3d pixie diagrams


Chant spends 4 hours reading 10 pages of arcane math
something about opening paths to other dimentions, hyperconduit
get “a bit” obsessed organising this: use a pixie based computer

go looking for willow. Find her on some books near what seems to be yesterdays party.
ask her about the pages that say see willow.
binding of a lightning elemental for control. Binding for effect instead of manifest.
tell her that rose will probably want to bug.

chant followed by hannah go to introduce myself to treant.
old man centurion. He is a century tree. There are also overtones of being a miliary title not just tree type.
seems to have a feeling of old veteran

we end up at the church. There is some sort of three part ritual.
blessing of cleansing, purification and renewal.
cleansing – remove exterior influence
purify – remove interior influence. make whole from itself
renew what is there so it is whole and fresh make her herself
They starting the ritual at noon.

scribe cantrip?

kaz descided on baby properties. and willow blesses her.

then one of our reality bends happens and the family is gone with a chunk of the building.
there is some stuff tht replaced it.

to do:
talk to the lizards,
meeting with wolf people
follow on with the hunters
look at getting rid of tokyo 3

talk to tree
talk to the town


Ritual of Cleansing
Ritual of Purify
Ritual of Renewal

Chant runs around

A few min after getting to town Chant notices shift in pattern.
something shifted outcomes to more positive things
I go searching for it its moving around.
Eventually go accuse hannah of doing something.
Hannah is comforting gnome Kaz for some reason.

Strangeness suddenly doubles then increases.
There seem to be eddies or something.
Kaz is freaking out for some reason.
has a thing that is burst 44 that gives +3 to fear,terror and +5 permanent max health, surge, domination.
it conicides with the pattern warping.
can use aura to remove effects and such PERMANENTLY
oh and gives temp
it seems to be like verdandi

There is a sense of judgement, and gain a comprehension of what it is, and a level of acceptance.
This is a thing that does not have hidden things behind it.
I willingly allow it within my sovereign domain.
Kaz gets a vision of the bunker, waiting, a fanatical hope.
The sleepers now have a morale bonus of +2
also the undead thingy we trapped goes poof

7th team gets hired for the price of alchemy stuff.
send them all out by early evening.
will be a day or two for results

Hannah meanwhile checks in with Blane about flat dragon and not egg
there is a standoff betwween a bahamut, melora, and shaman dude with drake of sylvanus
the sylvanus dudes are not hostile to use
cause of green stuff.
Olladra – luck and plenty
priestess of luck is lolsing and helping occasionally
there is a very religious discussion about circles
asked some friends to help, preparing a clean place of rest without influence, similar to summoning nice things, priestess of somebody being amused

Find rose in her classroom with a giant conspirancy bomb.
seems to be making a 3d ritual circle thingy
she seems tired.
these is a stone circle in the room.

school seems to be doing weird things in school.
notes about the blue screen portal, and also portal image.
rose was making progress then something happened.
also witness notes.

try to get roses attention she polymorths my mouth
some stuff she is going over is worrysome. Seems to be high power rituals.
chant talks rose out of crazy research place, calmed down and focused on rei.

rose was building a star gate sort of like a teleportation circle
mention the upright standing thingy
asks me for a list of stuff: metallic reageants.
can use whatever we get.
this portal is very dangeous. the dreamer was involved last time.
safety things for gate are important.
chant studies notes from roze and event.

it is dec 17th

druids doing things to restore the jammer scar
using roronas promote growths
they have a grove right next to the absolute zero fortress
kaz goes to meet the wolf peoples.
talks to a super old one who is a tree shaper.
discuss her leafy cage thingy
created a ritual circle out of plants around her
tree shapers are apparenlty hybrids of druid and shaper psion
also kaz seems to have overland speed 44

kaz wanders by a baby naming
and pokes things.

on th 18th hannah goes looking for rose.

weird things with kaz, seems to be drawing Hope power in.
she has some soft of shawl that apprears that every thinks was always there.
she has some sort of slots for powers

Hannah's Notes: 5-26-2016
Town Adventures

Kaz’s ‘cape’ – light gray with gems that don’t move.

