David notices things and minions for everyone.

He sees kobolds go serious and salute hannah.
He also sees the “The blood of IO that hannah has that everyone cannot see” It wants to get tiamat and bahamut back together

Great one is above IO in squirrel’s view of cosmology.
squirrel is old for a kobold and is very very good at bluff.

David notices other things. (See hannah notes)

Yet another “pixie” shows up in my room. The winds are odd, do not seem animal like. Wearing a dress. Pixies tend to carry things like flowers and things, full size. This one is is wearing tiny ivy/leaves. the fox like ears are weird. Faint slits inside her pupils, like a second iris.

Chant, meets Autum. Water seem to be sticking to her from the pitcher.

Something knocked the pitcher over on top of her. Bunny is super afraid of her.
Room seems to be aspected to bunny and pixie.

Mitch made a prank carpet that will cause rabbits to spawn. Fey touched rabbit?

Chant seems to be spawning pixies by thinking about it. There seems to be a wooden mesh.

Fish swims by inside the mesh. Lots of fish inside, something amoeba like.
Mesh is to keep things in. Fey leader is in the middle of the whole mess.

Remove commands from angels. They suddenly start to fade, Autum says that was not right, without structure they fade.

I assign them to David, they suddenly go hostile.
David tries to capture them.
Chant tries bardic lore, turns out info about how angel function is activelu protected by Ioun personally. Chant gets knocked unconcious.

david is having a “mental battle” to get control of angels

Angels start to differentiate more.
Sun elf, some sort of caster. Light based wings . invoker of balance
Wood elf paladin, pink , green leafy wings. Paladin of Life
dark elf with metallic wings with a giant scythe Avenger of Death
moon elf of some sort, with bladed gauntlet. with big twohanded sword. Pale silver skin with glow. Bladesinger of Verinal?

Autum seems to be stuck 30 feet from someone in the party.
She seems to be only missing a day of memory.
She has been checking dungeon keeper locations. And other environmental effects like that.
She sounds super old. She lost count.

Angels are meandering around town. The temples are actually running again. They are getting repaired. The angels that were there are back in power and a bunch of new ones appeared.

Sarah feels full.
there is a surge and a diembodied feeling. Several fiery shafts hit my torso.
Startle awake.

Everyone falls over. There were 3 of these. Big metal pod falls next to sarah. She seems diminished.

Metal picture of a massive building floating in the star skape. And drop pods with super powerful space marine.

There are three posts 120 feet from sarah. Sides of pods blow off and three warforged walk out. They are pretty damn big. Experimental units for testing. Voice commands do not seem to work. Mental is effective?

orianna seems to have a source of oomph that seems to be missing. She seems to be tired and run down.

goblin lake, drarf fortress, small town part of ten town. We should confirm the two wee did not see.
We head to the inn, Autum orders fey wine.
Pixie seems to zooms from a shaft of light. Pixie is growing crystals and goes to sleep. She sent him to the courts about the issues that we’ve been having

She did a fey cider. Crystal cider. She sparkes as she turns around. She was dringing the cider being made out of the apples that got turned to crystal.

The beam of sunlight is a summer court thingy.

Head over to olavie, to search for plua.

Autum stares at shiva, shiva gives her a snow cone.
Plua was investigating walnuts. In the area where we found the walnut grove.
Sending to plua does not work.

Wood mana and fire mana are floating down the street. Autum goes and talks to them, something about mana things?

Notice a grand opening sign. Supply shop? Ye olde shoppe.

Some random items on display in the shop. Floating lady with umbrella and lavender hair. Weird little people in the shop seen as well. Giant lavender teddy bear.

A form floats down through the cieling. Also two floating fey? things going “chim”
The propereto is pamela ibis was referred to by rorona to come here.

she offers us an ankh that seem to protect against illusions and things. Seems to be several lauered enchantments. But about right power level wise.

4500g for ahkh thingy.

Adquate coffee(godlike)

Offers a magical item that is super fancy, also very expensive. The item is super old, suprised its not even sentient yet.

Also 122,000 for some sort of very fancy armor.

