Where we accidentally resurrect a god

Hannah resets the duel bubble and declares the other party that died as enemy. Their souls get destroyed. Lobster teleports somewhere

The primordial people leader goes apeshit mad to the point of a stroke. He is wearing regalia of evil. These are EEEVIL and forged by gods.

We also get the sea serpent heart that has magic on it that lil miss really wants. We need to study it before feeding to little miss.

Need to see if we can destroy these things. Consult bahamut.

Use the leader to open secret library. Also rope to drag him around. Store the 3 items separately. Carry him on a rope.
Manage to sneak into the library and open the secret section.
find 4 crystal pillars of uneven crystalline growth sitting on small pedestals. On the back wall there cubby holes with shiny black tablets with writing on them.
The 4 crystals are highly magical history books about the area nearby.
The sheets of obsidian are sets of call commands in primordial, old style punch cards for a magical machine to retrieve information
There are some blank ones that are used for download.

henrietta and shiva are really happy in the room.

so…we kinda resurrected shiva…
she sticks nametags on us
264 -8 magical obsidian disks. 24 are blank.

Hannah and shiva have an argument in the big room all the lizard people notice and freak out. Start summoning something BIG. Whatever it is scares shiva
when it gets here.
We reach a room that is raised and has small volcano like things with little round things. There is a tunnel east and south. We go south. Find a room with
some fammiliar creatures with armor and clubs.

More poking things

Note: we have a pouch of shared aquisition(cat bag version)

Figure out the labeling system on the library. Looking around giiving Chant a headace.
Find a hidden section. in very tiny front.

We sort of fake a primordial template on henrietta but turns out her hand is too small, some of the lizard people we killed have the right hands.

The helm of reading/specs of language let you read from miles away but you have a double translation effect.

We go to tunnel 1, keep going up and notice an intermittent flow. Artistry on the wall gets simpler. Find a giant 45 feet across iris, that opens and closes, flow matches it. Then a chamber and another iris. its made of some sort of non organic rigid hard material. Find a control system for the water pump.

Get ideas for how to enchant buildings. +4 to knowledge

Find a giant kelp farm. Think minecraft underground farm with day/night cycle and water filtration

Go inito the tunnel that is forked(3) one of the tunnel says not trap. It goes underneath the big bronze colored thing. There is some exploratory tunnels and an open section that was found. With s big chamber a cardiovascular box, and a 3 sort of flattened tear drop items sitting on tripods.

Hannah finds a circle thingy in the wall exploring the tunnel. it tries to shoot her we all run away.

Descide to go down the trap tunnel. There is a scorch outline of a person scorched into the wall. Find a skeleton melted into the wall, then an explosion. Find a bunch of broken brass structures, similar to the one that tried to lazor her. Far corner of the room there there is a metal statue. An obsidian statue of something like an alien, and very long sindly legs. Looks like some sort of research lab.

There was definitely a fight in the lab. There is a bronze and clear crystal egg shaped thing. That has the top part open. Throw a rock at the statue it tries to kill us and we run away

Go to the lobster trap, getting back out is lethal. We get into a large chamber that has rows of seats all around. Some sort of arena area. There are 3 lizard folk fighting a giant crab.
In the special section there is an aquatic lizard, two people in red robes with bronze philegree, and a lobster humanoid carries a green tube like device.

We scare the spectators by hannah talking true supernal. Crab is trying to kill us. Also the dungeon keeper seems to be fighting the claim of the supernal of this area.

11-15-14 (Hannah Notes)
Under da seaaaaa, under da seaaaaaa!

The sea serpents and minions we face have this symbol that has three arrows with a circle
We continue on downward and when it opens up into a large cavern, within it there is giant metallic thing.
The metal thing is a dome/hill like thing of a bronze-copper color, like mixed bronze and orium.

Type of worship: The various parishes with a lead priest of each parish- each notch around the circle is a ‘parish’, this is a gathering spot of parishes from wherever people are coming from. 270 of the circle have this.

Identify that the current being worshiped is not the original one being worshiped. This was probably originally a place of worship for a water primordial=- there’s a only a few beings it could be. The mapping makes no sense, but with cataclysms it could have been rearranged.