Sylvanus (Shaman) (greater god, Forest Father). Deep wilderness. LIfe/Death, growth/decay
Lady in Party Gear. Olandra. Luck and plenty. Young halfling, old woman, black dragon.


lilmiss asuka, shinji head to guardmore abbey to meet up with sarah.
find that someone blasted a hole using acid in the side of the temple from the inside.

meet philia who had a bad experience with fast travel
big hole is coming from the vault

the contents of the vault were melted by the acid.
a lot of divine items are destroyed vs most of the arcane ones are fine.
the arcane items were destroyed were low level
and any religious items that were defensive in nature

Vault guardian is dead. Elder gold dragon. Something threw the dragon into a wall and damaged an enchanted wall.
It’s also missing a heart.
The dragon also had a soul protecting magic thingy but it did not work, which is weird.

the humans also seem to be very dead. head priest exploded.

hole was made with concussive + acid. Shinji thinks its an 8th or 9th level spell with special reageants.

lilmiss eats a part of the floor. something like 200k gold.

philia has flashback of fallen priests. related to specific dieties, they steal power from gods worshiping no one. Being able to steal abilites from creatures.
The room has too much divine energy in the room, someone used bahamut energy to open this.

Some of the people near head priest also have acid/caustic damage.
Sarah tries to heal the guy, but the injury is resisting being healed.

Detect magic shows shadowy tendrils through the whole room.
evocation conjuration, necrotic, and healing

an instantaneous evocation that turned that turned the blood and bone into explosive and used healing to amplify and make bigger boom.
spell power not divine, but a mix of arcane with a bit of primal and divine.

healing inside temple seems to work better. “beware the book” “the man, the man with the book with the face, he knows you are here.”

and then he attacks with evil stuff.
the guy is some sort of transmutation.

Hannah's Notes: 5-14-16
Who? What? Where? When? Why? (Gardmore Edition)

Team: Oriana, Asuka, Shinji, MMuch of the leadership of this place is dead. Archivist can’t be found.

(Clerk, Philia, who else…?)

Vault full of caustic gas.
-2 inch solid metal floor. It looks like a lot of the metal in here got melted.
Relic of Bahamut destroyed. It was a Mithral claw from a mithril dragon. It was 9000 years ago, it helped take down a stronghold of Tiamat. After it was carved, engraved upon. AND NOW IT’S DESTROYED ;(((((

Not everything got destroyed? So far the pattern seems to be that arcane is fairing better than religion-based.

There’s a dead elder gold dragon in the corner. It smashed into a wall and left a dent. It was the guardian of the vault. Not much signs of a dragon fighting.

INvestigatig the dragon’s gear. Arcane stuff survived better. Also it looks like the dragon was crippled first, then circle carved, hole in chest. Heart is probably missing. Oh fuck dammit.

She examines the gem. It’s one of those gem souls that traps it on its way out? However, it is active and hasn’t gone off.

Look, head priests don’t generally explode. But apparently his bones turned into super sharp shrapnel and then exploded and killed many.
Gem in neckpiece?

Fallen priests who became dissatisfied. Correllon, Kord…
Worshipping no one. Taking abilities from magical creatures permanently.

There’s more divine energy in the secret chamber where there was a regalia of evil. Which one?

Vile magic!

Shinji finishes casting detect magic on the inner sanctuary.

Evocation conjuration necrotic (healing?) in looking at the shadows that connect the people and the shards in the sanctum
Instant application of a conjuration/healing spell that turned his blood and bones into explosive bits. The evocation and healing then made enlargement and pushing outward.
Actual bones important to this.

We healed the guy with vile damage but it turns out we basically healed a modified guy. Tentacle arm, leg too big, etc. He wants to serve the master.

wilbell caught turtle cancer from the tree.

keep flying, we are followed by hgen and munin.
Also see an egyptian avatar that is looking for something
the god gets into a fight with some whereravens.

we get chased by birds
ask morrigan to not bother us, but birds dont stop
rukia seems empowered in the area
david starts glowing-its new

need higher quarry to do better roads
shiva is evasive on needing a church
commanders have leadership thingy that upgrades units
ninja academy is adhoc -lv0 but well built!
add pool to building list.
dragon housing is an issue soon

david tries to discarge death energy in the life area
touches a tree and has life(from the tree) and death energy explosively detonates.
take a bunch of damage from tree exploding and gets hits by a bunch of tree shrapnel.
-meanwhile party goes herb gathering
—finds weird mushroom

there are more crows ahead in a big battle
also there seems to be wind effects in the area, a strong down draft
as we head farther the areas of life and death get smaller and more concentrated.
they seem to be a swirl pattern.
as we get closer david’s gps goes weird.

then the areas get thin enough that we are passing multipe in one move
-bad things happen to david-he can now be undead undead.
-sango and griffon get nauseous and fall over
—then the party “helps” with blooroot which whilbell thinks is ginger.

