Searching for thingy

We set some forest on fire.
Leave the area and follow.
Eventually at a rock the trail that filia is sensing abruptly ends.
There is an animal messenger bird that is staring at the dragon.
Its a trap-with timestop.
Sarah eats the magic with grunnova.

After this there is a path revealed that was disguised.
Sarah gets the impression of something rolling and going back to sleep.

We continue follwin the trail that is revealed after the trap is removed.

Eventually reach a small hamlet/farm stead.
3 days ago a large cloaked stranger who asked for a rabbit. The kobolds are doing something.

Follow the trail he picked up some feathers and then cast fly.
Asuka buys some rabbits.

Rabbit cavalry?

Philia keeps sensing the trail, it suddenly starts to stretch out.
We have to slow down to keep on the trail.

There are some trees following little miss, we are in the winterbole area.
Swirly white cloud is coming at us. Blizzard elemental who just eyeballing us.

Eventually the guy lands on a hill. The hill is staring at us. Everyone freaks out.
Asuka does not understand waht is going on.
There is a door.

Shinji grabs Philia and sarah and runs into the house. With the tree army right behind us.

Sarah and Philia try to wash their gear to get rid of the caustic stuff on their stuff.
The cleaning charm in the bathroom is very strong, it makes thing very very clean. They feel uncomfortable.

Shinji peruses the library. It seems very generic and esoteric on its subject matter.

Bird is still sitting on Asuka.

Asuka eats the pie that was not finished backing.

Malloc ritual

Hand wave the meeting with lizard folk. It goes ok at the very least

Chant comes back goes to house to look for book
The law – in abyssal
doing battle with evil-made out of evil
trade common book made from magic, in yellow and black for stupid
trade diplomacy and dominating the world.
making your own country
Old prebook-real polotic by verius vesuvious- his personal notes. (this is interesting)
two book in high turathi check with aaron later
The Lineage-referring THE
the royal peerage and related bloodlines.
magical reinforced-super detailed.
covers several generations.
-The imperial heirs were only allowed to read this.
-history of the court politics as they were.
without bias!
only chant knows of this one
other book is turathi political book of tricks. Suspicious!

hannah tries to read book an goes ow looking at the ritual.
gains concept of seek+

turns out hannah has a name now. Mhm. Told it to a dragon, whose name is ghost rei.

grand ritual is a ritual with other rituals and spells used during the thing.

vibrating exclamation point should be investigating.

exclamation point has turned silver.
its more of a platinum silver with gold sparles hovering around it.

hannah starts to read the book keeps gathering keywords

H Thursday Notes 7/7/2016

New books in new bookcase:
To Battle Chaos- written with a demon
The Law

These are written in abyssal. The letters waver for Chant, so he can read them. Olavien inherently understands what those two books are, though she can’t read the titles.

The one in trader common, magically made. Yellow and black “For Stupid”
World Domination

The other common one is wood-bound bundle.

Two Books in High Tulathi

The Lineage “the higher and more formalized court”. It’s an inclusive use of the term. So it’s royal family and their many lines, and how those went off into peerage. And also notable statemen.

Users Guide to Trick and Arcana Stuffs. Easy steps to power 1,2,?,4

Stops reading ritual, give back to Chant for a sec so he can examine his name.

I am going to read them down in his main room while he sleeps. I also take along Realpolitik by Verius to switch back and forth. Taking it. Chant tells me not to blow up the house or set it on fire- and I reply “I’m not AURORA”. And I say it in character. We are both confused. Chant has not heard of her. “Who is she?” “Uh…SIlvermoon? Band of the Marked? Disciple of Destruction? I dunno, something I read maybe?” And then we shrug it off. And then the exclamation point turns to a silver with gold tinge, and flecks of gold floating around my head.


Memory Allocate Data (ow)
Ward- : protection around and area…the ritual was calling for info that’s not in the ritual

Concept of ‘Seek’ in brain from looking at the beginning of the ritual book now in Olavien’s brain. To look for something, to seek.