Currently being worshiped by a DK deity, relating to threads somehow, given the imagery.

Stonework/ stone bits indicate runes or something got plopped down and made fractures.

We go left! Going along hugging the edge, we find an impact spot about the size of a ‘stranger danger white van’ The impact spot has bits of the same kind of metal.

’It’s a stranger danger white van with a ramming prow and penetration 4’
“…and candy”


Take 10 damage, but resist cold (half) for the next hour. From Shiva saying the name of the primordial (not the true name)- have better understanding of the concept of ‘water’

This temple cannot be destroyed as long as water exists on this world.

We find a door that is a magic door that has wards of isolation and defense. Mitch rings the doorbell. Notice there were a large number of thunder wards associated with it?

Lots of magical things of interest in the room and a large bronze, tear-shaped thing in midst of the room, the size of a stranger danger white van. There are several things ripped out of it.

cardiovascular system (giant)
aquamarine guns (2 rifles, 2 pistols)
aquamarine eggs with three red rings around them- grenades? (5 of these)
11 smaller objects that are egg-timer sized.
3 flash drive sized items.

Two bronze books with glass displays

chairs, console, finned tube

going back out, we go another way and find an arena that’s been repurposed for three dimensional use. There is a guy in the center with four arms, several guys like the ones from earlier training, and then two alien guys, with stitches and metal in their heads. Let’s fight.

1- went upward- not covered
2- long corridor, dead end
3- fork – not covered
4-shallow dead end
5- honeycombs of sketch-frozen
6- where came in
7- lobster trap
8- long dead end
9- barracks-frozen
10- fishery
12- mine

5200 xp divided by 8

11/8/14 (Hannah Notes)

Gardmore loot:
Gloves- Magical gloves of 11 and below of common an uncommon
Feet- Level 6 rare or below
+1700 gold

We choose Platemail of Etherealness (+4) for Oriana

At Candlekeep, find a book. Brown, hard cover, has a wood consistancy. Has smooth leather feel to it. Has preservation magic on it (EACH PAGE). Never seen enchantments like this. Pictographs.
4. This belongs to another building. Is from another building. (UNIVERSE KIND) and so it’s not valuable to Candlekeep because it can’t be read. Reading spectacles probably won’t work. Start flipping through. Come across an illustration- righting on the left, on the right it has a Van Gogh like picture, like a painting of stained glass/ stained glass of some kind.
chimerical creature, below it the lands are all ablaze, the land is being riven, the sky is raining ash and fire. The style is that sort of ‘flat’ form, think before perspective
on the next page is a different chimerical creature (the page had runes that activated). Going along the border of this picture is another set of rune like instructions that have a separate enchantment on them. Below the picture in ‘fine print’ has has a third enchantment tied into the other two.
The psychic nature was really strong but sort of a non-lethal slap. Felt like a ‘practice’ or ‘training’ slap.
Sort of like a phane in the next section, and the top is bovine. Has a single curved horn.
There are fractal designs on the edge of the page.
get slapped harder, if it had been full, would have lost surges, small amount of necrotic damage if this has been full.
brass or gold name plate on the back.

Take to the librarian-
relief- YIn-yang style symbol, look down from above and they have wings. Inside circle has a dual symbol. (Fill in these details of the picture later)

As the forrester traveled, ran into ALL THE MONSTERS:
2700 arcane reagents
Pegasus gained ‘scars of the veteran’, Fort goes up 1, HP down 10.
1 Psicrystal collected off a mooncalf
1 black meeple

We are going to do a thing with a walnut ent grove?

Examining the items from the corrupted area:

Talking with King Frederick at the temple of Melora in the corrupted lands:

Small webbed hands and feet grey humanoid-like creatures. They have also run into lobster-centaurs. They have heard references to some crab-lobster in the depths.

11-8-14 Notes (Alex)
Dungeon Keeper shenanigans

Nov 27th

Rewards For Bahamut Quest
Lv11 Uncommon Gloves
Lv 6 Rare
+4 Platemail of Etherianles. for Sarah.

Meanwhile Hannah and Blane are reading books.

