11-21-2015 Hannah's Notes

Find the room we were searching for. We are a pillar of caution. Looking in, part of the room has lots of burnt old armor pieces, big tablets, etc. On the other side of the room is a bunch of gnarled wood. Turns out someone took out a single seed pod, the other pods seem gnarly. Everything is grey-brown. On the burnt things side, the wall seems like it can be removed/ openable?

dragon door!

Talking to really old tree

40 minutes later…
moe is over stuffed with power.
chant is fiiiine.

hannah has a weird thing that is highly magical
shiva grants hannah a boon of a collosal magic weapon.

we go back to the temple
chant is thinking tree thoughts, feels an ancient presence below the ground.
then kaz gets zapped

the trap is very powerful and nasty. it is counter to people who use arts other than those of the temple.
david is not detected by the trap
moe causes a hum in the temple
kaz caused more hum but also charged

david pokes at the control thingy for a while. He can walk around just fine, its not seeing him.
Tries to think door open it does not work.
turns out its cause its not seeing him

use dimention door, it does not detect anything.

we can proceed down a tunnel. Sarah rolls down the stairs…sigh….

end in a large gardeny area with grass growing, good dirt.
most of the grass is green but some have glowing flowers.
the various vegetations are sort of separate
at the edge of the pool of water there is a large tree. 400 feet high, the roots are surrounding the pond.
there is a small sapling that is 7 feet tall, there are no animals.

some sort of massive psionic entity tries saying something quietly to me, it HURTS!

Chant talks to tree. It’s rude to talk so fast but sort of OK.
It seems to consider the new ent to be an evolution.
its actually pure
the pool is super deep and there is a glow at the bottom.
gives a description of the chamber where the seed pod is, gives a name and general direction. (chamber of the elder 7)
tells about the room with a sense of regret and sadness, picture of a small child telling stories.
tree notices that I am a tiefling, not happy about it.
gives me talisman and cleanse this place, it will help, or else.
leaf turns into an armguard thingy wrap.
remove the corruption from this scantuary.
chant has otherwordly knowledge tyranid.

the chamber wehere the pod is is refering to a human empire, that called themselves the elder folk.
the empire was actually first then dwarves and elves moved in next door.
pissed the dwarves and elves off a lot
7th dynasty was the last one, something happened that…well everything blew up.
-Tim’s apprentice was involved.
we know vaguely where this place was, its where the gnolls are.

get in a fight with a sentient sword and a statue.

11-14-2015 Hannah's Notes
A rolling Oriana gathers no moss

The warforged found something in her pocket- a dragon heart looking thing from an unmagical bag.

Oriana and Shinji don’t see anything. Lil Miss says it’s not food. That’s rare. Hannah will write herself some notes for later. Got the insight check off doing a ritual to get this.

Shiva is annoyed that she might be competing for warforged, manifests a colossal ice/cold ax that dances (see artificer power Dancing Weapon).

We enter the temple. Owowow the Corridor of Passing Storms is arcing a lot and causing pain. Kaz, Verinal and Shinji spend some time investigating the crystals in the hallway and figuring out how to go around it. The friends and foes part is turned off.

They decide to try the ceiling or the floor, go for the ceiling and Verinal gets zapped. He then tries the floor and gets access- it’s a sort of construct, and it sees Moe as a background and Verinal is a big black spot.


Elder 7
7th Age?

mental image of a child hanging from trees and telling stories.

Why are you here?
“To fight the corruption”
‘small oak leaf’ falls. It is more ‘chilly’ in here- recognizes that Chant is a Tiefling. On his left arm the leaf curls up and forms an arm piece for Chant. The item was touching the pool as Chant picked it up.
“Remove this corruption from her Sanctuary”

Okay, the seed and the dragon fused :( and now it’s got one viable egg/seed which is brand new.

