Orbital rebuke undead

Lilmiss goes through portal meets a kobold
the kobold gives little miss a fancy egg with dragon heads on it.

we all escape but end up in a hallway which is insane
its more disturbing the more you look
we seem to be at the edge of reality.

Asuka tries to pray to the great one, and the call goes everywhere.

Shinji tries to arcana gets weird reaction of a million voices crying out in terror then laughing in a weird way.
The voices were not reacting to him. There is a sound of static like sound with surges of fire. Some sort of element that I have been exposed to but dont understand. The cocept is vast, much bigger than what Shinji is used to.

The dragon heads on the egg are making weird pitched sound. Dragons can hear the thing. The three tones combine into words: Relic egg made my own of those who are not claimed by good or chaotic, and evil and lawful. But our enemies made my own. Three fold focused inward and stay it shall. Three fold focused outward and but once it be. Within strength of might, hardness of self and succor of life. Strength focused out all manners of the open box(egg) spread throughout. Threefold within draws from one who is now two, those who are lost and those who were forsaken. Threefold without draws on all those who never were but all are.

Primordial essence contained in a container in this case egg.

Shinji can research this stuff or help someone else.

Auriana tries religion, and intersepts a prayer. Some fight of a high level cleric in an abbey near a gnoll army. Under assault by a lich and his army. Also Auriana and the other person connect to eachother. Also somehow connects to Hannah.

Hannah hits the undead with a massive siege level rebuke undead and sends the lich flying.

The party is in the temple of bahamut in moonstair. This is completely normal. Also a set of coordinates. And a change to the portal ritual for hostile portaling. A way to break into portal circles and an awareness of the portal network.

Also Rose is out ofr a month or more.

11-12-2016 Hannah's Notes

As Lil Miss leaps through the portal, she is greeted by a kobold.

Shiny metallic but not metal, with three tentacles off the top.

Faberge egg heavily detailed with draconic motifs, with three dragon heads coming out the top. It’s orbiting around Lil Miss’ head. She thinks she could pull on the heads.

Kobold is wearing armor, has pauldrons on each shoulder that are draconic, they are full of energy. They turn into draconic wings and then flies into a portal you can’t see.

We make it! OWWW.

We end up in a corridor. It goes forward and backward as far as the eye can, about 7.5 feet and then it gets hazy.
Chant and Oriana heard Asuka’s prayer to the Great One asking about what this egg thingy is floating over Lil Miss’ head.

Olavien, Chant, Oriana, Purple hears this echo/side parts of Asuka’s prayer. Olavien doesn’t really get it (rolled a 1).

Think that all things connected to sender or greatly related to Dragon hear this prayer.

Shinji tries to make an arcana check. He hears a million voices in fear, and then they laugh.

They were not quite laughing/ full of the feeling of it. It seemed like it wasn’t at SHINJI per se, but something felt like it that he understands.

He sense fire, he intrinsically understands it. He gets a rustling sound (rising and falling) with the fire.

Arcana stretched off into infinity.

The three heads on the egg are humming as a compilation of these pitches. It would be hard to understand without special hearing. Dragons are some of the creatures who could hear it.

humming together to make a word. each is talking. Slowly.

“Relic egg made my own of those who are not claimed by good and chaotic and evil and lawful, but our enemies made mine own.”

“Threefold focused inward, and stay it shall. Threefold focused outward, and but once it be.
Within strength of might, hardness of self, and succor of life.
“Strength focused out, all manners of the open box [egg] spread throughout”

Primordial essence within a container.

“Threefold within draws from one who is now two, those who were lost, and those who were forsaken.
Threefold without draws on all those who never were but all are.”

Oriana listens to the place religiously:

Roll percentiles!


Lets herself go, gets a sudden burst of Platinum. “Please succor my friends” open request

She takes up the request, lay-on-hands is gone. She also offers up healing font, doesn’t get back until further notice, and shield of devotion uses are gone.

roll percentiles: 45.

Mari Curry
ardent cleric
research for bahamut that has been trapped in a fight in a small abbey out of the way far to the northeast. Abbey has been separated from the rest of the bahamut people due to troll invasion across the plains.