Blane finds a fuzzy molds. But it does not bother him cause he’s normal.

Hannah finds a weird book that is highly enchanted with preservation, its in a weird language, there is a three, four this is from another “building”

Hannah looks over the book gets attacked by it with subdual damage. Has some pictures of weird chimera creatures.

Candlekeep research, week one goes well. Week two not so well, week three blane alone is good and he is finished on Dec 10th.

Blue dragon hatches on the 3rd.

On the 5th the guy who has the dungeon keeper issue arrives. He traveled two weeks.

Forrester finds a walnut grove on the 7th of december.

Collected 2700 arcane reagents of animal components. Pegasus gets scars of the veteran increasing fort defense, and hp goes down 10. One psi crystal from a mooncalf. One special townfolk person for town.

Hagrid will be able to use cuttings of the walnut trees to create a hex of walnut trees. This will take a few months, will create a level 5 walnut area where we will be able to plant the seed.

Take a few days to prep for dungeon keeper. Science the remains he brought.

The samples are some sort of deep sea crab like creatures. But there is some sort of shelled creature like a snail.
Subjected to increasing doses of transmutation and alteration magic. Looks like dungeon keeper but a little different, looks like he was experimenting. LIkely someone native who is experimenting with what they can do.
These seem to be mostly nature in origin. Not sure on what the end goals of this are.

Two linked portals for blane and hannah to come back to town.

From Dec 5th to Dec 10th do research on the dungeon keeper.

Things are getting corrupted in the water, accelerated rot, strange growths.

All healing salves down to 7 hp

Linked portal to the area ritual was messed with but we got in ok. Get to an open sky temple. Have a view of a very corrupted muddy waterscape. There 6 priestesses of Melora, armed. Off to one side is someone maintaining a ritual. Also a injured older guy in a heavy runed robe and a bunch of men at arms. Next to the dude is an older woman with a symbol of Melora. With a fuzzy creature next to her.

Talk to king frederic the 4th. Situation is bad, corruption is spreading and spreading faster in the mountains. Not touching the temple. Focused up the Fjord. Incidental creatures fights. Fought some small grey humanoids with webbed feet. Also some sort of lobster men but not the usual ones. reference of a strange lobster creature in the deeps.

Creatures are getting bigger and either more humanoid or more bestial. Giant cephalopods have been seen. They think they have seen another species of humanoid.

Get blessing of melora. Swim speed equal to speed, breathe under water, melee weapons are unaffected, ranged weapons are penalties.

Henrietta does massive rain ritual that washes the land around here. Have a half mile in diameter area that we need to check.
Hentietta creates a water golem.

Meet sally on the seashore, get some shells that have runic script on it that have reinforcement. The thing we meet may have been an imp several generations ago, its sort of a living creature, that’s been cloned several times.

Some of the runes on the shell are directing the shell to go to a particular direction. . The shell is targeting some sort of moving target.

killed a corrupted kraken thing
manage to get into the tunnel it is filled with lighted, murky water. Its slightly magically imbued the water claiming territory. Highly magical area, lots of mana.

Find a statue of an ugly fish man. They are sea orcs.

Find a weird room where coral is apparently being grown. In specific shapes, crescents, moon shapes, slender rods. Looks like weapons.

Get enchantment design growth of the armory. To shape living growing materials into weapons.

And then get attacked.

10-25-14 Notes
Bahamut Temple Santifies Gardmore, Despite Outsiders

Gardmore party travels to Gardmore. Using one griffon for transport, the rest of the party are on the two gold dragons and little miss.

While traveling, the party notices that the maps we have been using are wrong. The scale of maps is wrong, also the stars are not arranged in what it looks like from Shadyvale. There seems to be an effect that is similar to a gravitational distortion(magical) north of Shadyvale. Probably a cause of weather patterns being weird in the blasted lands. The maps are a bit wrong but not huge practical difference., maybe a couple of miles of inconsistency.

Need to have a stellar cartography group to do science on this. Plot the distortion to have more accurate maps.

Get to Gardmore on November 24th.