Kaz check: Human empire pretentiously named themselves ‘the elder ones’. Their neighbors were dwarves and elves who came later. ’the eldar/elder realm. Specifically after the 4th dynasty there was a a hierarchy struggle which meant that a sub-line took over, changing the style of power and court to intrigue. Tended to piss off dwarves with lots of mining, pissed off elves by removing forests. TEVINTERRRRRRRRR. 7th dynasty is the last dynasty. There was an heir, but no one quite knows what happened.

Another human tribe rebelled successfully. They ruled successfully until their emperor was assassinated and everything fall down.

117 years after Tim’s death, a loyal retainer- he was part of the Faing family. ANd he was was in charge of dirty warfare (Tim’s apprentice). The capital went boom. ‘A star was born and the capital was removed from the world.’ 6-8 weeks to the west, and then 6-8 weeks to the northwest, and then 2 weeks north. Plains.

Gnolls were a part of this empire.

Group goes looking for the room, as this is where the original seed was, looking for clues.

Swords and samurai armor are trying to block us going towards the room. The swords have anti-elven runes.

UHM these swords are sentient and have ego/personality. They would like to kill people.

I am apparently good at dominating objects.

“Take our talisman, and cleanse this place”

Sarah is no longer standard

chant and moe are merging, this is not a good thing
run to the temple, there is a lot of historic carving
also the doors have psycic rune stuff for moving

the minion monkeys stop at the edge of the temple.
door closes and room lights up
nodules of tvirus burn inside the temple.

goddess looks at things, chant says hes not here
takes hard look at aurianna but looks like bahamut intercedes.

room starts to burn the infection in hannah and anyone else who is infected.
hannah’s hand is crippled.

standing in a large chamber 80ftX100ftX200ft. This is some sort of decontamination room of the temple before entering the sanctified area.
doors are massive and swing out.
the floor is slick like texture, really smooth granit. The walls are very carved with histories. Doors have history of construction.
the walls have same form of story going back into the past.
there are rounded grooves in an asymetric pattern in the floor that go into holes in the walls.
going down the room is slopes slightly uphill.
we are currently in an entry hall that has a smaller set of doors at the end, flanking two large doors.
cieling is carved but not light enough
the carving looks organic in style.
everything is either mother of pearl or ivory colored. inside the grooves is brighter white. The carvings get darker as you go further into the room.
spots in the cieling that are tunnels for small creatures to squeeze.
the temple has individual temperature control, but Kaz notices that its failing.

something attacks the doors. This is draining the batteries.
we move away to the three doors.
one door is the door of the monk, which has libraries and training thingies.
where are the monks of this monastery?
do not know why this monastery was built. Has fancy crystals.
the central doors have the main thematic theme of the goddess worship.
phrasing on the goddess is odd and super detailed, and are all slightly different.
this is probably one of the original monasteries

giant inner doors open. There is some sort of open area. Very strange steps leading into the cave.
hannah somehow makes all the mist condence. The light dims.

we find a small dog that has been here a while
head to the temple, has a giant symbol meaning righteousness

sharah does not gnome cannon because she asked not to due to holding puppy.
but then we get attacked by a giant mutant manta ray that breathes fire at us.
something is weird about its hide.

kaz is exloring the temple during fight
finds a big pair of wooden doors with a scene carved into its
lots of closed rooms that are either storage or living places.
scene of trio humanor creatures that are offering a tiny humanoid creatures.
the goddeses are huge. They are different sizes.
one in armor, one in peasant outfit, formal kimono like one.
They are offering stuff to the halflings.
there is faint iconography worked into the artwork.
dog opens a secret tunnel
there is jouran talking about kaz showing up, its the last entry.

something is growing pretty well and is recovered nicely
something something a seed of her tree that showed up.
the ent seed that escaped.
the apes found it and brought it in.

do a thing to heal chant with hannah, tell her stuff to do the ritual.
Ritual goes so well, that it yanks the tielflings parts out of her and gets helped by bahamut to replace the missing part.
I have green hair? Have a flaming crown on my head. Also darker skin color.
I am tree sprouts leaves

11-7-15 Hannah's Notes

80 ft tall, 100 wide, 200 deep

doors: 85 ft tall, 35 wide. Doors swings out.