Duplication of stuff. is something she is apparently

CHant dumps xp into the armor it repairs. Chant does it super well.

chant ac goes up from +9 to +13
The armor moves and shifts looks lke scale mail.
resist 5 psychic, necrotic, force
special: if items tupes are more than one of the above the resist is additive.
+2 to saves against powers with those keywords.
if you have those keyowrds as power type, you are minus 2 to death saves, or +5
cannot loose healing surges due to surge drain, damage
when you spend an action point bonuses are increased to armor tier for one round.

While aurianna is holding it it turns into plate.
Hannah puts armor back on, after a bit she notices 18-20 for spending a surge, if warfirged resovles, 15-20

We finnaly arrive at the fey compound

"Okay look today's weirder than usual.."

Verinal thinks through what he sees when Olavien switches into the dragony shard, and all his knowledge suddenly shifts slightly and he puts together that Bahamut and Tiamat are the split parts of Io. He even read this once upon a time in a book, but his knowledge glazed over it. Now his balance-lore helps him realize this, and keeping a strong connection to the balance domain should help him remember taboo things he now knows.

The author of the book was important, but Verinal can’t remember why.
Verinal: Makes the wisdom check on Squirrel, then a perception check:

Squirrel: Has made reference between Io, Bahamut and Tiamat in his preaching.

Mother of Dragons (heresy) but not god of dragons
Bahamut is with justice and stuff and A DRAGON but not a god
Io is The Dragon God

The Great One is above all that. Part of that is GO has 3 heads, Io only has one, B and T only have half-heads.

When the great one was diminished there was Io. Comes from or took up the mantle in the GO’s stead..The Great One is here and not…
Sees the Blood of Io in Olavien’s pocket. He identifies percentages of Bahamut, Io, Tiamat

Oh I remember this rather than ‘I see this’ of a dragon who is starry, has a mandala of 9-like/seedlike shapes over its back(?).

Gets an impression of a woman/angelic thing. Also remembers Shiva more recently referencing ‘Big Sis Seraph’.
Contemporary of Shiva’s Pantheon? Possibly. Io is younger than Shiva. Probably not of Shiva’s pantheon.

Sees a symbol, that is ancient and not yet been. Not coming from balance-lore. This is shown to Verinal.
Olavien also sees it? (Dragon symbol)

It is the 28th of December:
We eat waffles.

Chant wakes up and there is a fey…Chant looks at it. It is probably not a pixie? Its wings remind him of thistles. She’s got fox-like ears, and covered in tiny vines around her, to her scale. There is water refusing to get off her. Her name is Autumn?

Chant releases her from the water with a great deal of force, and then it chases her upward before splooshing.

Autumn was trying to figure out where the heck she was when a giant creature tried to smush her with the pitcher.

fey pooling when the door is closed. 13 rabbit skins made to look like a rug.
Object read! Someone handing it to a person in town who helps with everything else. See tiny hands stitching it together, strand by strand making it the same color. Mitch looming over it all.

Chant is going to wrap Mitch in the rug and throw him in a lake.

Bunnies are feyish-touched but not from the feywild.

A Lord of the Area is also a Pixie, and Chant is a lord of the land and they are thinking about pixies.

Chant is going to see the Fey Leader. Right now.

Ritual…casting…winged…bunny? WTF is going on…

There is a wooden mesh around Fey area

Waffles continued

What are we gonna do about Thurizdun angels?
They are plugged into Asuka/Lil Miss and…into town

The angels are fading with how Chant is phrasing his ‘delete orders from current users’.

Chant tries to ask ‘how do angels work’, roughly and gets smacked and banned by Ioun and blacks out.

Verinal is trying to attune the angels. They start to change. Meanwhile Autumn is muttering in Elven. She is swearing up a storm.

Rippling divine energy…and it could be an effect they did against people who rolled before them. Seems kind of like what happens when someone gets a negative score. there is a mechanic before you can act for each negative.**

There is now a ‘sun elf’ in robes, energy wings: Invoker of Balance
Wood Elf, leafy wings: Paladin of Life
(lady) Dark Elf, Metallic jagged sword wings: Avenger of Death
Moon Elf, gray, wearing ‘skirmisher armor’, and runed giant blade that is light blue: Bladesinger of Verinal

Oriana is monochrome
The Temples have restocked and cleaned up
Autumn is currently stuck with us, and we’re crazy. Sorry Autumn.