Get ‘Seek’ again as a concept.
Seek+ let’s go out in a certain direction and look for something.

Kaz wakes up to a swarm of fuzzy puppies! Super adorable. Once she gets up, she gets invited to a moot about lineage and training.

The village is beautifully crafted. Out comes another elf, about a head taller than others, There’s the halfling-elf pale peeps with wolves, and some more bedouin-type taller types without wolves.

Crossing the doop

apparently asuka and lilmiss go around solving mysteries
+2 to shadyvale popularity
also lilmiss has vibration sense in the air(and now water)

also all the dragons are followers of allora dannon.

after about 20 hours of going 10 miles
we find an anti clearing

we are under toxic effect asuka notices that they have toxins on them.
all clothes are covered in stuff.

the effect is cloudkill the ancient style spell.
detect a necromantic effect that is fading away. Something related to healing or bolstering.

find a thingy which is wrapped in a rag, its a bloody mess.
the inquisitor pokes at the thingy.
used a baby as a living potion bottle. For a powerful healing effect.

do last sight vision, do not get sight, but do get sound. Very practiced ritual enchanter. Broad spectrum of practice.
Seems to have a particular accent.

trackers eye
throrough search
pass without trace
travel sense
breach disguise
gentle repose
comrades succor
seal deaths door
cure disease
tether’s cord
hunters blessing
remove affliction
greyflower perfume
feing death
hold portal
reverse portal
make whole
brew potion(limited)
read omens
death ward
slow step oil
calm emotions
object reading
consult mystic sages
speak with dead
discern lies
last sight vision
create holy water
corpse light
hand of fate


hannah bugged warlocks/susan about curses
warlocks put effect on people
avengers do it in someones name
witches curse is something else she is empowered by a diety kinda like a cleric.
they curse in their own name because of being favored by a diety

asked if she could ask pixies to help
came up with having mitch help.
there was a bet about hannah wearing mitch pictures.
lots of people came to watch candle blessing cause mitch was involved.
candles did weird magic things and now have icons of golden shovel.
they looks completely different, but are not measurably different.

hannah still has gvirus.

dawn of day 3, 19th
chant meanders back to hannah’s place to finish ritual stuff and wait for rose to wake up
rose is sort of awake but only half way.
go through the ritual with her over next few hours.
finish book and promptly fall over due to failing checks around noon

rukia that is a few years older with longer hair answers the door. that is odd. She is super calm.
will remember this after sleep.
kaz wanders off and meets some children with a weird magical device.
they asked about rukia
she gives the people a tour of town, being here for 2.5 days…

hannah and new dragon
will get champions armor and super sharp spear.
will have to do stuff for shield and sword.
Zak: armor enchants are people
they leave zak’s and go walking around.
verius introduces himself to dragon – they think at eachother – acknowledge eachother
swing by pixie area introduce to people.
weird interaction with ent.

someone with orange hair walking around. from bleach
kaz is still floating on a disk doing skateboarding parkour
go to bobs, they all teleport away through a weird thingy
hannah and dragon have lunch

woken up by a bunch of people from department of mitch.
time for meeting
fancy dress for everyone.

teleport to location. there is a wooden floor that was put down, very fancy. Mitch is messing with things.
they are out of comfort zone and more suggestible.

Hannah introduces various npcs then goes to check on rose near evening.
Rose is walking around looking for book.
Chant did not leave with book.
Apparenlty one of the dept of mitch pixie filing it at chants place
plua is not around, mentioned something about someplace old/ancient, something about ambience.
pixies that hannah talks to know nothing about book.

Where is the book??