Floor itself has a slick-like texture, slightly slippery. Walls are heavily carved, looks like there’s histories along the doors. First glance of them shows kinesis symbols, and story of the doors’ construction. However the stories do not mirror each other.

Walls along the depth of the temple also have hieroglyphic stories, start with most recent, and get older as you go back. The floor is smooth, with a few exceptions. There are rounded grooves, sort of half pipe in asymmetrical patterns in the floor. Along the lines of a spider web.

Coked-up spider. They inter-trace along the floors to holes in the walls.

Going further in, everything slopes up slightly (around 23 degrees), and then flattens out and there seems to be the temple proper. Far end, more carvings, smaller set of doors on either side, and another big pair of doors.

organic nature to the carvings. Everything in the room appears to be mother of pearl or white materials. Inside the grooves it’s brighter white. The further back you go on the walls themselves, it transitions to more gray/natural mix. Possibly little holes up above.

puppy- tiangou

wooden door with one big door with a giant symbol ‘righteous’

10/24/2015 Hannah Notes
Long-ass ramp (ass ramp?)

The group journeyed to get into the temple. Unfortunately there were a lot of apes between them and getting up the ramp that led to the temple.

Gnome cannon

church of bahamut favor – 20
favor owed to sylvanas family

borrow 5 displacer cloak
chain shirt +1
rhyth blade +1
defensive weapon +1
11 cure light
3 cure mod
4 d grade 5hp twice
2 cure mod
1 cure critical
potion of heal
17 cure light
1 cure mod
5 cure light
2 cure mod
elixir regain hp 6d6
17+2surge, encounter power, end one save effect or lower disease level.

2 resist poison
one resist 15 poison
1 resist 10 fire
4 kruthic
1 lv 15 cryptsapwn
4 resist 10 cold

4 cryptsapwn

we troop away for about 10 minutes so we can do rituals and stuff.

all 4 dragons
someone in town who came to meet rorona.

hannah gives henrietta an idea.

450gp “food” from bobs its some sort of mixed drink.
something the size of a wine flute
the drink has 3 parts, glowing green teal and purplish and they dont mix until you sip
curative tonic for a chemical compund that can cure tvius?

the way we backtrack there is life.

500g reverse portal.
it is cast correctly but power source is weird. It is cast as a divine ritual….

shinji vancian magic access is yes! of 3rd level.

eldrich blast
comprehend language
healing word
hold person
melf’s acid arrow
aura of vitality

one of the dragons is carrying shards of ice. dagger sized, blessed by shiva elemental items.
henrietta made them on shivas orders, and shiva blessed.
holy water blessed by shiv one use stabby items. lv 20 holywater. 1d4 staby+3d10 radiant vs undead, disease

david recognised hannahs instant ritual thing. Something about entropy and life.

we sort of have pass without trace….advantage….
lil miss is brute for casting a “spell” its almost orc magic.
weak, rainbow, platinum. ???
everyone has small shiny black scales.

rorona person is eska. She is going to be totoris student.
casts spells and stuff
was raised by a construct.

david sees everything, gets noticed by a dragon. its not healthy.
this was at one point an amethyst dragon.
it spits out globs that start growing but chant aura burns it.
the gem dragons are very neutral, and not bound to the war of tiamat and bahamut, live in isolation. consume gems, but not known if mortal. Hibernate for long times.
this one is very corrupted. one of the pustules it launched was from its side.

bacon research there was a guardian in the area, that lived in crystalline caverns.

david perception is good.
small abandoned camp on mountain tower.
flat topped mountains that are not quite natural, high mineral water content that rains down and leaves stalagmites that wear.
there is a trail between two mountains that is hidden.
small cave on another mountain that does not go far
a water collection area that is marshy on the mountain.
4th peak is very tall and sharp. That goes to a ridgeline.
there is a flat surface that is huge, with a ramp that is about 200 feet.
on either sids is tall jungle like trees, the plant life is robust.
there is a giant pair of stone doors leaving to a caverns.
there are apes around the area-a lot of silver backs, they are oversized, it was the young ones that carried coconuts.
looks like the apes all grew. Where is the alpha?
there is a fire starting up in the village.