They are being attached by a lich and a swarm of undead.
“steamrolled with a large fluffy pillow”

Chant: Knows how this works.

Epic Destiny. Right kind of power.

Orianna healthy, but unconscious.

Entire party is at Winterhaven (not Moonstair) at the inner Sactum of the temple of Bahamut.

Important thing: Bahamut gives a set of coordinates and a modification portal ritual for hostile use.

Awareness of a ‘portal network’ that this guy used. Vague idea where they all come out.

Bahamut is now a lot more pissed than he was.

Come Sail Away, Come Sail Away, Come Sail Away With Meeee!

We go left. We open the door of the alcoved area into the next section. The door opener is claw door.

Strange raised stone sections, running parallel throughout the room. 60x 80, with a 20 ft alcove.

3inx 6in with 2 ft between.

Door down, and over by the raised stone sections there is a hatch-door thing that is scaled.


We sing a boat to life and float it through some doors and now we are with old growth English forests. We are in a place that looks sort of like the heart of the titan from Dragon Age: Inquisition.

There is a floating castle that looks like an iconic german castle, like so:

Oriana has apparently been scratching at her left arm, seems to be glowing.

Blue with purple and red and green and yellow elements in a swirl, shifting.

Olavian on day 3 notices it on her chest/breastplate area.
Verinal on his forearm of dominant arm
Kaz on her shoulder blade, dominant side
Chant on where his heraldry/shoulder pauldron would be.


Uhm. Lil Miss is hearing lots of psychic channels…doing battle commands?

We are talking about Bahamut/doing ritual of Mystic Sages. Asuka decides to ping the server.
“Oh Great One! Can you hear me?”
All the channels shut up. And then all talking over each other. Whoops!

Well, now Asuka’s got the Great One’s attention. “Oh Great One, a dragon was horribly slain and must be avenged! Help us find the one who did this so we can avenge!”

And then ALL the dragon marks light up. All of them. In Eberron. Uhm. We’re in Eberron. And the Great One just tapped untapped power?

Oriana’s mark is burning hotter when she gets ‘warmer’?
:( We could have gone through the stone of the keep directly, but rolled a 1. We could have had it alllllllllllll.

""Our #dnd game so far: sang ‘Come Sail Away’, recited tunnel monologue from Willy Wonka to make our boat go. Now running around to Yakity Sax"

We burst forth into a religious room with the Lord of Blades, making a fiery explosion. Cool guys don’t look back at explosions.

We fight!

small thing in a door that is not actually there at the back of the chamber. 3 rearing heads of a dragon talisman. It flickers for a moment. It’s got yin-ying heads and a total of 8 dragon heads.

Warehouse of evil.

Shinji can sense direction and distance to shadyvale
Also can sense mood, health and seems to be able to bolster its health

Sarah can detect all source of fire.

Asuka knows how to use some of the stuff in the area.

There are a lot of valuable metals and stuff.
Fey wild metals. Fey touched steel, fey touched unknown.
Some sort of corroded metal that was underwater with elemental atunement.
Sea touched blue iron.
Mysterious blue metal that is more magical orium
adamantium, hell steel, blessed steel. Angelforged(uses a living angel), enchanted brass. Magically reinforced steel, magically reinforced zinc, magically contained slightly white shiny white metal, rusted bar with anti force on it. Lightly enchanted form of highly processes steel(masterforged). Cobalt “encahnted defence”, magic metal. Mithril is in the forge.

Take notes on magical forging equipment.

Notes about the super heavy blue metal. they are buy the guy. Not sure what the vellum is from or what the ink is.

We steal the blue ingot, the aluminum, and the angelforged.

Blue ingot falls out of the handy haversack. The bag has lost its magic.
Shinji does science on the blue ingot which we leave sitting in the hall. A +1 enchanted ingot seems to get corroded by its magic getting destoryed.

Little miss sneaks into a warehouse where we find the items all the metals were sampled from. There are TONS of stuff here. Including the angelforged spear which Sarah tries to take, she falls over unconcious. We get attacked by 4 divine magical constructs that are profaned to tiamat, bahamut, kord and correlon.
GorunNova eats two of the constructs power.