Oriana stops being monochrome and is less than she was. Oriana feels a countdown.
Chant feels a surge and has a vague sense of awareness while asleep. Several fiery shafts run through Chant straight down into his torso.

fiery shaft coming down into town, and Oriana is the only one standing.

Angel calculates, and then a sense from Lil Miss of danger/warning. Picture of a massive citadel in black over a blue marble.

From lil miss: Scene of people with something like jaffa staffs blasting hundreds of green, flames per minutes. Thousands versus a planet, and they’re winning.

Pods land 120 ft from Oriana. Out walk three warforged.
We inform Autumn of world threats. She writes on a leaf and blows an ember into flame. “Give them the leaf” of the flame-ash.

Fey-wine/black bark wine: lol wat.

Grand Opening
Fancy Lady? Lavender hair? Sun Umbrella?
Pamela Ibis
Protective Thing Against Dreams

Resist 5: Necrotic, Force, Psychic
If the power has multiple of these types, then these stack.
2 to saving throws to attacks that have those keywords or types.
If you have one of those keywords as a power type you have -2 on those death saves. If you don’t have any of those, it’s +5 on death saves.
You cannot lose healing surges due to surge drain.
When you spend an AP, the bonuses are increased by tier for one round. (multiple by 3)
death save can spend surge on an 18-20
If use warforged resolve during that combat, once during that combat can use 15-20


we make it to the next day!

the cambions are from a line of royal guards of tieflings.
Their families swore oaths at every generation to serve

They were following the demons cause they were next best thing.
They serve the emeperor and renew their oath. Their oaths preent them from doing damange to the emperor.

They will follow chant. They are some form of evil alightment.

But they can actually change their alignment.
They are willingly following chant. Yay?
Blood line is second in terms of loyalty. Anyone else trying for the throne they will consider him an usurper.

They will be ok with my plans.

I explain things to rest of party. They are not entirely happy with this plan.

nyad teels us that there have been more pixies spawning lately, its been a while since a large fae has appeared. Its been pixies constantly over the last two months or so.
david talks to mithc, pixies have been acting weirder than usual.

Chant crown is flamy with tendrils that looks like brances, or barbs, the colors seem to have brows and green in them.
Tree gives me three cherrys.
The three devils speaks in true supernal.
they eat the cherry, take the seed in their hand and squeeze, the seed cuts their palm, and they bleed on the tree. the tree blossoms. They will plant them. The name they use for chant seems to also indicate the land.

They start walking away, and the two males skin starts getting paler, their horns change. Ears become more tiefling. Their physical apperance improves, their build becomes more that of a martial artist. Tails shrink, hair changes to more normal color. Skin is more a greyish with red. Claws are gone. Wings fade away. :O
The female tiefling has the super fancy horns ever. Eyes are much more subtle, but have shade of blue on blue with a glow.

Hanna stated at them with staring. Succubus blood adjusted them. They can still probably fly because the wings are magical. Ethereal wings? Their magics are a litte on the creepy side for hannah. They use soul magic.

CHant wakes up to several pixies pixes and bunnies in my house, put the bunnies in olaviens house.

There is a new mana in town, we should talk to them. Fire mana? Last fire mana was called ember before the last Iris, current is Uru

Kerowyn is following the t virus. It killed some bandits, the team following killed and burned them. Then a fox wolf thing slowed them down. Susan and bag pipers are on stand by.
Someone in keroyns crew who gets introduced to us by susan. White winds adept Talia. Specializing in battlefield control, shaper psion.

Morning of Dec [insert day here]

7-22-2017 H's Notes

Bloodguards’ oaths: “My blood when you thirst, my fire to warm you, my flesh when you hunger, my steel to defend you
I am the blood, with wings to carry. I am the guard, my life is yours. I am the soul, with heart to shelter. Before this life, and into the next, forever.”

Looking at Chant and Cambions:

succubi blood lets them transform somewhat to match Chant’s ideals of what he’s doing. Suspect they can still fly, ethereal.

Their magics are a little on the creepy side for Olavien. They have talented soul-based magic. Auras are soul-based.