this is a nature preserve for her followers.
there is a 5 point or 6 point circle of the pools of radiance, temple would possibly the center.
triple peak area is super lush, but growing from volcanic ash.

go to the village
there is a fire spreading
breathe cold on fire.
lots of sign of dead halflings
village is not well maintained.
the cage where SB was is now a clump of plantlife.
lots of the halflings died in bed got sick and died.

find lots of stuff related to goddess.
hut near but not cheiftains hot.
next to a small dusty ground surface.
inside there slightly different depiction, that is more civilisation based one. But its more ""raw"" a more primal version.
also find shamans hut
signs of a stuggle and a dead halfling body. The whole body is pitted with acid.
the body suddenly started treating oxygen as acid.
this is the shaman he seemed to have purification power.
abbot got infected first hes the only one who can go into inner temple.
plants are safe because they get more concentrated purification water.
find a random refuse hut-figure out its old bedrolls. looks like a sick/medics tent. Tried to cure the thing but failed.
they went about it wrong, and the medic got infected quickly.
one bedroll shows overnight infection super rapid.
30g for dark light.

innocuous cage has a small tunnel. Gnome goes down several hundred feet.
its a steam gyser vent.
the water is post purified.
50g for comrades succor
6 surges lilmiss 2 from SB
looking more stable and healing faster

approach the temple and sense corrupted entities.

10/10/2015 Notes- Hannah's Notes

Talking with Town

Buy Rhythm Blade for Chant for 1260 gp.
Favored owed to the Silvanis family
Favor 20 with Temple of Bahamut
4250 gp to buy food from Bob’s “food”
wine flute ‘crystal’
glow green, teal and purplish colors, they don’t mix if you turn it upside down
ice cube from Shiva

Shinji rolls 77

Eldritch blast

comprehend language
healing word
longstrider (flying)

hold person
melf’s acid arrow
aura of vitality

the dragons bring ice shards that are blessed knifes of Shiva made by Henrietta

entropy and life

when little miss casts her spell, several things happen simultaneously
she is brute force casting ‘spell’
similar to vancian magic, however I think it’s more divine than arcane ‘I believe this is going to happen so it’s going to happen’- sort of like Ork magic, drawing on three sources, one is weak, one is rainbow colored, one is platinum.

Bahamut, Tiamat and Io do not have domain dragon, but it was obvious domain ‘dragon’. Everyone who has been blessed like this has shiny black scales.


Shinji and Verinal see this giant dragon (see dragon age red lyrium dragon) and then it notices it.

It notices Oriana and Chant, shoots a pustulate. Once it stops noticing them, leaves two more, making a triangle. Chant is burning two of them, Verinal does twin shot, trying to finish them (missed the Jaffa staff!)

Emerald, Sapphire, notices a few more. Usually caves with openings. Eat gems. Sleeps/hibernates for long periods of times.

Making new entry in dragon book on Amethyst Dragons based on Verinal’s knowledge.

Central pool of radiance is a 5 point/ 6 point thing

small, dusty, brown and a hut next to it

mind, soul, body leaders of the halfling.
Sees a slightly different version of goddess- more civilization-based, but a primal/Primal form of civilization.

Chant is shiny.