10/8/2016 Hannah's Notes

Blue Metal
Sea-touched rot/wrought
Fey Steel
Fey Unknown (Green Copper from Feywild?)

The Mithral is currently in the forge, surrounded by runes. They are dwarven. The thing is bench-like, with a sunken part at the center. The rest goes to a blazing forge. There’s more but I lost the notes :(

The Dark Blue Metal is 400 lbs.

Notes: Reference to ‘The Deeper Wells’, ‘Sleeping’, ‘Chipped off of something’, like it was taken from multiple places and then forged together, talks about radiation.

Fairly recent, some of this is old. Someone is speaking a really old language. What it was written with or on. The vellum was ? before it was vellum.

We take the notes.

Lil Miss tries to lay the the Angel-Forged to rest. It no work, trying to run on fumes in power source.

It cries and weeps. Orianna puts it in her bag, by itself.

As we walk, suddenly Orianna’s other bag splits and the blue metal falls out. The bag is no longer enchanted, It seems aged, corroded. Shinji kind of recognizes it, but the wrong context.

Sniff assisting. Assnifting!

Lil Miss is nomming stuff in the forge storage area where he got samples from various things to get these ingots. Room is the size of Costco.

Suit of demon hell-forged armor
lance of devil hell-forged
angel polearm.

When enchantment went poof, corroded away the thing it was part of.

Religious-created guardians, bound to a god.

Construct with Tiamat Armor, One for Bahamut, One for Kord, One Corellon. All wearing dawnforged armor and weapons. He has written derogatory remarks on all of them. They sense Orianna and Lil Miss. He probably forged these- sloppy forging.


David balances things

David takes balance aspect after some fiddling with kewords, he can apparently become undead dead, or living reborn

Resurrects gryphon, but its a bit more gryphon like per his mental image of gryphons.
Other gryphons are more even tempered.
Wilbell back to normal but grew taller.

Sango mostly fixed but still able to fiddle with spirits body. Needs to punch someone to test it.

David has to get a guardian for the temple. Pixie imbued with power would be a really really good guardian.

9-24-2016 Hannah's Notes


Sense sees ‘light’ that bounces of runes, closer to the right thing but both gained and lost ground.

Verinal starts thinking about/focusing on his current life and how he came back recently. How he is dead and undead and dead again?

When he tries to think about his first life, he gets a sense of fire and life and flames.

In the first dawn war there were 3 dieties and 5 elements.

The high seraph was the first one with death domain.

Ravaanos and death.

Firestar and life.

and Ao.

He can sense phoenix. Every true phoenix in this d&d realm can teleport to or teleport it to him. Phoenixes have never died, only been born and born again.

Switches to ‘living and reborn’. He notices a ringing sound to some extent. Balance is everywhere. Orb is what who and what Zodiarch. The whole thing is balanced against it, and not.

Verinal claims it. A lock clicks. Life, death, balance all interlink, become basically a single domain. They are more separate now than they were before, though he has them. Zodiarch is still Zodiarch in the center area. Zodiarch started with balance, then reigned in the other two. HE was a sys-admin but now he does have the depth anymore? He doesn’t have the balancing act anymore/a lot of that wisdom is gone. Zodiarch seems tired, worn. Angels stopped crying.

Chain at the middle is twisted at 45 degrees to awk-ward

Exploring the temple: Verinal walks down a hall to an area that is not broken. He walks through a membrane of religious energy. Verinal passes through. Rest of party goes back, don’t pass it.

Not a lot of traffic in this area. Sees two sets of footprints, one set bigger than the other. Smaller feet are 5’ 6" range of person, larger set over 6’. Continuing down, the stone just stops, and continuing on is just earth/soil. The tracks continue onward. Male and female. Suddenly branches out into a ‘small’ room, rocky area with some trees and a line of tombstones. Each of the tombstones has an emblem. 13 are marked, the 14th is blank. Each one also seems to have a something written underneath. More like obelisks, glassy.

The steps walk through the gravestones to a church with the mark of Zodiarch on them. The doors open at his touch, there’s a stone thing/altar with markings- to what god? He wonders.

In the far end there is a stained glass. When he tries to focus on what’s behind it, it’s wavy and can’t tell/hard to look properly.