Plua was..somewhere/when. Doing things with minotaurs? Shadyvale/Nentir Vale. Talking to the ones in Thunderspire, in the past. There was also a human when the minotaurs mages were being ruuuude.

Collapsed when we had the collapse, like ‘it did last time’.

It’s now more green in Shadyvale.

Plua mentions there’s a new mana name Uru. She says there was another one before. I ask if it showed up after Wood Mana. There was an fire mana and it was named Ember before IRIS. and then the Conversation Is Over.

She introduces us.

7/8/2017 David's Notes
Angels & Demons

[Notes are roughly from Verinal’s point of view, with significant exceptions within brackets]

After Chant’s huge “make whole” ritual accidentally condensed various energies into gems, Chant tried to put the elemental gem into Olavien to find out what it does. For some reason, this caused it to explode into dust [something about incompatible energy types, relating to what Olavien used to be]. Chant then immediately ordered an evacuation of the “normal” citizens, so Verinal backed away somewhat as well as a default reaction to magic gone wrong again.

One minute later, 2 portals opened up, one to the astral sea, and one to the hells. Various angels and devils appeared. The angels were identified as being of Oghma, Gruumsh, Sune, and Malar (the one from Malar seemed to be in charge of that side). Of the devils, the one in charge was identified as working for Dispater. [They showed up as part of an agreement between the gods and devils to deal with a detected incursion of a primordial]. The angels of Gruumsh ordered everyone to stand down. Verinal and Oriana stowed their weapons to try to lower the threat level, but Chant tried to do magic to the cloud of elemental energy. In response, the angels knocked him out.

As Olavien tried to explain things to the visitors, Oriana healed Chant, and as he woke up, his fiery crown briefly flickered on. One of the cambions noticed this, and told the others to “honor the compact” [I think that was the wording], causing 2 of them to firebomb the angels and devils surrounding the party, and 1 to shoot the devil of Dispater in the back, one-shotting her. One of them also dispelled the hell portal. Chaotic battle ensued, which quickly became less chaotic as most factions were killed within a round.

At this point, the remaining factions were the Shadyvale conglomeration (several dragons and kobolds were showing up now), the cambions (which were fighting on the side of Chant), the angel of Malar (who just wanted to kill us all at this point), and the angel of Sune (who was protecting Chant because she wanted to find him a soulmate). Most of the angels of Oghma died in the initial attack by the cambions, and the angels of Gruumsh which survived that attack died fighting the other devils.

Suddenly, Shiva appeared, condensed the elemental energy back into a gem, and smacked the angel of Malar with her hammer. The angel of Malar reported that their task was complete and closed the astral portal, remaining behind to finish killing us. The blue dragon woke up at that point, face-palmed, and went to ask the seneschal about something relating to orcs [actually orks]. Willow did some nasty looking spell which made it easier for us to hit him, and we made short work of him, save for a brief resurrection. Little Miss Trouble ate the angel (after we removed his items), and Asuka used their connection to help here adapt only the hunting aspect of his nature, not the malicious part of that.

Chant was disappointed that the statue of Mitch remained unharmed.

Some time later in private, Verinal mentions to Olavien that just before the fight he noticed a flare of divine life energy within her, and asks if that’s something that usually happens, since he was previously unable to see such things. She says that it’s new, and related to unlocking some of what she used to be (since she’s clearly not actually a warforged). She asks him about how he was able to identify the domains of the angels as they showed up in the fight. He says he’s not sure, but it’s definitely new, and presumably related to having attuned to Zodiark’s temples. He also explains a bit more about how Zodiark is dead (but not “gone”), and that he’s managing the power level of Zodiark’s domains to stop them from overflowing, which is what caused the patchwork area around the temples. He says that from what he understands, anyone but him would have been very unlikely to succeed at attuning to all 3 temples, and he’s pretty sure the gods that were fighting there didn’t even know that the temple of balance existed.

The cambions have broken their bond with the hells and pledged loyalty to Chant. Chant will have a discussion with them to figure out if they will be allowed to stay (or even live), considering they might not like what his long-term goals are.

When the subject of the angels of Tharizdun is brought up, Verinal will suggest that Zodiark’s temple could use some new angelic guardians, and he can probably figure out how to have them claimed and sent there, possibly with some instruction from Shiva. Alternately, maybe Shiva wants some angels? That suggestion won’t be initially made in front of Shiva.