- Orianna sword is an alien.
- also something weird about oriana connection to bahamut.
- there is a thread connection to orianna that has alignment nil.

chant can spend encounter powers to increase healing
unavialble 3/9
features 5/7
level 1-9 5/7
level 10+ 10/15
healingpower normap+rank
automatic on unconcious.

hannah seems to be able to use my aura to energise attacks
she can also combat cast now which is interesting.

disease is VERY fast acting.

found caged gnome. Who knows things. Was not infected due to religious symbol that appreared for some reason.
Temple has focus crystals…uuuuuuuuuuh……
weird mineral cave that was blessed by the goddess. potentially similar in power to our geode caves.

chant inspects himself
purification has sort of separated out.
has started being self sustaining.
after it stops being self sustaining it will peter out.
need to figure how to drain or draw power from it.
hannah using powers in aura was an example of draw.
hit point pool is purification 60% and tiefling is 40%
use power to drain it.
can store stuff in a focus crustal.
can also store in david.

we should investigate the vale to see what is going on. Other pools are around. The goddess created this stuff. Nothing but the gnomes seem infected this is really really odd. Dont get attention from goddess….it would be bad.

9-13-15 Hannah Notes
“It’s called the Well of Sorrows. Sorrows?"

Cleaning Out the Facilities
We send for Willow from town, a tiny pixie witch who’s been in town for a few months now. We send for her because she is small enough to walk within the large branching system of tunnels the infected rats have been using. She’ll help us in exchange for gathering some very specific knowledge she needs to continue her knowledge. Willow goes in in her hazmat suit to explore and chase down those that escaped, murdering them rather quickly with her lightning powers. She has a familiar that appears to be a little like each of the major members of town- she’s bonded to the town, like warlocks do.

The rats have not been identifying as ‘vermin’, therefore getting around the facility’s wards that would normally keep them out.

First time Willow returns, she mentions there are blue explosive rats. We get a taste of one first hand when one emerges from the tunnels and runs straight for Verinal. He manages to get a shot off, but the rat does indeed explode very hard, infecting 11 people, including two ritual casters, as well as the warforged. Verinal notices that when the warforged isn’t paying attention, her right arm and eye tend to seem to have a mind of their own. Warforged hobbles right arm by attaching a manacle to her arm, and then around her waist so the arm has limited moving ability.

Doing the Remove Affliction ritual seemed to take care of the ‘outer layer’ of the arm infection and the eye. Arm cannot infect, eye is far less capable. As the ritual went on, orange liquid started pouring out of Warforged’s eye. Luckily, the most excellent emergency responder ever brought a torch and fought to burn every bit of the liquid, even as Warforged’s arm turned into long claws and tried to rake the guy! What a great guy. Underneath the eye became basically an Evangelion eye when they are exposed.
Strangely, while doing this, Warforged felt like she had extra bonuses to the ritual, though unclear what exactly were giving them.

Oriana is super smart and crafts Warforged an eyepatch so that the eye can’t infect anyone. This is probably good, as Warforged was getting shadows of the others actions, but also was giving a feed to the enemy. Have a bit of a headache now that the eye’s been covered, as the enemy wants to see.

The group tries to do the ritual on the other 11, with mostly success. While they do this for a few hours, Willow returns into the tunnels and continues blowing things up.
She returns with tales of a weird blue-green thing growing on the walls, and teeth/jaws growing out of the walls.

Willow also dissects one of the rats and discovers they have unusual glands. These glands are allowing the rats to communicate. It turns out we’re dealing with hivemind/ increased computing power: The bigger and denser the rat swarm in a place, the higher its int. Also learn the rats have anticoagulants and grooves in their teeth. Less able to identify what the jaw growing out of the wall is.

Chant ponders the rats and Willow’s mention of the Netherial spell wars- these wars erupted when a pair of lords hired some wizards to fight for land. I need to see if I wrote more on this, I’m not sure I had my notes out when this was discussed. One of the wizards in these wars ended up basically placing himself into several vessels/swarms, each hold part of his int. This situation seems to have similarities to that time.

After doing the ritual for everyone, Chant gives Warforged a heal in order to try and get her hp back up (she’s well below bloodied at this point), however when Chant /does/ do this, Warforged gains 1.5x the amount of hit points she should, and Chant takes fire damage from the spell. It’s unclear what exactly happened, and if it had to do with the T-virus or not. (On a mostly unrelated note, Chant is not actually uninfected)

Willow tells us she stopped at a place where the tunnels are crossed by a stream of water, and that the t-virus seemed to stop there as well. We decide to go exploring and follow the tunnels to this stream and beyond to find the source.