Relating to Lil’ Miss: Oracle has vision of stepped pyramid-like thing made of wood and paper, possibly asian mythology. There is going to be a blue guy eat him. and someone with white hair, don’t eat the woman with white hair. (Something about ‘will never return’ ?)

Tasks include: Guards have more issues. Feywild crocks eating monks, herbs need collecting in area with bulletes. Defending the ritual from planar outsiders.

finish the dedication of temple ritual on November 27th. The Outsiders included devils, demons, Thurizdun followers.

Don’t let tieflings run at each other, it’s very explosive.

10-11-2014 (Hannah Notes)

Looting the Ogre’s area after the battle:
14027 silver pieces
8209 copper pieces
352 electrum. Smithed with an unknown kingdom.
112 Platinum. Mainly Arkhosian coinage.

Bejeweled Coffer
30 Platinum and handfuls of silver, copper etc under it, but it seems they dug around but not these pieces.

It is child-sized, designed to stand upright. There is a faint old relief on it.
Arcane check- this area is claimed by the coffer.

We try to say hi at it. When I ask Shiva what it is she shows me image- Starscape and looking at certain areas trigger areas like “Enchantment” “Shamaning” “Sorcery” , shadow colossal thing. She then proceeds to say “RUNAWAYRUNAWAYRUNAWAY”, max urgency.

We get keytypes: undead, dragon.

Elora and Sumash confirm NOT GOOD.

Old liches become demi-lich. Demi-draco-lich? The head of a demi-lich could fit in this coffer. This dragon is older than Arkhosian and Turathi Empires. There was a cataclysm in their early histories that made them empires instead of small kingdoms- probably this guy,

We’re going to probably leave the coffer be and just make it seem like it’s not here.

Sarah prayed to Bahamut to tell him about this. Bahamut recognizes it, but doesn’t have all the memories because the memories are Io-based. We think it, or at least some presence, seems to start noticing us. We act casual and slink away. All the Shadyvale peeps catch our drift. Smart townspeople.

Forest is fixing itself or something. Yay.

Dammit I scared away the Walnut guy. And now I look nuts. Appropriate.

Ogre loot: 1 elven chain shirt
Sycophantic armor (increases armor, but is not magically doing so) (
2 to all saves). It’s a creature, and basically becomes translucent and surrounds you, now protecting you. Legacy gear.

We spend some time in town around the 17th:
- I catch up with Verius, Rose, Rukia, dragons and see how they’re all doing and keeping up with all of them.
- Sumash is training at least 2 acolytes.
- Chant is under his tree doing…tree stuff. Lil’ Miss is talking his brain off.
- Oriana calls up Bahamut asking him about quests, gets a quest sign over her head that won’t go away. A pixie tells her about it, it’s a weird creaturey silly thing.
- Verinal has some of his relatives show up- something along the lines of his cousin’s kids- and it’s totally Sango and Kohaku from Inuyasha. They’re now his wards for the moment, and need to train to be better monster hunters.

Gatherer goes missing looking for walnut trees. We use animal messenger to…effect. We now have us plus a kobold jihad and a squirrel flailing by a string to go find this gatherer.

We look to go find these damn trees, and our old elven forrester pulls out his old pegasus gear (because ….of course he has gear for that? SHADYVALE PEOPLE). He actually volunteers to go do this. Thanks bro? I ask him about it, apparently he’s old Silverymoon guard- high level fellow at that! Was basically a flight leader.

“So he was hella proficient in pegasus flying”

We get some Roc eggs while saving the gatherer, but lost the gatherer’s mount. We’re going to sell the Roc eggs to the mount merchant. We end up getting in contact with him when he happened to be using Candle Keep. We do reverse portal to get him to Shadyvale- we now have the coordinates to Candle Keep if wanted.

Nov 21st: mount merchant shows up (His name is Percival). We trade him the two eggs for two glidewings and 4500 gold.

500 xp for Well Built Village for October
750 xp for next level village for November

I am at Candlekeep from the 19th to Dec 3rd. Come back when I hear that baby blue dragon is gonna be born! Going to research desiccation, and probably ANYTHING ELSE I CAN.

Baby blue dragon is a bloodline sport dragon.