This went better than it could have?

Angels and devils teleport in.

Chant gets knocked unconcious and on heal crown manifests and is seen by things

This causes the cambions to switch sides to ally with Chant.
The other devil who was working for dispater also noticed, she got blown up by the cambions.

Floaty staff
plate armor,
2 katars
2 longswords

will need to check this stuff for magic, must figure out floatyness!

investigate dealiing with the angels of thrazidun, possibly have david claim them to guard temple.

giant fight erupts all the devils get killed off, cambions shut the abyss portal.
shiva teleports in and collects the elemental energy back into a gem.
ogma angel and Sune angel back off, Sune was actually watching fight through the angel.
Malar angel shuts down angel portal indicating that mission is done.
But he wants to kill us cause we are good prey.

sune now wants to find a partner for chant, is gathering “stats” about chant

willow joins the fight. she does a vancian like spell to attack the angel. uses a sword made out of the feathers of an angel. Super evil item.
reminder she is a vile scholar who uses evil items for good.
takes a bunch of stat damage, need to speak with her about healing it.

Lil miss eats the angel, gets the properties of malicious hunt which asuka can handle apparently.

need to speak with cambions about stuff and try to figure out how they will react to my goals.
also their portal closing will anyone come for follow up.
not likely on angel side since signal was sent, but confirm with sune angel?
check about orks, burn them if they are real. then burn them again.

chant grabs the elemental gem gets its first property
need to check how much the vampire gem needs for unlock.

then discuss things with hannah due to concerns and david.

still need intervention for orianna. take away the gems?

6-24-2017 Hannah's Notes
We did science, this happens sometimes

Santa Clause Random Event:
Santa Claus’ red out- heavily enchanted, fey enchantment with time and movement effects? Doom aura of bloodlust. Red is probably blood rather than the suit being red. Continually drip blood.
Sandy Claws: Vorpal + ?, Nightmare+ ?,
Unknown musket
unknown small musket
Rations ???
Unknown bag containing strange boxes, unknown quantity, screaming of souls sound
black boots, shiny
wispy substance, nightmare fuel? Stored in a strange plastic box that farts

Church: damaged
pop: – 27

Make Whole:
Ramshackle→Townhouse with Weasley add-on

Something crystalizes in the middle of town, and the xp in the air normalizes.
Floating in the dead center of the circle, 90 ft in the air.

water- leviathan
fire elementalism/threatening, elemental
earthy-tree/ shiva pantheon (gaia)

All the PCs no longer have shadow
two other gems: shiny silver that doesn’t do anything…it is actually ‘not colored’
sparkling bright color, life healing effect to it, vampire!, dragon-dova,

Treant: Lots of divine energy rolled up through welled up through him- it…flavored it? (Was it good for you?)
You need to go talk to the Sakura.

From below, our goddess. The earth goddess. The one who lived in Nentir Vale. The one who used herself to seal the firey one below. Mages tried to unlock the firey one and the earth one gave herself to seal the firey one.

Children dancing upon thrown stars =mages

Chant: her divine energy was in the earth? Is it still around here?
Tree: Not here. The covering now has a hole and is slowly filling back in, which means the area around is weakened.
Chant faintly feels elemental energy welling up.

Written into the mudpie: cleansing and pushing out into the ground in a Vancian way/ what’s filled her. Rose wasn’t grounded. Rose is effectively a Vancian ritualist- like dagna

Oriana is more dragon not elemental fire.

Oriana: I am curious! Want!
Goranova: oooh!
Olavian: take them out!

Verinal lets Goranova take the gems into its hilt, but ‘puts a lid’ on it so it can’t access them.

Life and Balance are now in Goranova, the other four are therefore not eaten.
After a few minutes, Verinal gets the impression that this is a mostly-dead god not from this realm. Normally it is very logical, structural. It was in place to cull excess in a civilization if necessary. There’s something that outranks it that could give it orders, but that’s not here.

Stare at three things at once- the two gems and SCIENCE!!! ‘nearby’.

Oriana has shadow, vampire!, water-leviathan, science!

Divine/demonic- radiant demon.

parts are going to wake up in the next year.