Pool of Sorrows
“It’s called the Well of Sorrows. Sorrows? No one should go in the well of SORROWS.”

Traveling through the tunnel, the group comes upon the water. It’s highly purified, and the virus seems to shrivel around it. We definitely want some to fight this infection. Do a religion check- initial check describes a Halfling god of a set of Halflings. In the past, some halfings stayed in nature, becoming Dark Sun-style Halflings, others became excellent growers but isolationist and territorial (they basically work with the people who own the facilities sort of like how NA reserves work). Other Halflings became the kind we know.

The god here seems to be some combination of Mystra, Mielikki and the elven FR god of Luck (this is probably not completely accurate, see later notes on what this might be).

Warforged begins to ask the god for permission to take some of the water to fight infection, when Willow suggests that she should use a different form instead- basically using a greater god’s (Probably Firestar) keycard for access rather than asking for permission. We invoke it, then take a flask of the purified water. (Note for Chant and Warforged: The three images used to do this will not be forgotten)

Warforged note: discover that drinking magical water can gain xp for Leviathan gem.

Chant then prays for permission but does not use the override code and pokes the water. By Shiva does it get ridiculous. Chant gets SMOTE. Basically the staff absorbs 3/4ths of the pool, the last quarter smites Chant. Half of that quarter is absorbed by the cherry tree.
Chant basically gets purified for each of the types of things that his staff wards against- losing fire, necrotic and psychic, and also I believe warlock powers (however his pact is intact).

Surges are halved, dex, int, wis, cha checks are minus 10. Acrobatics and athletics are minus 10.

The deity tries to look at what just happened, but can’t see us and passes over. She is really not fond of Asmodeus, Chant’s inner nature rebels as basically an enemy of Asmodeus just smote him.

The staff’s power grows immensely particularly against demons and devils. Unfortunately for Oriana, the aura that’s now around Chant hurts her, so she can’t get close to him. (By the end of session it was aura 3) On the plus side between Chant’s arm and staff, we have one hell of a potent anti-virus. Chant is now clean of the virus completely- he wasn’t able to identify that fact earlier.

Chant’s arm is pink and pitted as if touched by acid- it looks much closer to human. He’s pretty shredded up, this will take a long time to heal- unclear if he’ll heal the same way he was before or something new.

Warforged does some considering of Chant’s aura, trying to figure out who and who isn’t being affected by it. While doing so, she notices that Verinal appears to be ‘dead but still moving around’. Aaron starts talking about how Verinal when he goes down to zero and the levels of ‘being dead’, which triggers thought of how this is similar to the Mourning Armor. Gives Warforged another check, she rolls a 1 which means she fails her horror check against Verinal, but gains knowledge of what he is.

Verinal’s soul felt something was too important to leave, and that coming back as revenant would take so long, so it basically pulled a ‘I’m not done yet’ style of thing and the hand came back directly, instead of the hand covered by the glove. The hand is pretty scarred up, which makes it pretty horrific to look at. The fact that this is possible is pretty boggling.
However, it also means that the ubersoul/core soul is showing, allowing Verinal a chance to access parts of his former (and possibly future) lives and memories. (AARON, WATCH SENSE8). In some ways it’s rather like avatars accessing their past lives for advice and memories. See Verinal’s page for the full mechanics of how his ‘states of being’ and pushing memories power works.

Warforged sanity: 96% sanity. 13 separating some as they have different reactions to seeing such things. From here on out, certain checks or interactions dealing with souls man mean sanity checks. Basically, let’s not turn into my astropath in the Rogue Trader game ><

The group presses onward, coming out on the other end of the tunnels and finding themselves in the mountains. Mitch takes 45 minutes to find some remaining animals to talk to about what’s going on.


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