Yeah at some point we are gonna use Candlekeep access point to then go to Waterdeep and purchase things. We have an interesting new jumpoff point for adventure!

Gardmore Abbey Group (Oriana, Verinal, Merchants of Doom, Asuka and Moe, Lil’ Miss, Susan, Verinal’s party): Gardmore is doing something with a relic, want to rededicate place and ensconce relic that they reclaimed relatively recently. They are worried about Outsiders (demons, devils, etc.) while they do it.

Quests: Hunt and kill, fey creatures (like quicklings), fetch quests,

Roll +3
Character Event: Some form of adventurer? Travelworn. They come from a small kingdom south of the Duchy of Therund. They’ve had troubles, and think we might know what’s going on. The fish all started dying, weird mutated fish happened. Shellfish, then fish. Then they started having issues with the beaches, weird pieces of glass, obsidian shards. This drove away ships. When they built over the beach, things would rot away faster than they should. Weird crystallization. Then the corruption moved inward, twisting trees and plants. The guy brought a bag of holding’s worth of things for us to examine.

Magic in the area was going wonky when he left. What.

He is third in line to this place. Heir, spare, war, priest. Priest in this family is dead.

King/Father: Frederick
Eldest: Collin
Second: John
This Guy/Third: Drake
Fourth: Julian (Deceased)

We try doing a sending, however it fizzles partway. We hit something, sounds like. We try again with lots of assisting.

Get Tropical Paradise achievement for completing Druid Farm at end of November. +15 world rep, and random fruit. It’s a Spot of Wonder. Allows us to grow exotic fruit as a sub-building.

Gain 5 neophytes (baby druids).

Druids of the Shady Vale.

10-11-14 (Alex Notes)

Rukia is sleeping in Hannah’s closet. Ooook…

Crystal sand-little miss came back covered in this. This will require science. one unit of lv7 and lv14 give this to Rorona.

Shadyvale: -47 pop from the volunteers that went and died helping against the forces in the Ogrefist Hills to get the last piece of Shiva’s armor.

world rep +8
winterhaven and hammerfast rep +2

Ogre war chest 14027SP 8209CP 352electrum smithed with unknown kingdom on it. 112PP Arkhosian coins.

There a smallish oval coffer. Designed to stand up on edge. Faint artisitic relief carved into it. Not sure what

else was in this chamber but its predominantly electrum coins, which are stamped archosian. Also there is some sort of foreign coinage. The coins are in an abandoned cave but everything seems clean which is odd.

The chamber is claimed territory its been claimed by the coffer. Shiva gives impression of something collosal

Warforged looking at a field of stars that are actually spheres of magic.

This may be a really ancient dracolitch. That has gone waay beyond. It predates the empires.

Building a Mission of Elora
1 metal(precious)
1 missionary

can be upgraded to churches.

Sub: Building Add-on, intelligence.
upkeep 50g

Send two missionaries to Arls and Moonstair, they come with missions for free these first two only.

Rorona will restore this eventually. (Restore what?)

check the armor from ogre its a elven chain shirt. And something called Sycophantic armor +3 save bonus +2 all. (We give this to David to use)

Treat this as +4 magic hide armor.

David’s +2 Elven battle hide armor goes to Tear

Church/ Sumash is training more missionaries.

two forresters and 2 herbalists leave to look for walnuts.
sending goes out to missing person has no response but does not fizzle.
2 animal messenger by hagrid. We’re able to rescue the guy.

get a bunch of roc feathers for rorona

lost one of the glidewings.

we have a sending fork. send to mount merchants about the two roc eggs about to hatch he gives us a pegasus we pay

6500g (for the eggs…?)

Badass forrrester is a trained pegasus combat rider, goes off to look for walnuts. Finds them on the 25th.
Warforged and Sumash go to Candlekeep to research how to get past desiccation

summon battle tree power I can now attack with it reach minor. As a standard can grow the tree by draining the orc.