hour or so later see the center of the swirly area that looks like a standing stone construction thingy
-nothing like what david is looking for.

david goes into the temple, his effects worsen significantly.

willbell goes into the temple grows a turtle shell and also explodes a tree.
very center of the temple has an open spot by design. might be invisible, where something is being created.
-lots of spells for life domain and life.

david switches to living and something is weird as he seems to get weird powers.
-he understands all the things related to the death power hes absorbed.
-david goes into the center of the temple and gets knowledge of where the life temple is burned into his brain.
-his weirdness is supressed somehow.
-he needs to choose a thing. he choose balance-lore

wilbell caught turtle cancer from the tree.
rukia goes into the temple starts smoking.

meanwhile outside a giant elf in full plate with bigass shield and heavy armed.
Mounted on an albino bear in heavy barding, with religous symbols.

there is a GREAT reward for snorting david.

correlon’s hand talks to the party, gives an amulet that can be used to ask for help. Can talk to him by thinking about him.
correlon hand dude black hair, blue skin. he was using some sort of magical disguise. Some form of oni. The bear still a bear.

necklace thingy he givies us is a tarp.

there is a GREAT reward for snorting david.

4-9-16 Hannah Notes
We're Halping!

Verinal tries to discharge his death charges. We see black lightning comes up his arm and into the tree. There is also white on the tree as the tree then explodes. We also seem to see a neutral ‘nothing’. The splinters seem to go almost all the way through him.

We follow the swirls of the zones. When we start crossing them, bad things happen to Verinal when he rolls a 1 on his ‘self’ roll.

Verinal is a energy-construct, undead.

His Con is 0, he gains absorb necrotic, radiant.

We all fall down like a leaf on the wind.

Heeeeere Birdy Birdy.

Rukia tries to do Kido 90 and successfully summons ONE wall of it. It smacks Verinal, but heals him 19.

We make Sango very, very sick with ‘ginger’.

Tonight we are very good at ‘halping’.

We finally cross most of the way and find an outbuilding. roundish building stone pillars that have a roof. Under that there is a circle of standing stones. 80 ft diameter
circle within is 20 ft radius

When verinal steps in, the grey becomes marbled. There are symbols carved into the stones.

White and Black teardrops around each other made of fire (ying-yang ish), have cores of black and white. There is a thick grey line between them. Stretchy.

Ying-yang like curves pulled part so that a circle be put there. And there’s a spot for a third symbol but there’s none there.

The opposite sides of the pillars are in the reverse (1,2,6,1,2,6)

On the floor is an out of whack ying and yang.

Between the barriers is something with divine nature. When breached it has a lot of energy. Verinal did the tree. Whomever held this had lots of energy to play with, in short bursts.

14712 some odd individual points of death in about 40 mile radius, Verinal thinks he can touch each of them. HIS HANDS ARE TURNING INTO RED SPIKY BITS. HE’S BRIGHT AND HIS BLOOD IS BOILING. He’s coming towards Wilbell and she tries to GTO. He’s heading towards of the circle that was at the center. Wilbell had sensed that this area has white strands, black strands to the blanks, and lots of grey strands going to the center.

Temples of the Yang Trinity- David rolls a 42! He gains complete comprehension! Those points are 14712 of these points and Verinal can body jump to any of them. If he dies, he will jump to the closest one. These are older ‘undead’, magical constructs of the death domain.

David steps into the center. Something clicks. He now knows exactly where this temple is and can correspond it to himself.

David now has to choose a pillar, and they seem to be aspected differently.

David chooses Balance/Unknown→Lore

And now, snaking along in full heater shield, 8 ft tall giant elf, longsword. Mount has barding, barding has religious symbols. His mount is an albino bear. Guy of Corellon! Sara swoons.

“Why has your companion come here?”
“…I don’t remember anymore!” Says Ayesha, the cutest confusion. He ends up chuckling at her cute honesty.

He can’t see David while David he’s in the circle and keeps thinking we’re the ones. We tell him we came to seek knowledge. He talks shortly with the guy. The guy gives Verinal a symbol of Corellon to break if we need help, and also says if he thinks of him, he will get a message. He is the Hand of the Corellon.


Ayesha keeps making cute comments and making the guy chuckle.