When Verinal comes out of processing data about Oriana and Goranova, he and Chant and Olavien start talking about Goranova and removing/looking at him. Chant wants to look at the pattern for Goranova. Verinal and Olavien helped describe how to look for him/it.

Oriana’s sword gem area can rotate different gems to be towards the blade. When she tries to leave the empty slot towards the blade, she makes a saving throw and fails. Loses 15 hp as her blood appears, filling a ‘hole’.

Science gem:
at 5000 xp: +2 power bonus to nature, religion, dungeoneering, arcana. (5000 to each)
One gives you a daily power: reroll an active check on one of the 4 previously mentioned skills. Last one: 5% bonus to all consumables used by the person.

At 10000 xp: +10% bonus to all consumables used by the person (can stack with previous bonus if bought)

At 20000 xp: +15% bonus to all consumables used by the person (can stack with previous bonuses)

At 30000 xp: +20% bonus to all consumables used by the person (can stack with previous bonuses)

At 120,000 xp: Encounter power (recharge start of the encounter, 5,6): use 1 consumable item you own without expending it. Double the consumable’s effects.

Shadow: Passive is reduce surges by 1.
20,000 xp: When you regain hit points, reduce it by 50% (rounded up). Gain temporary hp equal to double that amount. After purchasing this power, you will gain the potential to buy other powers for 5000 xp each.
5000 xp: When you lose a surge, you may choose to not have the effect happen and instead grant temporary hp to an ally within 3 squares equal to twice that surge value.
10000 xp: Stance: 1 per day, gain the ability to turn insubstantial and phasing until you dismiss the power. This stance does not end at the end of an encounter or after 5 minutes.
40000 xp: Aspect of Shades: You create a minion of shadow. It is insubstantial and phasing. It has your BAB with melee attacks. It does 1d3 surges in damage, it has 1 hp. Its defenses are equal to your highest defense. While this power is active, you do not cast a shadow. Once dismissed, you regain surges to 1/3 (rounded down) the number of surges the Shadow dealt in damage.
140,000: ???

5000 xp, when doing elemental damage, you can reroll one damage die.

25,000: 1% of your max hp is added to your AC, Fortitude, and corresponding saving throws.
50,000: Life root 1: 10% bonus to max HP. The value of this bonus is also applied to the amount gained when spending surges.
75000 xp: You gain a burrow speed of 0.
100000: Life root 2: +10 bonus to max HP, the value of this bonus is also applied to the amount gained when spending surges. In addition, once per day you may add this bonus to a single saving throw. If this is a death save, it is added to the die roll. This power stacks with other life root power.
250,000 xp: ??? death/die ?

Religion on Gaia: something something, little humans something something tree planty halfling elf?

5000 xp: +5% max hit points. This value is added to surge value. 1/5 of that value goes to max surge number.
15000 xp: 5% max hit points (stacks). This number is added to your death save value on the die. The hp stacks, the death value does not stack
25000 xp: 5% max hp increase (stacks). This number is added to the amount of healing you do.
35000 xp: 10% max hp increase (stacks).
85000 xp: Lifeburst: Daily power: 1 unconscious or dying ally (non-action, interrupt), all harmful conditions end, ally has hp equal to their bloodied value, +1 for every power granted by this gem.
135000 xp: 5% max hp increase of your current maximum hp. Round to the nearest full number. Doubles the effects not having to do with max hp that are related to this gem.
250000 xp: Your base max hp gains 50 hp. The healing granted by Lifeburst plus 10% of your max hp for every power granted by this gem.

Dragon: Dova

Olavien: (Crit on insight) There is a single mote of a giant dragon’s attention in the gem’s attention. AI vs. VI…instinctive. Static intelligence. ONly has frame of reference to what it already is. Fieldscape given to Olavien: Star scapes that can be connected. dump xp to play connect the dots.

Fus is available.

5000 xp: Draconic aspects and fortifying yourself
10,000 xp: movement and other things like that depending on draconic aspect
15,000 xp: breath weapons
25,000 xp: elemental enhancements
50,000 xp: Only a couple (3): frightful aura, domination effect/ boost for allies, passive increase that has something to do with majesty aimed at self, not others.
Beyond: Vitality, dragon shift!, elemental/damage-type odd effects. Saving throw or be reduced to zero.