Can keep doing this to grow the tree. Start with 20 seeds for this. can harvest a seed a week for free.

free scry effect around the area of the tree. Also around the battle tree, can see like the tree is.

blue dragon hatches on the December 2nd. Its weird in that it has unique features, because of the amount magic that was involved. Its enhanced traits because of this. It has something else mixed into the blue dragon.

sarah, david(minions), asuka, moe, lilmiss, susan,MOD are off in gardmore abbey doin things since the 21st of November. Gardmore want help with a ritual enshrining a relic, some prereqs for that. Have thing to kill and to gather some material components.

Rewards are a arm/foot item, greater dancing weapon item. gold reageants and potions for other stuff.

At the begining of December somebody comes from a kingdom from around the duchy of Therund. The fish life sort of died. Started fishing up weird deviant fish. crabs quickly disappeared. Beaches started having shards of glass and obsidian showing up. Buildings would start getting rot more than usual water changed, trees started twisting and dying. He brought a bag of holding full of samples. Giant spiku crabs with extra limbs.

Magic in the area has been going wonky. Sending succeeded but broke down. Try again this time get through.
Get repy that situation is worse have sort of secure location in mountains, castle overrun. Will need to know when sarah and david are done to see when we can go.

shady vale world rep +15 tropical paradise achievement
free random rare food supply
spot of wonder because this is a hella rare thing.
allows a sub-building of exotic crops.
10 neophyte druids, basically an acolyte version of druids. requirement of 5 per farm. they count as two trained farmer.
can be trained by hagrid in druidic enclave which is a building. Can train 2 neophytes per month.
upgrade is 40 stone and 1000 nature reageants, 800CU
druid peoples rep +5


palisade defenses
207 orges
at least 20 are subclass of ogre, bigger funny grey skin and slightly different tribal marking surrounding a huge semi permanent tent in the middle of the town. Very strong.
280 orcs presents. There are more orc raiding parties with 10-15 orcs and an ogre.
Probably 10-12 parties currently out. Which is less than usual.
They use wells which can be poisoned. Also storage warehouses of supplies.
some farming being done by goblins and orcs

they mostly subsist on hunting and raiding. Sometimes bring in interesting animals.
find good targets for disruption, the farms, the palisade on one side.
there is some guarding but its not a job more a punishment

some sort of orc was sacrificing a goblin to a tree. The ritual cleaned itself up.

A few NPCs were hiding in the town and a two headed ogre looked right at them. One of the heads noticed. 14ft tall.

Wearing the skirt at a handkerchief? Wisps of blue flame flickering off him. One head was normal and one was gaunt and skeletal. Was wearing a bunch of rune encrusted armor.
Day 4 they get sighted and have to run away.

wolves will send a unit to help
2 units militia
2 units guardsmen
1 unit dwarven crossbow men
1 unit of knights(12)
2 volunteer militia from town
1 bagpipers of doom(lv 8)

3 cavalry troops
1 unit white winds adepts
siege weapons 4 light ballistae

New People (?)
1 wizard, 2 blackguards, whirling fighter,and a shy cleric (2(4),1(11),1(9),1(6))
The cleric is lvl 11, and has taken a vow of non-violence (pacifist, similar to Lireal (sp?)).
The fighter will be doing some more work for us in the future to pay off the balance of his belt of blood.
lv6(5000g belt of blood)

8 lv8 silver sand 1 lv18 silver sand.

13th head out to attack the orges.

2 casts of reverse portal one reduced price one not.

boss has +2 UNKNOWN chain, +2staff of ruin, boots of bounding and springing

small bejeweled 2×4 inches coffer thing: its historic thing of religious importance. It is divinely enchanted. It flares with arcane energy when inspected as if there is a spell of some sort inside. This is something insanely complicated, and completely undefined. Whoever activates it has to supply it with something. Some sort of highly complex construction, like an anlytical engine. Feels like containment and isolation. More research required.

Find the dude’s war chest: need info on that. Distribute some to the military.

Linked portal back to town after pinging for bracers. The bracer is deeper in the ogrefist hills probably, about 30 miles away from the current ogre camp location.

living shovel is stone cutter

back in town on November 14th

do alchemic wood ritual on the 17th. use 5 primal mana, get 134 wood from ritual
buy 5 stone from hammerfast
use one reverse and one linked portal
alchemy party goes adventuring (shopping) until end of month.