We leave, and Rukia notices that Verinal is waving away his other selves?
Lollll the guy is an oni with a bear. Verinal sees him possibly talking with the drakkensteed guys. We discover that this ‘symbol’ is actually a boobie trap of all the fireballs. It is unique and useable for scrying. We send it to town for proper disposal.


David shoots a thing

chant notices mass pattern change in town 5-20 minutes after getting back
tracks is down and asks hannah what she did
she says it was not her-gnome did something.

minion forrester does a cool thing, figning a magical mutated cat beastet
get alchemy stuff.

hire a party for 7th retrievals for corpse, they will take services or alchemy stuff.

xp 67787

david portals to a place

Arls seems to have giant grain economy.
But there are almost no roads.
Seveal locations of interest:
-blasted land not part of the big crater, lots of sulfur and stuff.
-very verdant forest of kinda odd trees moving against the wind
-series of odd cracked mountains with ancient ruins with permanent clouds.
-pretty big lake that is feeding all the north going water.
-mine going into an outcropping a day away from the town.

There is a big area of moss. With a clearing in the middle.
variant of wolfsbane that forresters might like.
sango gets an animal companion. its a fluffy squirrel.

Arcana checks say this is a fey crossing area that is neutral with regart to the courts. its very very old.

Encounter with giant bird cloud that seems to be looking for something.
We nope away.
Next day see the bird cloud again but avoid it.

David feels like entering the edge of civilsation but there should be nothing current here.

Group gets ambushed by two eladrin looking people on flying mounts. Which is weird. No real identification on them from what people saw.

Hannah is fiiiiine.

The rubbing is really weird, Chant does not want it in town. Seems dangerous.

Our characters think something escaped from the Paradise.

Chant thinks about talking about the t-virus that escaped. Some presence appears. Seems to be a version of the goddess. Body build of halfling but with human characteristics.

The goddes gives us a vision of mutated brain bugs that are trying to break through the Paradise barrier. On the other side is a faded leather armor designed for scrubland camo. Cloak that is for jungle. Super stealthy in its designed environment, likely a ranger class.
Looks like hes getting over a sickness.

The bugs are smashing into the barrier where he is holding his hand. They infect him and he walks away. Massive telepathic presence jumped the barrier. Obviously infected.

Picture stutters and fades back. The goddess rewould the pattern to see the past. Major domain of time or past would be needed to pull this off.

The stuff that happened to the ranger probably will fail a sending..
But he is not dead so speak with dead would not.

Kaz is not sure what her second chaos effect on her is.

Hannah stole Sarah’s exclamation point. Sarah is more energetic and less hungry.

Hannah may have gotten the exclamation because something about energy attraction, this may be wrong. Dm was acting suspicious.

Edmund the competent. Will help Chant with town planning. Run backgrund check.

Sarah tries writing down text around hannah. Priority 3 chars of meaningless. Next word is flickering((wisdom and greatness from within, wishgiving deer, fashial wiskers, witchcraft as a skill and way of life, a wise deer or herbivore, a golden hala, making a wish really hard or gaing wisdom dearly, making an artistic wish, a squishing of wishes and deer, making wishes and hearts or wisdom from the heart.

Specialy given names from an old language do this effect.

Henrietta does dilomacy to explain things to the magical animal situation. They are deferential to her. Has to do with mannerisms. They think that she is the one in charge.
Gives a path in to royal events. Talk her after.

The town is okayish with the explanation. Track down to two groups. A two or three party team where the pixie is BIG.

Will need ritual costs numbers.

Bitten guy who died is party of 3. Mountain side guy who died was party of 2. Cannot contact the pixie.

luke evans is the pegasus guy

rods that cast sending? handcrafted thingies. That someone very powerful made.

32 casts of sending. Takes an hour to narrow down to the two groups.

Send blane to compound.

jared, 2 forresters, pegasus guy, recover spec party, outriders with whitewinds, hire a party.

david’s trip to therund. portal to moonstair and use a glide wing.
rorona seems to be back for some reason…
-tells totori to go with fuzzy tail one and one other who needs pumpkins.
-sango and kohaku
-4 ashcrown.

sarah trip: shinji asuka, lilmiss, acolyte of bahamut.
-heads to gardmore, someone stole the book and blew hole in the wall, that does not want to be repaired.
- the people in gardmore are not healing.

something to poke for chant. the presence is “local” to shady vale. Northwest of it.
need to plug in yet.

rose has a new teleportation circle. needs magical metal. shes building a magic stargate.
another sending to talk to an ancient dragon about a thing.

Kaz notices SOMETHING


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