosions scaled to the size of the room to ensure destruction
find a very high level magic academy summoning ritual room
other large ritual rooms warded for protection, a dueling room
a magical bowling game room(white wind mages popularised it)

find some sort of magical vault heavily enchanted by an archmage, big room.
susan recognises as some magical form of primordial some sort of purer form of primordial
some of the runes and magic seem to be more elemental in nature
someone knew a ton of elemental magic
4 or 5 archmages worked together to build whatever this is very unusual

jouquin does some weird fully recharge star bag, it significantly drained the gravel chambers ambient magic but its still there

take samples of green water, the stone walls of the pudding cavern, and gravel from the destroyed city


Magic in the area of shadyvale is getting stronger
Leave on the 10th for Winterhaven
idea, possible genius loci, the smaller things “wake” up first then bigger things, pixie leader may be one of these “smaller things”

The warforged did something while in the bag of holding, and is now smaller, more human looking, and purple. Something to do with Evangelion?

go to deliver condolence letters split into two groups for speed
figure out how to help the several families facing hard times
-offer training to any of the families that have people who can be trained
-hook up herbalists famility with rorona for magical stuff
-decorative pot maker
-weaver suprisingly good-hes fine
tier is happy with trade goods

we will invest 1000g in the projects

need to train 37 people, a lot of people are interested in moving to shadyvale

bahamut church is happy with us, we seem to have passed a test

two trade goods merchants weaver and potter, can have ther other merchants we have in training assisting
-herb garder addon to aliter need to rank up altier
-trade goods gold piece value add to farm
-herb farm produces alchemy components flat out production, use on forest

back in town on the 16th

use 15 primal
585 additional wood

ritual of giant growth for mounts

staff meeting
town guards are jack of all trades types don’t have a focus, may not want to level up
-show of force to to curtail the lizardfolk raids
-need to work on getting military force
-barracks covering pop quells crime completely
-will give letters of introduction for Tier to leaders of winterhaven, therund, hammerfast,moonstair, bahamut, get word spread from moonstair
—rorona and apprentice have ties to arland and arls
*pink haried girl in really expensive clothes with rorona, style matches rorona, may have fey in her background
—new trader says maybe some people down south
—demifae leader leader says he can try to talk to feywild, told him about the fey crossing in moonstair
-Trade goods needed for using the caravans will need to set that up first
-cleric (Henrietta de Tristain) is very soft spoken and polite even for a cleric,
—trained medic
—insight, nature diplomacy, religion, and “religion” (of wherever she’s from)
—can do research on water and on lake restoration
—running magic designed magical health care center, elementalist style spells wu jen powers
-may not be able to train people depending
—-will have to try with people to see if they can train
—maybe have her talk to Fizzban’s apprentice at some point about getting her back home
-Will do expedition to the lake with Hagrid and cleric.
-will need to escort rorona to gather stuff for the terrain move ritual
-governess will increase culture and education
—for now she will help out senechal
-Senechal can set up the request board, will start getting requests from population
-zak will be used for science maybe have look at star forge
—maybe have him take a crack at making magic weapons
—currently looking at one of the broken zats
-senechal says we need to start growing population
-need prospectors looking for better metals
-pinky may have something to say about surveying
-make jangly staff for recette

ninja is nina

pink haired girl knows of two people who can do stuff
-traceling merchant will leave a message for him to come by
-adventurer from arland sterg an adventurer from alrnad who does exploration
—will send a message to arland
—send a message to the archeologists to see if they know people

Meruru-from arls wants to learch alchemy to use to help her kingdom

verius- may have some names from sword coast that might be interested, candle keep may be interested if we get the history of the item
will give us introduction to them
ask to follow up on lixus and her party
will send people to gather rumor to see if we can get some specific info to follow on
ask nina about setting up some preliminary defenses, start training some apprentices

Statue Tier bought from the Sunday group:
—need to find out what it is and where its from, may be part of the old troll empire
—may need to go to candle keep
—object read the idol(creation, first owners room,first significant event to it,
—really really old, cannot identify bace race of construciton
—it is of an order of a cross species, of a religious nature

ask nina about assasination
—will need to train people will need time and training facility
—will need fabricate to build

commission 200g chest keyed to senechal will take 20 days to make

cabinets are trade goods

adventurers mart needs to be done
currently trading with myconids
hannah recuperating

power dump into the bag limits discuss with aaron


-some ancient hearth hearth spirits, the keep’s spirit is unhappy.
-demifae fitting in, getting used to place
-chance of “interesting” people coming here is high
-unrest from the church something happened that was not good. Need to make amends(not money) pennance
-talk to wood mana sprite its from an old time where magic was not as scientific

Object Read 100 arc
sword-hobgoblin mean looking with grey hair elder, genasi working on it at forge, bound humanoid dusty skin. Sacrifice used to forge it.
armor-same hobgoblin, back the genasi carvign runes it, some sort of troll with glowing red runes and floaty red spots, another troll doing the same thing, fith flicker just fades.No idea what these are, maybe magical item. Maybe not a toll
tabbard-tabbad manifested from nothing and dropping into its hand,room full of martial weapons with some presence in the room.
gold – hobgoblin view goes foggy, fancy white tile room with odd everburning torches static static gets heavierm, BOOM 9 psychic, 10 falling damage of getting thrown out. OW. Need people running defense, and dont roll low. Need a dedicated ritual room.