The two people are there. They seem mostly faded away. (She’s more jagged?)

Life and death, building and/or altar is a third aspect. Warmth/human look and cold analytical aspect to look at things/keep balance.

Zodiarch may have betrayed things/ he gave the ideas that helped lead to mortals.

Even Evening Glory isn’t watching in here.

He spends more time with the obelisks. These are true names/concepts that represent that god. Could probably think of a bring forth a bit/some of a summon of their power. Underneath is Zodiarch’s impression of them/thought of them/ what they were to him.

He also finds a fountain. Representation of Firestar. There is also possibly a studying area where even Zodiarch studied.

Behind the church are a bunch of shallow graves.
1. Crumbly
2. Parched
3. Heat, smoldering
4. dried out but cold
5. etc.

one in the far corner with a metal spike driven into it, gnarled and rusted. Someone is in it with only a dusting to cover. Gets a sense of concussive force.

Primordial types.

4th side of the church: bench, cliffside, view off into a variety of beautiful views. Starry atop, water, fjord, etc. Place of relaxation.

As he walks around to the front of the temple again. Something hits him. A chip- metal, stone, crystallized metal? Reality warps a bit as he looks around/ foreign mental impression that changes the perception of things. Gets a mental picture of Zodiarch in one of his forms made of this material. He’s in the corpse of Zodiarch. Sensing true thoughts, feelings of him.

As he preps, if feels like the essence of Zodiarch is helping a bit to do this. It’s easier to do this here because he’s inside of a god. What he’s trying to do, gods are already partway there. So using the god as a material component helps to achieve this. So the other locations are likely to be dead gods, TRULY dead gods.

He meditates, trying to remember all the motions. When the moment is as close as he can to Solstice, he steps through the doors. He rolls a 1.

Gets impressions of revenant vampire partway through the Kingdom (still Kingdom). Started out human. Became a vampire. Would then ‘reincarnate’ to more powerful fey as he moved up. Their worship had to do with ancestral worship. Great heroes were worshipped as minor deities. They achieved ranks higher than Archfey. Transmutate into different type of fey. Archfey is 6, THE Archfey is 4.

Paid token reverence to the deity of the cycle. Character made it to upper hierarchy, but he isn’t getting clear images from later onward. This guy was on a mission involving time and the gods. They were dumping all their ancestral power behind this to work on this. The gods were weak. Then the Fall, the Time of Troubles, and the died during the Something. Died youngish at 1400 in this disaster.

Love and Tolerating people to pieces! He achieved beyond Archfey. He confused people and made them all super nervous.

Percentage goes up by 12 for David.

Balance snaps in and it’s time for choices:

1. Life: Civil: Impression of an area, a flower garden, a walkway, a vegetable garden. Social way, organization, through physical things. Clan’s emblem embedded in the stones of the walkway.
2. Balance: Serene: Sense of stillness, a calm pool in a meditative garden. Socially structured but quiet place. Internal thing that reduces conflict with others.
3. Death: Emotion: Interacting with people, saying just the right thing, how people interact, why they interact, why they begin and end. Stopping conflict, stopping peace. Stopping unhappiness. Intuitive, insightful ability.
4. Life: Marshal Unity: A variety of small effects that add up to something large. Taking advantage of small openings that your allies give you adding up to advantages for you.
5.Balance: Gamer’s Mind: In timed things and tense moments, removing elements that factors that would cloud. Basically, could make snap judgements with this. Time slows for him and he can assess info more ‘normally’.
6. Death: Death by Koala. From physical to mental, like dreamscapes. Attack mental situations on opponents. Someone’s mental endurance- able to make mental attacks of people. Psy-ops campaign on steroids.

Birdy nooooooo!

Fly towards temple
there seem to be giant runes spiraling to the temple

get chased by oni with his group, one of them is a warforged druid
its really tough
we hit a barrier that excludes anyone who is not divine

one of the rime fire gryphons dies.
its soul is hagning around as a canary

once we get to the temple the mollases feeling for normal people goes away
david feels a presence even stronger.

the temple is in ruins, rukia overhears shiva and henrietta talking on god radio describing a meeting with her pantheon.
remembers a description of zodiak as grey metallic stone as being parts of the god zodiac
the layout seems to be something anatomical but in sets of 3

some people hear quiet weeping and as we step out standing around a floating sphere are 3 figures crying.
In the corners of the room there are 4 golden figures in leather armor. They are grey golden covered.
From behind the sphere step two large humanound figures with scythes and big fluffy wings.
they point at the party.