Temple of Bahamut rep +4 for sharing or portal address.

Due to hitting certain numbers, we are now a “Well-Built Village”
500 exp per player
1000g as town is happy with us.
250 pop
10-12 on rare table, professional trapper, hireling can gather from animals of up to level 6, qual to 2 regular

We now know about trappers. Similar to gatherers, but for animals rather than plants.

We will hit the numbers to be a “Town”
750 exp per player
250 pop
2 level 1 housing
possible party, need to double-check with rest of players
popularity 15
rep +5
nentir rep
3 (Winterhaven, Hammerfast, Seven-Pillared Hall, etc.)
4 apprentices
1 builder
event ACHRON
special npc roll 3

Stop By Thurizdun's Place for Tea and Crazy

In the temple of Thurizdun up in the badlands:

This place is meant to be hidden so the test is weird, could be he was just bored and doing it for lulz
There is probably a sacrifice/channeling chamber to move Shiva’s energy.

Giant chunk of star stone, valuable more than its actual cash value. Choice of permanent improvement to all troops, a high improvement to a few units, or a high level set of gear.

Find a ritual chamber on the left side corridor, with sacrifice. The room is upside down. Its all carved out of stone. Designed for rituals of purification and then sticking it into something else.

Go to the other corridor there is a door that swings upwards. There is a bathtub aligned with gravity. With channels and and grooves, that go to a pool.

Apparently some dwarf clan that fell on hard times was serving Thurizdun.

We find an altar to Thurizdun, seems to be of dwarven make, almost like a temple to Moradin. This place has some purpose.
There is a crucible with small ruby crystals that are slowly changing shape and glow slightly. It’s chunks of essence of fire.

Find a rod of some sort of metal, it looks partially molten but does not seem hot. Its heavily arcane, pre-prepped for use as a component for a ritual. It looks like this was just done.

Consulting Susan, Susan says the rod is not finished. Its used to make high level equipment for archons.

The hammer we find on the other side of the anvil is heavily enchanted in an odd way, very neutral for a deific enchantment, almost by domain instead of a god of smithing. A hammer of the dwarven kind, used to make items of protection and defense.

We steal an enchanted stone crucible full of shard of fire. the bar of fire metal and the hammer.

We try to finish up the rod but its not complete needs some sort of component. Possibly a sacrifice.
Have about a day to finish it. zak, susan, and chant can work on it.

Fight some sort of magma angelic archon with nasty abilities based on fire.
Party rescues a gray angel, shinigami from Bleach named Rukia. She is here at the temple to get some sort of knife item back.

Get a key to the other super locked door at the other end of the temple and wander down there.

another 800g for 6th potion.

Defeat the frost angel things guarding Shiva’s breastplate and take it. It heals

We get a picture of a small chamber underground, small dragon hoard. There are mushrooms with the coins and dust and grime. An encampment with orges and orcs on it. Half orc half ogre dude walk around. The orges are in charge sort of. Right above where the boots are is a bone encrusted mound and there is a young dragon that was killed. There is a large orge with two heads above the hut. The orge notices something underground and tells people to dig. They will get the piece before we can get there. Will need to send

We take the anvil that is magical enchanted.
And the giant boulder of star stone.

military upkeep for oct and nov
forgot arc buy up from tear and also 5000k special order
dragons 3 percent of gold
Nov numbers
12 untrained

all the other usual

Do road and gov improvement.

Skybolts are on retainer and hired.
rep+5 and all town reps+5

give back 13 perishable and buy 13*2g of food

leave the fire ingot until we get the hammer and anvil.
can enpower an item, forge something to aspect it into something. Use the ingot to upgrade the blade of light. (Oriana?)

can wait 4 weeks if cause trouble.

send diplomats to hammerfast(for a favor) and winterhaven.

hannah/chant can go into dream world to get layout of ogre place.
2 sneaky fey creature(lillyclock, and nina).

Two metal people visit dream bobs restaurant. They look like warforged, the store front is made of odd materials. A
Really old predator and two cyborgs/androids are having a drink.

Bob’s has an ongoing bet to name a drink that he cant make. So far he has made everything, including things that dont exist.


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