Staff of Bardic Charm properties
blessed – on crit on demon devil or undead is dazed, +1 to save vs effects against demon devils and undead, rituals like remove afflictions +5 to the check from demon devils and undead
energized holy +3(11) damage if target is devil,demon or undead
tingly when holding it.
demon devils and undead will see its anathema, but ancient ones will see something is off, its from somewhere else

Two adventurers
3400g for two adventurers to help with assault

Tier business proposal for idol
500g interest
talk to archeologists, that baron guy, and try to get in contact with nobles to try to sell.

987arc bought, expects only a few hundred a month

fix residuum income

ask ninja about anti assasination defense

ask rorona to make vanguard +2 for the pixie

kill dungeon keeper. Will need to keep an eye on how area is healing just in case.

hammerfast rep goes up
back in town on the 8th

take samples of limestone water and tunnel wall for using in science


Loot room
nice armor
nice sword
2 tabbards
800g of new minted coins

Probably volcano near the keeper, may be a fire primordial somewhere here
lava is way hotter and more viscous than you should expect
someone opened a portal to somewhere where there may be adamantite

delay affliction on chant

4 mages of sarruun(hannah)
2 troops sellswords(bonaparte, blane)
hammerfast town guard(paladin)
2 field medic(doom)
7 shock troop
special(susan, lilmiss, david, juaquin,chant,sarah)

Enemy boss was “killed” by a gigantic fireball from the mages, enhanced by Hannah, but he kept going. History checks revealed he was wearing Mourner’s Armor (details on Researched Items), and would be basically unkillable for about 10 days. His attack and damage were raised, but his defenses were low, so he was held in place while Joaquin encased him in a stonewall cube, 20 feet per side. Afterwards, had to pay off the mages to keep the block of stone for ourselves rather than let them take it. No one but the party knows about the armor inside. Need to come up with a more permanent solution for the armor. One possibility is to ask one of Fizzban’s apprentices to disenchant it when they return in a few months.

rep winterhaven+23
rep hammerfast+42

rep church bahamut -9

town rep + 30

250g for battle casting
3800g to payoff mages for the block of stone

24th back in town with block of stone

rorona gets an apprentice(she explodes things for a while)

Hannah entered the star bag for science, and sucked the magic out in some way. The warforged is now approximately human-sized, very shiny, and female. And apparently can fly too. Joaquin entered after the stars went out and returned with a golden shovel to use as a rod. The bag is now drawing in ambient magic to recharge, so we are feeding in daily powers to speed up the process and prevent too much drain on the ambient magic.

build the staff of bardic charm(+3 item, holy superior)
-osewantavre wood
-mithril dust
+240 residuum

may 31st
forresters come back with icethorn
part of recruitment drive finished
normal end of month
ask jared to go give the 100 nature reagents to puni
go trade water with myconids after dungeon keeper thing
do seek rumors ritual

  • get a pack of well outfitter refugees
    • 4 rolls on normal people table
    • and 1 roll +5 on normal table
    • bloodguardX2 imperial guardsmen
      • big game hunting(almost dragon level) special forces leader 3rd nobleman’s son
      • knows how to manage things, political management, military, a lot about design and construction, maybe a princess training, broad high level management
      • Both are willing to help on occasion, but are currently occupied with other unknown matters, so can’t be used full time.
    • assassin for the town level 8 ninja executione
      • stealthiness in plain sight, by being unnoticed rather than unseen, spying very doable, deferential to verius
    • another population increase about 100
    • brought building supplies
      Due to size and rep, Shadyvale is now “on the map”.

june 2nd
finish staff
june 4th
rorna done with alchemy stuff
do map of unseen lands

  • ninja assasin’s house is on map
  • two houses where the bloodguard are living also pop up
    • The names which show up for the bloodguard houses are female names, whereas the bloodguard themselves are both male. Probably people living with them who they are currently protecting, though not their original bonds, since those are “gone”.

wed notes
3869g income
1600g of icethorn(area is picked clean)
68 untrained
24 lumbermen
4 stone cutter
6 miners
5 builders
3 farmers
? more builders and lumbermen from recruitment
arc from MOD
206 population

Cleric of melora(l6) pacifist healer religion, nature, endurance
Zak short gentleman a human or tall gnome, twitchy, likes to tinker, has brownish spiked hair

resources from refugees

  • 4 sets of masterwoks ceremonial armor(old, heavily used, seems to be from one of the families vying for power in the sword coast)
  • 600 units of food
  • granary design
  • 10 bags of holding with runic stone to build a keep
  • 20 lumber
  • 20 high quality wagons
  • gear and training for an outrider troop
  • political info on arcosian faction trying to restore arcosia, good for blackmail, one person marked removed
  • poisonous plants and critters for a poisoners garden