Crit on Dova means I understand gems better, +1 for above 5 /-1 on below 5.

Chant tries out to put the elementalism gem into Olavien. (olavien defenses fail..1 and 1 roll)
The gem shatters and a cloud of elemental energy floats out into the center of town.

Uhmmm a bunch of angels and devils are about to poof into town o_o;

Neutral gem (Oriana knowledge): Averages out your stats. (move -1 from top, move up 2 from bottom stat. When you meet between the two stats, that new stat becomes all of your defenses)

At the end of this session:

Oriana: Leviathan, Shadow
Goranova: Life, Balance
Chant: Vampire!
Olavien: Leviathan, Shiva, Science!, Earth
Town: Elementalism

Chant is back he did science

End result of xmas even with santa going crazy
we have the red outfit of santa claus. Fey based time and movement magic effects. Deep psycho menacing aura. Dripping blood apparently may not be red.
Sandy Claws-gloves with bladed fingers Vorpal ? Nightmare ?
Unkown musket.
Unkonwn small musket.
Rations ???

Unkonwn bag. with boxes that refills it screams
shiny black boots with nice tread.
nightmare fuel blob on the ground. they put it in a platic box that farts.

CHurch damaged.
Population loss 27

Henrietta made a circle with tornado, rose then added runes. Then it takes 9 hours to cast.
ramshackle housing becomes level 3 housing with addon(weasely house)
172888g to do this. 44 lumber, 2 stone(8k g in place), 1 metal
all construction is finished.

4k of each special reagent is used.
all roads inside the town are roman road.

can remove things from the list if we ever do this again.
something crystalizes in the center of town. Ambient XP level inside the town is normalized. its been ramping up and it dropped down.

in the dead center of the circle about 90 feet in the air. There are a bunch of xp gems. Each one is from a specific element.

gem of water-leviathan, tree-gaea, SCIENCE!-civilization, elementalism-(threatening, primordial), shadow, not colored-does nothing, sparkly-life/healing, vampire!-necromancy, dragon-dova

Time slows and there a wash of energy and then things normalize. It seems like time stopped being linear for a moment.
Players do not have shadow anymore except chant and rose and alchemists.

elementalism and tree gems attach to me.
lil miss seems to no longer be vampiric.
Really weird effects on living things inside town happen.

the earth goddess sealed the fire primordial below. Children dancing upon thrown stars. Someone without magic nudging it, vs someone with innate magic doing so. The vancians tried to wake up the fire primordial when the treant was young.

elemental energy seems to be slightly welling up. becasuse the energy seal

sarah calls to all the gems they stick to her then gorun nova starts to drain the gems. Sarah tries to attach the life one to the sword. Hannah blocks her but david lets it attach to sword

david understands what the swords is. its divine/demonic sort of.

we try to go hand out the gems to people.

science gem: 5k xp +2 power bonus to skill, reroll a check on the skill related to gem, 5% bonus to consumable item use.
at 10k xp add 10% consumable bonus.
at 20k add +15% consumable bonus
at 30k for 20% bonus
at 120k xp enconter power use one consumable you own without expending it. Double the effects. recharge start of encounter 5,6

shadow gem
passive reduce surges by 1
at 20k when regain hitpoints reduce hitpoint by 50% round up and gain double value in temps. must be done before any.
after above for 5k xp:
when you loose a surge you may choose not have the effect and instead grant hp to an ally equal to twice surge value.
10k xp can turn insubstntial and phasing once per day until you end the stance not limited to end of encounter.
40k xp aspect of shades. you crate a minion of shadow, isubstantal and phasing. your base attack with melee attacks. does 1d3 surges in damage, 1hp with defences equal to highest defense. while this power is active you do not cast a shadow. Once dismissed you regain surges equal to 1/3 rounded down the shadow has dealt. And killed oppents spawn shades.
140k ???

5k xp elemental damage reroll one die.