We make flat dragon 3d

chant notices that something is amiss with the pattern in the house.
its like someone poked a hole in the middle but not damaged insead like a needle was pushed through
previous world falls probably actually ripped threads

descide that this is something to investigate after doing the whole portal thing with rei.

plant the sign of “this is important check later” in the middle of the world fall area in the house.
this is going against the will of the pattern putting chant in direct conflict with the current will of the pattern
the pattern in the area is damaged and is trying to conceal/prevent people from poking things
get a realisation fo what is going on, get a more farseeing, i no longer have to center on myself
can now scry ising pattern sight
get a daily chage a die roll after roll once per day sort of. +/- 5
modification daily power
power : daily effect that adds a 3 to any die roll, after the number.
it modifies the die itelf for the attack
this would affect dice for town resource.
works better in conjuction with the main daily power, it modifes results of the daily power.
allows modification of any number in the game, including number of targets, burst size.
and makes results retroactive

magniture: declare a die to be a number but modified by my passice or encounter.
-have to use pattern check to switch

passive power: switch a bard power at a moments notice as long as I pass a taveren check for one use
switching out of class is harder at disadvantage with penalty on top
also could go up in level but at another penalty.
push to permanent switch

meanwhile a massive boost to shivas power, that is incidental due to alora dannon gaining power
also kaz gets 4 divine power points
hannah knows what is going on-hmm—dietis were able to pull upon the future-destiny inertia is in effect

chant puts the sign down-now aware of the damage done here, due to foreign patten being here.
need to think aobut what to do about things
current mode is isolation adn swelling the tissue.

chant go back to spark mode. But konw things changed.

after wards go back to heading to the flat dragon ritual
willow is talking to kaz and taking notes.
the luck priestess noties us seems to react with a shiver.

hannah goes to bother luck priestess
“everything is fiiiine”
kaz and willow seem to be having an effect but it seems ok

dragon is put inside a dish like thing right before noon.
everyone seems to be watching
sumash steps forward: gods light and fire, let that which is be cleansed. Lots of heat.
there are kids being supplied with marshmallows roasing of them on sticks.
hannah can help gathe power
rivulets of stuff flow off NotRei. She is backlit from the inside.
going flatter and is now sparcly and polished.
beam sinks down into the dragon.
the stone bowl has been smoothed out and has an odd sheen.

not rei stetches and then curls up.

kaz is touching her nose. and willow is holding something in her hands. Hannah feels cleaner than before.
dragon shold sleep next ritual at high moon

hannah goes to check the two drunk people.
they seem to be playing with weird golden light goop.

then she helps with prep for the second part of the ritual. Miss Luck is resting.

eventually chant notices that ritual is done and wanders off to find rose. Keep wandering around looking for her organising the notes.

kaz is mentally passed out.
willow is asleep on a book.

priests finsih carving the new roons on the bowl with hannahs help before moonrise.
ritual starts and priests cycle praying to diffent gods
dragon is now laying in pool of moonlight water
this one takes all the way until dawn.
hannah full time on smoothing things out.
at the end right as the first rays of the sun appear ritual is done
her form shifts a bit, she seems more like rei’s sister or something.
she appears to be larger/older than rei. She might actually be young adult.
dragon says her name is Rea.
hannah gives her name, no one except sumash notices.

dragon has a giant pool of memories and skills that are available to her. Just bought a point in diplomacy.
she has memories of rei, chant, hannah, tvirus, villagers, gem dragon.
goes to look at town
kaz pod races around dragons legs
she seems a lot calmer than the source people.
the dragon has a destiny to be involved in things, she will get to choose what to do.
chant puts some demifae scouts tell him what rose wakes up. Go back to near ritual area continue organising.

kaz is still awake but frazzled.

hannah stares at Rea using universe check and they share perspectives and understanding. Dragon is a full young adult going into being an adult dragon.
unlike the other dragons she does not come across as hannahs kid.
go along checking things out
sees lil miss suit in zak’s lab asks if she is welcome as a member of town.
greets zak formally as a chosen champion of a family house but with a modifier

note to chant to find out who moved the statue
note2 ask willow about attaching tensers to other people.
note3 be annoyed at hannah for dragon being champion of town thing.