August 27th, 2016 Hannah Notes

The temple is like 4-8 miles in radius. Far at the center is the pool and the ‘temple’.

6 points that start moving inward. Two larger figures drop down. There is a single one on top of the temple drawn down by the two other figures. Hairline sized runes, 80 feet across for each, circling in.

This one is something to do with ‘sigil’, the ‘judgment’

intersects at a 90 degree angle

War barge being pulled by warforged druid. Has bear and oni?

Chant holds meetings.

hannah pokes spectral armor.
its an armor concept
literally the ghost of armor
turns it into armor concept energy worth 37k armor.
this will need research between me and hannah.
light armor qualifications ask about.

go to zak and armor things happen. No more armor. :(
ask questions

check the stuff on iouna, apparently she has soul forged equipment
made using body parts of the dragon itself and hannah
pulls out oa stone box with a symbol, its a dwarven chamber pot
it has the arm of a death knight
hes been studying it
its empoweree by orcus and nerul.
armor propeties seem to depend on the person.
zak suddenly gets an idea, goes digging in a fancy supernal book
trying to soulforge olavian would be hard and have interesting again.
he does some science on olavian, he blows up a small jelatious cube.
gnome automated forge and fancy blacksmith.

quick check on self
I am something like a wizard type ritual that creates half elementals
Take 150% and make it 100%
May need to take a look at some sort necromacy having to do with soul magic for damange
Have undergone several purification style rituals but not really, they abstractly similar
Soul seems to possilby be scarred but hard to tell.
Still some spiritual soul damange but will heal over time, but better to actively heal.
Currenly likely vulnerable to spirit magic, do not touch dream rings. Effects seem similar to that one time altering self in the dream world

get a realisation fo what is going on, get a more farseeing, i no longer have to center on myself
can now scry ising pattern sight
get a daily chage a die roll after roll once per day sort of. +/- 5
modification daily power
power : daily effect that adds or subtracts a 3 to ANY die type roll, after the number.
it modifies the die itelf for the attack
EX this would affect dice for town resource
EX would affect percentile
works better in conjuction with the main daily power:

it modifes results of the daily power.
allows modification of any number in the game, including number of targets, burst size.
and makes results retroactive

magniture: declare a die to be a number but modified by my passice or encounter.
-have to use pattern check to switch

passive power: switch a bard power at a moments notice as long as I pass a taveren check for one use
switching out of class is harder at disadvantage with penalty on top
also could go up in level but at another penalty.
push to permanent switch

can scry the pattern not the world. works like a scry but not a scry.

Pattern Farsight: Can change focus of pattern observation. Still limited to threads I have interacted with, affected by degree of interaction. The greater the impact of interaction the easier it is. Can be used to observe threads that have interacted with threads I have interacted with, but each step away gets more dificult. (31)
Daily Power: Change an attack roll, skill check, or ability check by +/- 5 after die has been rolled. This recharges based on major story events.

Modification Daily Power Options
Can be swapped between by using a taveren power check.
Power: +/- 3 to any die roll after result is known.
modifies the die itself
Examples: town resource roll, percentile roll, damage roll
Augment: Spend +/-5 daily power

EX: Number of targets, burst size
Magnitude: Declare a die to be a specific number accounting for the passive taveren effect for attacks, skill checks and ability checks.
Augment: Spend +/- 3 encounter power
Declare a +/-3 to the actual die value of the selected die. Power is retroactive until the next action is started.

Passive Power: Make a taveren check to swap any currently available power for another power. Selecting bard powers is easiest. Selecting powers from classes for which you currenlty have powers is possible at a penalty. Selecting powers from any class is possible at a high penalty. Replacing powers with higher level ones is also possible at a high penalty. Power swap can be temporaty or permanent with permanent selection being more difficult. Power selection can be done during a long rest at a bonus.


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