25k 1% of your max hit points is added to ac fort and saves that attack ac or fort
50k 10% bonus to max hp this bonus added to hp gained when spending surges.
75k xp gain a burro speed 0
100k xp +10% max hp cumulative and once a day you may add this bonus to a single saving throw if a death save its added to the die.
250k xp ??? death ?
feeling of the gem is similar to wolf people for religion check on earth gem.

life gem
5k 5% mx hp, added to surge vlue and total surges.
15k 5% max hp this added to your death value on die. die add only from this
25k 5% max hp this number is added to amount of healing you do based on base hp
35k 10% max hp
85k daily one unconcious or dying ally non action inerrupt all harmfull conditions end ally has hp equal to bloody value plus one for every power granted by this gem.
135k 5% max hp from current max hp, round up, double the effect not having to do with hp increase that are related to the gem.
250k xp your base max gets 50 hp. Healing granted bonus for every power unlocked you add 10% to the healing about granted to the dead or dying ally. Can go above max current hitpoints.

leviathan gems

hannah crits and actually gets the gems attention.
thing judges her and descides she is acceptable like a dragon would be. Gives her full access.

5k draconic aspects and fortifuing, fus
10k movement and other things like that
15k breath weapons
25k elemental enchancement
50k 3 dragon fear, domination, passive majesty thing
some more weird things, shapeshifting, vitality, elemental based ones that are odd.
aslo due to the thing in pocket hannah can grant others power.

Using slightly different ritual I could actually build things.

New henchman unit that can be trained:
epic casters:
ritual casters capable of casting for acts of wonder.
reduce costs and things.

poke hannah with the elemental gem, then things go really badly as it explodes into a cloud of elemental energy that seems to be like a minor god.

angels and devils show up in town.


We met two dragons! A prismatic one and a glassy/translucent one. Tay let us use her dice to get some neat advantages :3

1 dragon’s territory is nentir vale, Tay’s is even bigger?
She’s been here 40 sun sets.

Shinji offered them some sheep, they’ll come for a visit! Also we should visit them sometime up in the mountains.

Dispater and 4 adamantium angels with a third eye that’s nimbus-like. Looking ritualistic.

Dispater: aspects are fully autonomous, they are not connected to actual Dispater.

This aspect is collared with rune- soul binding with slavery and enforced will.

Oh…angels were angels of Thrizdun. o_O

Shinji dispels magic, the guy splices himself on purpose. Unfortunately, the skull xp thing he’s got also gets spliced and hilarity ensues.

For Lil Miss:
Asuka’s semi-vampiric/undead thrall…thing?
-4 to int, wis, chr.
Bluff -2, diplomacy -5, insight -5, intimidate +2

We could have done this better...

800k of residium chips in 10k increments
1 million in artifacts, religious items, items of significance to those in power(secular items with power like the turathi crown)
2.7 million actual currency
2.5 million of astral diamonds not easily spendable on plane. (Some diamonds are half)

meruru, recettear, and archeologists will need to sift through the 1 million of art.

massive damage to nentir vale because two antimatter nukes went off
little miss got her head cut off, shes fine. will recover one level per 10 days. She lost 4 levels.

massive relief efforts hammerfast and moonstair are severely damaged. Mines collapsed

Our mine is collapsed.

also the weather patterns have been strange,and they seem to be solving themselves.

the original turathi crown is in his stuff

tapestry of dragonborn royal lineage.
one of the masks of waterdeep.

we rez sarah, ressurection cost.

items of power altered for two separate rituals. In among all the other stuff.
One ritual is awaken or call a primordial to summon or something like thrazidun to come something to do with the fire primordial.
The other ritual requires a diety dying in fire and heat to animate or raise living fire. Then to sacrifice it to empower himself.

Shady vale is where the primodrial is under shadyvale. Thunderspire is the heart.

We head to where the spark box was 5 days later.

Dy 10 chant wakes up. Back and legs hurt. Hangover. Everything is moving. There are teeth in my knuckles.
The clouds are brown. The world is grey toned. I’m dusty.
There is a cairn on me. The blue dragon is dragging me. Day 11 end I get back.


draconic giant dog thing is guarding the alechemy short.

200k of gold to repair town. And upgraddes the ramshackle hoursing is one grade higher.

argent crusade is paying attention.

day nine david is back
day 10 is when math is back.

give blue a platinum bar.

asuka cookbook was trolling olavian.

5583xp from sarah stuff

david xp 11356


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