3d pixie diagrams


Chant spends 4 hours reading 10 pages of arcane math
something about opening paths to other dimentions, hyperconduit
get “a bit” obsessed organising this: use a pixie based computer

go looking for willow. Find her on some books near what seems to be yesterdays party.
ask her about the pages that say see willow.
binding of a lightning elemental for control. Binding for effect instead of manifest.
tell her that rose will probably want to bug.

chant followed by hannah go to introduce myself to treant.
old man centurion. He is a century tree. There are also overtones of being a miliary title not just tree type.
seems to have a feeling of old veteran

we end up at the church. There is some sort of three part ritual.
blessing of cleansing, purification and renewal.
cleansing – remove exterior influence
purify – remove interior influence. make whole from itself
renew what is there so it is whole and fresh make her herself
They starting the ritual at noon.

scribe cantrip?

kaz descided on baby properties. and willow blesses her.

then one of our reality bends happens and the family is gone with a chunk of the building.
there is some stuff tht replaced it.

to do:
talk to the lizards,
meeting with wolf people
follow on with the hunters
look at getting rid of tokyo 3

talk to tree
talk to the town


Ritual of Cleansing
Ritual of Purify
Ritual of Renewal

Chant runs around

A few min after getting to town Chant notices shift in pattern.
something shifted outcomes to more positive things
I go searching for it its moving around.
Eventually go accuse hannah of doing something.
Hannah is comforting gnome Kaz for some reason.

Strangeness suddenly doubles then increases.
There seem to be eddies or something.
Kaz is freaking out for some reason.
has a thing that is burst 44 that gives +3 to fear,terror and +5 permanent max health, surge, domination.
it conicides with the pattern warping.
can use aura to remove effects and such PERMANENTLY
oh and gives temp
it seems to be like verdandi

There is a sense of judgement, and gain a comprehension of what it is, and a level of acceptance.
This is a thing that does not have hidden things behind it.
I willingly allow it within my sovereign domain.
Kaz gets a vision of the bunker, waiting, a fanatical hope.
The sleepers now have a morale bonus of +2
also the undead thingy we trapped goes poof

7th team gets hired for the price of alchemy stuff.
send them all out by early evening.
will be a day or two for results

Hannah meanwhile checks in with Blane about flat dragon and not egg
there is a standoff betwween a bahamut, melora, and shaman dude with drake of sylvanus
the sylvanus dudes are not hostile to use
cause of green stuff.
Olladra – luck and plenty
priestess of luck is lolsing and helping occasionally
there is a very religious discussion about circles
asked some friends to help, preparing a clean place of rest without influence, similar to summoning nice things, priestess of somebody being amused

Find rose in her classroom with a giant conspirancy bomb.
seems to be making a 3d ritual circle thingy
she seems tired.
these is a stone circle in the room.

school seems to be doing weird things in school.
notes about the blue screen portal, and also portal image.
rose was making progress then something happened.
also witness notes.

try to get roses attention she polymorths my mouth
some stuff she is going over is worrysome. Seems to be high power rituals.
chant talks rose out of crazy research place, calmed down and focused on rei.

rose was building a star gate sort of like a teleportation circle
mention the upright standing thingy
asks me for a list of stuff: metallic reageants.
can use whatever we get.
this portal is very dangeous. the dreamer was involved last time.
safety things for gate are important.
chant studies notes from roze and event.

it is dec 17th

druids doing things to restore the jammer scar
using roronas promote growths
they have a grove right next to the absolute zero fortress
kaz goes to meet the wolf peoples.
talks to a super old one who is a tree shaper.
discuss her leafy cage thingy
created a ritual circle out of plants around her
tree shapers are apparenlty hybrids of druid and shaper psion
also kaz seems to have overland speed 44

kaz wanders by a baby naming
and pokes things.

on th 18th hannah goes looking for rose.

weird things with kaz, seems to be drawing Hope power in.
she has some soft of shawl that apprears that every thinks was always there.
she has some sort of slots for powers

Hannah's Notes: 5-26-2016
Town Adventures

Kaz’s ‘cape’ – light gray with gems that don’t move.

Sylvanus (Shaman) (greater god, Forest Father). Deep wilderness. LIfe/Death, growth/decay
Lady in Party Gear. Olandra. Luck and plenty. Young halfling, old woman, black dragon.


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