9 untrained
5 farm
Naomi traveling trader
Governess Andrews- etiuquette classes, of use to senechal, broad traned servant of nobility(Diplomacy,history, athletics,heal,insight) part of refugee train
-talked about setting a class will have a fee
-general childrens school
-finishing school

what queue are troop leaders and locks in
level 2 buildings prereq
2 checks
melting bags o holding
alternatives to residuum
getting more manas


500g healing potion
680 vanguard lance for charge pixie lv4
23rd start assault on keeper
weird weapons not magical but kind of like a +1 weapon- 2 of them
1 suit of fancy plate armor
very fancy weapon
this dungeon keeper is focusing on quality troops

the coins and tabards are some sort of ancient goblinoid empire thing


get staff of sleep and charm-860g
magical crystal polearm-2500g
give rorona 2500g statue and 1980g gold dust

give bonaparte polearm and banner(spepherds polearm and banner) set bonus(resist 2 all)
500g to remove coffee affliciton

ask recette to get ARC
recette levels up yay!

train mounts to go back home-
head off to myconids(take 100 NRC, special soil)
create landing area down in the crevace
get 3 moonstones-moonstone(1000g) 2 astral diamond pieces(5k each)
really like the soil stuff

fly off to hammerfast to talk about daggerburg
find dungeon keeper
go to hammerfast talk to temple meet jaren paladin of morridin.
12th in hammerfast
1800g-magic ki focus for david
15th in thunderspire

deldarosh-goblins, hobgoblins and bugbears, recently got a bunch of weapons. Have a good idea on camp. somewhere between 100-150 troops, casters assasins. Considers himself a bit of a warlord.
mages of saruun offer services to deal with problem
may 16th
talk to hammerfast and winterhaven, and others
will have 2 cleric,4 mage artillery, 4 troop(leaders: A,S,B,Bonaparte),10, low level troop, 7 shock, 1000g for rituals, special unit(H,D,J,Jared,Susan,LilMiss)
contribute 5k to war chest

level 12 wondorus magic item(ritual candle)
level 9 implement(blaster rifle for jared)

currently may 20th
scouts took a good look at dungeon keeper area, know its not shadwofell think he is mining something

1350g from moonstair for food for 3 weeks for 50


Party coming back on 5th

talk to hagrid about reviving lake, will give access to rare creatures, will give access to mineralised water for farms. Will need atmospheric manipulation to fill and maintain. Will do after fixing grove.

Rorona has rich soil-increases production of farm by 25% for a month up to level 3 farms, can be usefil for creating types of buildings like herb garden has 1 right now.
Ask Rorona for 3 promote growth-will take 8 days

the bunny puni crystal-can use used in a highly magical area to do a ritual to cause a magical creation of a creature of some sort. Fey can manifest from mana collection. Show it to the demi fae guy. Will talk to Rorona about it.

seek rumor calls hearth spirits-get a lot of info

  • one of the adventurers mention a large green dragon named vestipalk, lair in the cairngorn peaks flying around more lately heard from kobolds he met, near winterhaven, dragon is looking for something, has a companion priest bound by destiny
  • talk of trolls in west coming into nentir vale
  • talk of a group unclear but 5- people making a name for themselves as assassins. Sounds like a family and “family”

send Bonaparte to church of bahamut to get healed-580g
Bonaparte is now full level 9
hunters and henchmen are free to do stuff

talk to Rorona about puni crytal-can spawn a mana spirit to contract with
guard allocations-5 at mine/quarry, 10 at farms/lumbermills,5 at quarry 2, 5 on roads

conjure a wood mana sprite using the puni crystal Kline Kiezling- cost 1 primal, 1 life mana
can tire out sprite, can give gifts to regen
alchemic lumber is 1-5 at 25-50 residuum,

290g of small gem slivers.
store magic water in a wood, stone and metal container to see how long it lasts

get to geode tunnels on April 9th-
tunnel height is small so tunnel out
find caverns about two hexes into the mountain- some sort of small creatures wearing boots
follow the tracks we find
come out of mountains into heavy wooded section-3 days have gone by
meet a party of creatures in armor-kobolds
find the kobold party-tell them about adventurers mart. point squirrel to talk to tier and Recette to trade info about recources for items.

back in town on 17th
hear about bandits somewhere south of town preying on the trade routes.
we disguise ourselves and act as bait, find bandits

150g arc for interrogation
goblins-Warlord Deldarosh—hearken forest and witchlight fens-the old hills.

27th back in town from goblin expedition
have to take care of goblins raiding
end of month stuff
blane finishes training an acolyte
sarah woking in church of bahamut chunrch rep+7, winterhaven +2, ask her tgo buy staff

Used a Craft Alchemic wood item:
Costs: 1440 Residuum, 36 wood
Produced: 222 wood
Net gain 186 wood

another 3000g to Recette for adventurers mart


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